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Employee Council Meeting January 2012 Office of the Architect.

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1 Employee Council Meeting January 2012 Office of the Architect

2 Current Major Planning Activities Plan for Sustainable Infrastructure Program Student Housing Redevelopment Plan Growth Implications Forecast Sustainability Performance Linkages Academical Village Program Options

3 Creating a process for identifying, prioritizing and funding community elements infrastructure projects. Sustainable Community Elements

4 Stormwater Management & Natural Systems - Water quality and quantity improvements. - Stream stabilization and day-lighting. - Reduction of impervious surfaces. - Tree canopy replacement/enhancement. - Protection of open space.

5 Circulation & Transportation Infrastructure - Vehicular - Transit - Bicycle - Pedestrian

6 Exterior Lighting - Improve unsafe/underlit areas around Grounds. - Retrofit existing features with more energy efficient units.

7 Student Housing Redevelopment Plan Planning for the continued use of candidate housing sites through rehabilitation, expansion and/or replacement strategies.

8 While current housing has been focused on first year undergraduates, future housing may place a larger emphasis on upperclass students and graduate students. Expanding Housing Candidates

9 Identifying the current state of existing housing facilities. - Copeley, Units 1-4 - Lambeth Apartments - University Gardens - McCormick Road Residence Halls - Piedmont Housing - Brandon Avenue Facilities Condition Index Assessment

10 - Increasing density by 20% - Provision of transit and multimodal access - Reduction of energy water & usage - LEED certification Incorporating Sustainable Practices

11 Growth Implications Forecast Identifying impact of increased enrollment commitments for 2018 and 2025 planning projections.

12 - Teaching Space - Faculty/Staff Space - Research Space Academic Space

13 Student Service Spaces & Infrastructure -Student Spaces (residence halls, dining halls, and recreation areas). -Utility infrastructure -Open space and recreation

14 Will run the energy model to assess the impact of any recommended new facilities on the Universitys Sustainability Commitment. Energy Impacts

15 Sustainability Performance Linkages Creating Sustainability Performance Metrics to align with Universitys commitment to increased sustainability, efficiency and resource management.

16 Simplifying the complex and non-parallel University sustainability goals into a succinct, easy-to-understand metric designed for University decision makers. Develop a UVA Environmental Value System

17 Increase efficiency of buildings by gathering data for comparison of predicted & actual energy performance, anticipated occupant satisfaction and actual experience. Post Occupancy Evaluations

18 - Develop case study methodology to assess impact of LEED credit options on building occupants. - Identify mandatory Environmental Quality LEED credits or equivalent design standards for new construction and renovation projects. LEED for New & Existing Buildings

19 Academical Village Program Options Examining and planning how to the Academical Village buildings and landscape can be both better preserved and more actively used to serve the Universitys mission.

20 Inventory the current uses of buildings and landscapes within the Academical Village and determine possible improvements of function and use to align with increased efficiency goals of the University. New Uses Report

21 Identify guidelines for occupants of the Pavilions, so as to preserve and maintain the integrity of the buildings. Pavilion Occupancy Guide

22 Study the historical evolution of the landscape immediately surrounding the Rotunda, evaluate the integrity and significance of the existing features and make recommendations of appropriate preservation actions. Cultural Landscape Report


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