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Hyvinkää - Feel at home. Hyvinkää is the regional centre of public and private services Population 45 582 (31.12.2012) Population on the rise, target.

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1 Hyvinkää - Feel at home

2 Hyvinkää is the regional centre of public and private services Population 45 582 (31.12.2012) Population on the rise, target for year 2030 is 53 300 The 23rd largest city in Finland Income tax rate 19,25% During January – August 2012, altogether 126 apartments were built in Hyvinkää of which half were one-family houses. (block houses 21 % and row house apartments 29 %)

3 The town grew alongside the railway The over 90-year-old Hyvinkää was created by the wool industry and the railway In 2011, the modern city hall was renovated at the old wool mill The Finnish Railway Museum and the Valvilla Wool Mill Museum exhibit the city's history and keep traditions alive

4 The historical Wool Mill is an active centre CITY OF HYVINKÄÄ: City Hall City Museum Rental apartments OTHERS, INCLUDING: TechVilla The Art Centre for Children and Young People Villa Arttu Restaurant Paloma Fit24 TechVilla City Hall

5 The economy and services are in order In 2012, operation expenses were 265,1 mil. First-rate municipal engineering Basic Security in a good state Versatile health services A place in daycare for all children who need it

6 It's good to work in Hyvinkää Department of Education 1228 Basic Security 1012 Service Centre for Housing and the Environment 242 Central Administration 352 (including food and cleaning services) Hyvinkää Water Department 35 Employees in total (2012) 2869

7 Power relations 2013 - 2017 National Coalition 15 Social Democrats 13 Centre 4 Left Alliance5 Greens5 True Finns7 Independents0 Christian Democrats 2 Altogether 51 council members Council Chair Irma Pahlman City Board Chair Annika Kokko

8 2012 Financial Statement Annual contribution margin10,2 million Annual contribution margin /inhab. 225 Equity ratio 57,9 % Loans, /inhab. 2 089 Shopping centre Willa was built in the city centre

9 Hyvinkää is an international city of industry and logistics In total 18 300 jobs in Hyvinkää. The city´s employment self-sufficiency is 88,8%. PRIVATE Approximate number of employees Konecranes Oyj1090 Kone Corporation 900 HOK-Elanto 200 Kirjavälitys Oy 200 PUBLIC City of Hyvinkää 2831 Hyvinkää Hospital Area 879 VR-Yhtiöt 710

10 Versatile business services facilitate success The city has an entrepreneur-friendly business policy The city's strengths are location and versatile traffic connections Technology centre TechVilla Oy helps technology businesses grow, become international and thrive Yritysvoimala Oy provides free councelling for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs, those developing their business and those in need of training

11 Unified and active economic area Hyvinkää draws in the neighbouring municipalities and co-operation becomes closer Finland´s 6th biggest shopping centre Willa was built year 2012 Hyvinkää is an active part of KUUMA municipalities and KUUMA chair municipality in 2012. Hyvinkää Hospital Area serves also surrounding municipalities (app. 200.000 inhabitants)

12 Art and Finnish baseball shake hands The traditions of Helene Schjerfbeck, Tyko Sallinen and Yrjö Saarinen continue Hyvinkään Tahko's home field Pihkala is the shrine of Finnish baseball in southern Finland

13 Free time is full of exercise Downhill skiing and snow boarding at Sveitsi Ski Centre Three high-quality golf courses (Kytäjä NW, Kytäjä SE ja Hyvigolf) Thrilling speed at the Motor Sports Centre Riding, dog track, gliding and aerobatics centre Approximately 100 sports clubs and 50 active culture clubs

14 Experiences in nature for the whole family Excellent places for birdwatchers Excellent outdoor recreation and skiing network 250 km of cycling lanes, you can even ride your bike to Helsinki from Hyvinkää Kytäjä-Usmi recreation area is a southern wilderness In Sveitsi Park you can relax in beautiful nature

15 Housing Fare in the summer of 2013 Housing Fare at Hyvinkää's Metsäkalteva 12.7. –11.8.2013 Slow Homing - Active Living – unhurried homelife and active everyday life in Hyvinkää's Metsäkalteva 29 one-family houses Fare area located 3,5 km south from the city centre. Metsäkalteva will be a residential are with 5000 inhabitants

16 Thank You!

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