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Case Study: Two Connecticut Towns and the Benefits of Master Planning.

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1 Case Study: Two Connecticut Towns and the Benefits of Master Planning

2 Main Street has traditionally been considered the center of town activity, and this continued up through the early to mid 1900s when stores, apartments, and offices faced all along the green.



5 Gas Station Site Redevelopment

6 Sidewalks

7 Signage

8 Sitting Areas

9 Other Amenities Outdoor Dining Decorative Street Signs and Lighting Decorative Street Clock Farmers Market Town Green improvements

10 Bed & Breakfasts

11 Visitors Center

12 New Development

13 Marketing

14 Master Planning Activities Visual Preference Survey (2000-2001) Community Vision Workshops (2001) UMass Landscape Architecture Class (2002) Adoption of TCVD Regulation and Design Review Board (2003-2004) Streetscape Efforts (2003-2008) Parking Analysis (2007-2008)

15 What is VPS? A survey tool that uses a combination of images and words. A means to convey concepts that are not as clear with just words. A means to discern differences in public opinion on development when shown images rather than responding to words alone. A means by which we can start a dialogue about what development lo

16 By measuring their reaction we can determine acceptability. Everyone reacts to places all the time… The Visual Preference Survey is based on the premise that:

17 Responses to the images were based on: How appropriate or inappropriate is an image, both now and in the future, for ….. Rural, Suburban and Urban areas in the Hartford Region? -10 to +10

18 +8.1 +7.8 +8.0 Rural Urban

19 -4.4 -2.7 -2.5-2.1 Rural UrbanRural Urban

20 Suffield, a rural /agricultural town zoned for suburban growth. Suffield, a rural /agricultural town zoned for suburban growth. 1 1 Recommendations for Rural Areas

21 Workshop Introduction There will be two mapping exercises in the workshop. The first tasks in this workshop will use the existing base map of the entire town. The second portion of the workshop will focus on the town center. These maps will include the following data: Existing roads, streets, and highways Existing Zoning Topography Environmental constraints Water Wetlands Steep slopes/rock out cropping Some existing building footprints and land uses There are several tasks to be completed by the group. Each task is related to a series of rated images from the survey.

22 Applying the Results

23 Fill this in with trees The hope and dreams of Suffield! +4.3 (sd 5.2) +4.5 (sd 5.0) +4.8 (sd 5.0) +4.2 (sd 5.0) Not allowed

24 Town Center Design Options – Existing Conditions

25 Town Center Design Options – Scheme 1/4

26 UMass Study Landscape Architecture Program Class project with Professor Supervision Community Workshop Models and Power Point Presentations








34 Town Center Village District Village District Legislation Village District has design standards Encourage mixed use Relax set-backs Shared parking Design Review Board

35 Streetscape Efforts $1.1 million dollar project Multi-year Goals New traffic signal Safer crosswalks Complete pedestrian network Traffic calming More attractive landscaping On-street parking

36 Streetscape Efforts

37 Streetscape Challenges $$$ Consensus DOT issues Appropriate Oversight/Inspection Keeping the businesses afloat

38 Parking Analysis Wesley Marshall, P.E., UConn Base mapping Site tour/photo log Review of Suffield Zoning Regs Comparison to traditional and contemporary business areas Recommendations for Suffield

39 Suffield Town Center Village Avg. Usage

40 Managed & Organized Parking Traditional Sites Contemporary Sites Vs. > 55% Shared Municipal Parking > 95% Privately Owned Parking

41 Parking Used, Provided, & Required Traditional Sites Contemporary Sites Suffield

42 Next Steps

43 What Weve Learned Importance of photo documentation Marketing efforts Staffing On-going source of funds Implementation framework Buy-in from Officials Continuous process

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