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A Brief History of the Graduate Student Association.

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1 A Brief History of the Graduate Student Association

2 Distant Past Founded in October 1951 Formed to bring grad students from multiple disciplines together Many social events in the first few years

3 GSA Over the Years 58 Different Presidents Through Today – Joseph Coates served as first president from 1951- 1952 Composition of membership changed – Numbers of Grad Council, Faculty Senate, Vice Presidents, and Assembly members varied

4 Past GSA Issues Taken Up & Activities Medical Insurance for Grad Students – Formerly managed all grad student health insurance accounts Various Film Series Editor List Greater incorporation of grad students in University Decisions

5 Current Services Lot 10 Parking Floater Passes Co-Sponsoring Community Service Efforts Various Programs & Events Professional Development Sessions Babysitter List

6 Recent Accomplishments Direct Funding from Student Activity Fee Additional Funding for the Graduate Writing Center On Campus Mailing for Prescriptions Implementation of Student Town Hall Meetings Membership of Board of Trustee Committees Changes to Grad School Orientation Greater Inclusion of Graduate Students on Major Decisions Grad Student Bill of Rights

7 Example Boards GSA has Representation To Board of Trustees Student Activity Fee Board Facilities Fee Board Alumni Council University Faculty Senate Graduate Council Health Insurance Committee HUB-Robeson Advisory Board Student Technology Advisory Committee Legal Services Advisory Board Workplace Safety Committee Shields Advisory Board Others as Created by Penn State

8 Current GSA Structure & Proposed Future Changes Executive Officers – President – Vice President (Two Positions Combined in 2010) – Treasurer – Executive Secretary – Grad Council Representatives – Faculty Senator

9 Structure Continued Assembly – 1-3 Delegates per College (Amended in 2010 & 2011) – Delegates from White Course Apartments – 5 At-Large Delegates Liaisons – Appointees by President to University Committees

10 Structure Cont. Committees – Chairs Appointed by President, Confirmed by Assembly – Student Concerns – Programming – Professional Development – Community Service – Internal Development – Human Diversity – Any grad student can be appointed as chair or be a member of the committee

11 Executive Board President Board of Trustees Alumni Council Grad School Alumni Association Student Activity Fee Board Facilities Fee Board Serves On Office of the President Student Affairs Graduate School GSA Judiciary CCSG President UPUA President Works With Office Manager Faculty Senator Grad Council Reps Vice President Executive Secretary Treasurer Chief of Staff Faculty Senate Faculty Senate Committee Representatives Faculty Senate Student Caucus Graduate Council Graduate Council Committees Works With Programming Committee Professional Development Committee Student Concerns Committee Internal Development Committee Human Diversity Committee Committee Liaisons Newswire Meeting Minutes Delegate List Proposed ASA Account Management Co- Sponsorships Audits External Committee Appointments

12 Assembly Chaired by Vice President College Delegates At-Large Delegates White Course Delegates Votes on Legislation Approves Committee & Judiciary Appointments Votes to Fill Executive Board Vacancies College & White Course Delegate Numbers Determined by Enrollment Agriculture Communications Business Arts & Architecture Earth & Mineral Sciences Engineering Education Information Sciences & Technology International Affairs Health & Human Development Liberal Arts Law Nursing Science 1-299: 1 Delegate 300-699: 2 Delegates 700+: 3 Delegates

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