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Department of Administrative Computing Information Case David M. Pilasky Director of Administrative Computing

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1 Department of Administrative Computing Information Technology @ Case David M. Pilasky Director of Administrative Computing

2 Department of Administrative Computing Case Network ID Obtaining a Case Network ID – All full time faculty (with faculty appointments through Case) have a Case Network ID. If you do not have a faculty appointment, you may be able to obtain an Affiliate Account (with reduced privileges). To obtain an Affiliate Account, find a Case faculty or staff member who will sponsor you. Have them login at the following website: Your Case Network ID (3 initials and a number) is your key to most of the electronic resources on campus.

3 Department of Administrative Computing Case Network ID Activating your Case Network ID – Go to the following website to activate your account: – NEVER share your password with anyone. Theyll be able to access loads of your information. Passwords – To change your password: – To reset your password, if you forget it:

4 Department of Administrative Computing University Help Desk

5 Department of Administrative Computing E-mail at Case Web-based CWRUnet Aliases – Preferred E-mail Clients E-mail Addresses Outlook

6 Department of Administrative Computing E-mail Security – Case receives tons of junk mail every day – Be on the lookout for Spam, Phishing, etc. messages – Think before opening attachments or clicking on a link From: Case Western Reserve University Date: Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 4:00 PM Subject: Final Notice Dear Webmail User, We have upgraded our server to new secured version. This is to enable your webmail account take a new look with new functions and help protect against spam e-mails. You are require to upgrade your account to new secure version by clicking here or on the secure link below clicking here https:/ © Copyright 2011 Case Western Reserve University /All Rights Reserved

7 Department of Administrative Computing Is the message from someone you know or in a position of authority? No matter the answer, be suspicious. Hover your mouse over the links. If a link points to a non-Case site (something other, then it is definitely spam or a phishing message. No one from Case should ever ask you for your login ID or password. Case only sends out one set of notice- type messages to us each year as our passwords get ready to expire (30, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 day before expiration). That message will be personalized with your Case Network ID in the body of the message. The message will tell you to go to the Case Help Desk website to change your password. If you're still not sure, send the message to Theyll investigate and let you know. E-mail Security

8 Department of Administrative Computing Google Apps Gmail Calendar Contacts Documents Sites Groups and more

9 Department of Administrative Computing Human Capital Management (HCM) System

10 Department of Administrative Computing Computer Training Classes

11 Department of Administrative Computing Airport parking Apartments Bookstores Car rentals Car repair Cellular Service Child Care Computers Dining Entertainment Fitness Health & Wellness Home improvement Hotels Internet Access Spa/Salon services Employee Discount Program

12 Department of Administrative Computing New Computer Purchases

13 Department of Administrative Computing Software Center Symantec Endpoint Adobe Acrobat X Adobe CS5 VPN ESRI ArcGIS Endnote X4 ($) Fetch FileMaker Pro Identity Finder JMP 9 LabVIEW MacOS X MathCAD 15 MathType 6.7 Mathmatica Matlab R2010b MS Office 2008 MS Office 2010 SAS 9.2 ($) SPSS 17 ($) Stella VMWare Virtual PC Windows 7 & more…

14 Department of Administrative Computing Cases Network Wired – Case has gigabit in all buildings. Wireless – 11 or 54Mbps (802.11g/a) in most buildings and some outside spaces. – Cases wireless system is completely open, meaning no security on it. VPN – VPN is required when running wireless for some resources (e.g. Health Sciences Library). It is also a very good idea to run VPN when using wireless away from campus if you are working with confidential information or even using Cases e- mail system.

15 Department of Administrative Computing Additional Resources Case Wiki – Case Blog – Docshare – – Network-based document storage for group collaboration 1GB of storage Facebook Twitter YouTube – WARN System –

16 Department of Administrative Computing Taking Care of Your Computer Macintosh Computers – Update your operating system regularly Windows Computers – Windows 7 – Make sure your Windows Firewall is On. – Set Windows Updates to Automatic. – Install Symantec EndPoint Protection – Use ad blocking software (MalwareBytes, SpyBot) Backup!Backup!!Backup!!!

17 Department of Administrative Computing Getting Computer Help at Case **Most of you will have IT support in your department** Additional help resources – – Help Desk – 368-4357 – (phones answered 24 x 7) Administrative Computing – – –

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