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Spirituality of young university students and graduates : Problems an Insights Drinking from our own wells CEUC Frauenchiemsee 6. - 11. June 2006 Prof.

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1 Spirituality of young university students and graduates : Problems an Insights Drinking from our own wells CEUC Frauenchiemsee 6. - 11. June 2006 Prof. Dr. Richard Hartmann Theologische Fakultät Fulda

2 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 2 Youth: culturally different differences between the European countries Malta # Schweden # Deutschland Differences are rooted in the general character of the cultures. Germany of course is marked by a dramatic drop in the influence of the Christian churches and, at the same time, by an openness towards religion and a quest for religious experience From an international point of view, my focus on Germany can only be a case of learning from an example

3 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 3 University chaplaincies may develop different attitudes in face of these differences a closed system of the convinced engaging in a rite and an intellectual discourse chiefly offering cultural and leisure orientated points of contact caring for other people: with a deaconal or missionary outlook

4 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 4 basic problems University chaplaincies – like the church as such – are self-referential and thus limited in their capacity to communicate. social origin of its members. limited perspectives of the participants limitation of the community's local social environment

5 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 5 Sinus-Milieustudie A sample of 30 000 participants. long experience in market and media research. A special study about religion and church (2006) This study analyses the "Lebenswelt" [of different social environments] by various criteria, namely: [Medien-Dienstleistung GmbH (Hg.): Milieuhandbuch: Religiöse und kirchliche Orientierungen : Ein Projekt der Medien-Dienstleistung GmbH in Kooperation mit der Katholischen Sozialethischen Arbeitsstelle e. V. München: 2006]

6 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 6 © Sinus Sociovision 2004 Sinus C12 Sinus AB2 Die Sinus-Milieus in Deutschland 2004 (Die nachfolgenden Folien entstammen den Sinusmaterialien für das Prooekt Kirche) Sinus C2 Experimentalisten 7% Moderne Performer 9% Sinus B3 Konsum-Materialisten 11% Sinus B2 Bürgerliche Mitte 16% Sinus A23 Traditionsverwurzelte 15% Sinus A12 Konservative 5% Sinus B1 Etablierte 10% Sinus B12 Postmaterielle 10% DDR- Nostalgische 6% Sinus BC3 Hedonisten 11% Oberschicht/ Obere Mittelschicht Mittlere Mittelschicht Untere Mittelschicht / Unterschicht Soziale Lage Grund- orientierung A Traditionelle Werte Pflichterfüllung, Ordnung C Neuorientierung Experimentierfreude,Multi -Optionalität, Leben in Paradoxien 3 2 1 B Modernisierung Konsum-Hedonismus und Postmaterialismus

7 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 7 Oberschicht / Obere Mittelschicht Mittlere Mittelschicht Untere Mittelschicht / Unterschicht Soziale Lage Grund- orientierung A Traditionelle Werte Pflichterfüllung, Ordnung C Modernisierung II Patchworking, Virtualisierung 3 2 1 B Modernisierung I Konsum-Hedonismus und Postmaterialismus © Sinus Sociovision 2003 Quelle: VerbraucherAnalyse 2003,01, Basis = 31. 424 Fälle = stark überrepräsentiert = überrepräsentiert = unterrepräsentiert = stark unterrepräsentiert = durchschnittlich 2%2% 2%2% 1%1% 14 % 12 % 13 % 15 % 9%9% 24 % 8%8% Sinus B3 Konsum-Materialisten Sinus B1 Etablierte Sinus C2 Experimentalisten Sinus B12 Postmaterielle Sinus BC3 Hedonisten Sinus B2 Bürgerliche Mitte Sinus C12 Moderne Performer Sinus A23 Traditions- verwurzelte DDR- Nostalgische Sinus A12 Konservative Sinus AB2 300.000 360.000 940.000 540.000 90.000 490.000 60.000 530.000 590.000 80.000 * 3,99 Mio. = 6% der dt. Wohnbevölkerung ab 14 Jahren Milieus im Alterssegment 20 - 24 Jahre*

8 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 8 Relevante Milieus (Age: 20 – 29) C12 Mod. Performer 21,9 % – of which 33,3 % Roman-catholics BC 3 Hedonisten 15,7 % (few students) B2 Bürgerliche Mitte 15,7 % (medium level of education ) C2 Experimentalisten 14,7 %, of which 31,6 % Roman-catholics B3 Konsummaterialisten 10,1 % (low level of education )

9 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 9 Modern Performers : Attitudes towards life Central orientations: Performance, self-realization, flexibility Security, realizability Questioning norms and hierarchy, while at the same time striving for respect They try to reconcile duty and fun, professional and private life They are singles, young families and students with a job Life style: Trendsetters, open- minded, taking notice of everything new, enthusiastic as to multimedia, sports an outdoor activities Their apartments seem to be stage- managed exhibitions of avant-garde and modernistic art They practice what can be dubbed an adaptive navigation (that is, they see where they can find a connection for a certain time), they tend to be self- confident, dynamic, single-minded, and concentrated. They are dedicated to trendy and extreme kinds of sport, to "in" parties, to personal computers, to mental training and travelling. Their favourite TV channels here in Germany are PRO 7 and RTL 2. They are eloquent with high communicative skills They harbour a particular dislike for pessimism and moralization. They like attitudes and views that lay stress on the potentials of human live. Dead-ends for communication: trying to catch, to bind; suspecting superficiality

10 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 10 Modern Performers: Longing and Religion realistic dreams solve problems of our present world relax, much time at their own disposal search for roots and a home. energy centred on themselves: I am too complex for any single particular religion. Adaptation of many construction sites. "I am trying to be or to become a good man or woman in some sense." many open doors A Weltanschauung and a religion must be useful, they ought to promote my life, to get me further. They want to know them in order to adapt them to their individual needs. They reflect upon, but do not commit themselves to a Higher Power. Travel fill themselves with new impressions Church is not part of what really matters in life. Religion is a real concern in the peer group, but not with regard to an institution Church exercises some fascination on them, but only from a distance

11 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 11 Modern Performers: Church and Belief They rarely attend church service, but if they do, they take part with great awareness. Not much willingness to confront themselves with the Bible - if they do, this is mainly through movies and literature They know the parables of Jesus, but these texts appear strange to them. Church belongs to a bygone epoch, is rigid and inflexible. Church doesnt touch their own roots and desires So church is not even perceived by them However, the public presence of the church appeals to them as something marvellous (for instance an orthodox priest in a city café) They perceive German priests as lacking joy of life The Church has to pass on values to the society and defend the weak, but she should not interfere in the individual's life. The Church should not stick to traditions but open up new horizons and act as a mediator Less may be more Transparency Worship is a kind of performance

12 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 12 Experimentalists: Attitudes towards life Practically-minded and relaxed, but down-to-earth due to crisis To escape is a way of life. A low opinion of external force and of routine Living intensely until the very limit The strategy of life is self- centred. Contradiction is a way of life (not a problem), a great need to communicate. They look at themselves as the avant-garde in life-style. Their style is meant to provoke. finding the inner centre of things. Creativity is important They oppose themselves to rigid structures and an exaggerated quest for security. Leitmotiv: To discover the different aspects of life, develop their own talents and possibilities. To design one's own life, to become an expert in the art of living need time for themselves love loneliness Raves, exotic cultures, events Travelling individually To feel oneself, to come to the ground, meditation extreme sports Dead ends for communication: Absolutist points of view; nothing is closed-up

13 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 13 Experimentalists: Longing and Religion Curiosity, breaking up the borders of space and time Living in a virtual world Finding the whole in the smallest part Feeling the need for meaning to free themselves from the prison of their own consciousness Vigorous, optimistic, our life is a journey to create sense Finding, but not defining the topographic of life. problem of the Church: distinguishes between good and evil They like the alteration between having a relation and being alone Sense cannot be reduced to a formula: The centre is the presence and to try new ways Everyone is to look for his own points of orientation, which may be like heterogeneous pillars in landscape a positive spiritual Power in this world Fragments bear possibilities for adaptation The principle behind reality (God,…) can be experienced in the world: God is an artist. Restrictive norms make them take their distance to their source This world is good in this way: death is the definite end.

14 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 14 Experimentalists : Church and Belief Searching for spiritual depth They constantly set off to search God in new ways finding the divine in details and in persons Trying to get to the bottom of things Staging sensual and mystical rituals Jesus is not a sacrifice but an avant-garde unconventional. The Church is an object of indifference, is not important, just an important cultural fund She is utterly conservative, but possesses a great potential The Church is engaging in white magic in her ceremonies, which is interesting Representing a different point of view which you can argue with more interesting is Esotericism: there are no ethical laws to it. The Holy Bible often seems to simple We have to look for deeper truths, not just for moral and rational insights New Rituals, new music, experience of the mysterious are important: authenticity, not modernism. religious services that link up with their everyday life

15 Richard Hartmann Juni 2006 15 What are we to do? We have to reflect upon our pastoral practice: What are we presently doing, and what type of people are we dealing with? What chances are there for new adaptation, who is there to help us to cross our borders, and which projects do we need to develop for this purpose? Creating an open space!

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