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Conducted 61 Fire & Life Safety Presentations which reached 4,941 people Fire Prevention bureau spent 351 man-hours on special projects. Some examples.

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3 Conducted 61 Fire & Life Safety Presentations which reached 4,941 people Fire Prevention bureau spent 351 man-hours on special projects. Some examples are: Assist police department in special investigations, Assist code enforcement officer in rental property, grants, etc. Serves on Planning Advisory Committee (Strategic Plan) Serves on Greenville Hospital Systems Safe Kids Coalition Serves as Executive Secretary for the SC Fire Marshals Association Both Fire Marshal & Deputy Fire Marshal serve on Spartanburg Co. Fire Investigation Team Updates computer aided dispatch system (CAD) for fire dispatch Grant Management (Strategic Plan) Manages Incident Reporting Software

4 2008200920102011 Inspections2101204117801620 Violations1631844593455 Violations have decreased 72% in last 4 yrs 311 Fire Prevention Training Hours 23 Fires Investigated, Cooking was the leading cause for 2011 followed by Arson. Conducted 57 Building Plan Reviews Issued 85 Certificates of Occupancy 2008200920102011 Permits Issued84312528 Revenue$11,662.00$4,770.00$2,665$3,454.50

5 Conducted 423 inspections on car seats Found 99% of seats had something wrong with the installation Program not only reaches citizens but residents all over upstate Gives our personnel a chance to talk about fire safety Conducted 61 Fire & Life Safety Presentations which reached 4,941 people

6 Fire caused by lightning strike Facility has sprinkler system

7 Structure Fires46 Vehicle Fires25 Other Fires53 Medical2517 Hazardous Materials Responses 28 Other Hazardous Responses49 False Alarms216 All Other Responses406 Total Alarms3340

8 Fires in Structures By Fixed Property Use (Occupancy)Fires Civilian Deaths Civilian Injuries Estimated Property Damage Private Dwellings (FPU 419)2603$257,950.00 Apartments (FPU 429)900$229,050.00 Hotels and Motels (FPU449)000$0.00 All Other Residential ( FPU 400, 439, 459-499)000$0.00 TOTAL Residential Fires3703$487,000.00 Public Assembly (FPU 100-199)200$325.00 Schools and Colleges (FPU 200-299)000$0.00 Health Care and Penal Institutions (FPU 300-399)100$0.00 Stores and Offices (FPU 500-599)300$102,300.00 Industry, Utility, Labs, Manufacturing (FPU 600-799)200$0.00 Storage in Structures (FPU 800-899)300$33,750.00 Other Structures (FPU 900-999)000$0.00 TOTALS FOR STRUCTURE FIRES4603$623,375.00 Fires in Highway vehicles (IT 131-132)2400$110,450.00 Fires in Other Vehicles (IT 130, 133-135, 138)100$0.00 Fires outside of Structures (IT140, 141, 161-162, 164, 170-173)1000$650.00 Fires in Brush and Grass (IT 142-143)2200$0.00 Fires in Rubbish (IT 150-155)1500$0.00 All Other Fires (IT100, 160, 163)600$500.00 TOTAL FOR ALL FIRES12403$734,975.00

9 TYPE OF FALSE ALARMS# Incidents Malicious, Mischievevous False Call (IT 710-715)9 System Malfunction (IT 730-739)58 Unintentional (IT 740-749)97 Other False Alarms (IT 721, 751, 700)52 INTENTIONAL SET FIRES IN STRUCTURES AND VEHICLESFires Civilian Deaths Civilian Injuries Estimated Property Damage Structure Fires Intentionally set (IT110-129,cause E1=1)300$80,000.00 Vehicles Intentionally Set (IT 130-139, cause E1=1)100$2,000.00 Confined Fires Nonconfined Fires Residential Fires11 26 Structure Fires1 8 Major FiresDate Civilian Deaths Property Loss 101 Chandler Rd.5/26/20110$175,000.00 13865 E. Wade Hampton Blvd.2/9/20110$100,000.00 102 Cunningham St.10/6/20110$75,000.00



12 Abdominal Pain563.6% Abrasion50.3% Allergies30.2% Altered Mental Status302.0% Anaphylaxis50.3% Assault291.9% Back Pain392.5% Breathing Problems1389.0% Cancer10.1% Cardiac Arrest161.0% Chest Injury50.3% Chest Pain17411.3% Choking50.3% Cold / Flu90.6% Convulsions / Seizure865.6% DOA - Dead on Arrival110.7% Diabetic Problem634.1% Dislocation60.4% Eye Problem60.4% Fainting322.1% Fall Victim1207.8% Fracture191.2% GI Problems181.2% GU Problems70.5% GYN Problems60.4% Head Injury50.3% Headache90.6% Heart Problems60.4% Heat/Cold Exposure60.4% Hemorrhage/Laceration231.5% Hypertension191.2% Hyperventilation50.3% Hypoglycemia30.2% Hypotension (Medical)50.3% Laceration130.8% Multi-trauma130.8% Overdose442.9% Pain966.3% Paralysis10.1% Pregnancy / Childbirth130.8% Psychiatric Problems302.0% Sick Person553.6% Stroke/CVA342.2% Traumatic Injury966.3% Unconscious / Fainting603.9% Vomiting70.5% Weakness / Dizziness1036.7% Total:1535100.0%

13 STRUCTURE FIRES$13,463,200$1,248,025 VEHICLE FIRES$134,100$186,600 TOTAL$13,597,300$5,852,725

14 GEOGRAPHY Size of Jurisdiction (sq. miles) In City21.921.9121.95 Greenville County Fire District1.071.061.06 Spartanburg County Fire District1.711.711.71 Total Coverage Area24.6724.6824.72 Road Miles Covered180180180 DEMOGRAPHICS Population24,01924,21625,515 Dwelling Units Protected10,44310,52911,127 Businesses Protected137013881399 Persons Per Square Mile973.22981.201032.2 COVERAGE Fire Stations333 Avg. Sq. Miles Covered By Each Station Avg. Road Miles Covered By Each Station 606060 Career Firefighters343434 Volunteer Firefighters151515 Career Firefighters per Sq. Mile1.371.371.37 Volunteer Firefighters per Sq. Mile0.610.610.61

15 FINANCE Annual Budget$2,651,135 $2,591,330$2,381,981 Cost Per Capita$110.38 $107.89$93.36 Cost Per Day$7,263.38 $7,099.53$6,525.98 Cost Per Hour$302.64$295.81$271.92

16 DEMAND Total Calls For Service248725773340 # Calls Per 1000 Population103.54106.41130.9 # Calls Per Square Miles101105135 Station With Most CallsSt 1St 1St 1 Station With Least CallsSt 4St 4St 4 (Alarms Per Station) Station 1206720242575 Station 2400515726 Station 4 203839 % EMS Related67.63%73.51%75.35% Station With Highest EMS DemandSt 1St 1St 1

17 Performance (in minutes) Average Response Time 4.31 4.874.48 Response Times Per Station Station 1 (Headquarters)4.23 4.21 4.21 Station 2 (Hood Road)5.095.355.34 Station 4 (Brockman-McClimon Rd.)5.41 6.36 6.05 Time Of Day W/Greatest Call Volume21:2123:4515:00 Station W/ Highest Amount Concurrent CallsSt 1St 1St 1 Station W/ Lowest Amount Concurrent CallsSt 4St 4St 4

18 Paul Brown has assumed the role of training officer Pushing For Higher Level Of Training For Officers Working on upcoming joint training projects with the PD Basic In-service Training Moving to Greer PD Training Room For 2011, personnel completed the follow training hours: Paid Firefighters – 3130 hours Volunteer Firefighter – 1032 hours

19 Personnel attended the following classes: Advanced Auto Extrication, Aerial Operations, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Instructor, Fire Marshal, Fire Officer and National Fire Service Staff & Command Class Captain Brown & Captain James attended Staff & Command Course taken in Maryland MSDS Training at City Hall Citywide Fire Extinguisher Training

20 Joint Training held in the old K-mart building with area departments Pelham-Batesville, Taylors, Lake Cunningham, Tyger River, and Duncan

21 Grants Applied For Safer Personnel Grant Assistance To Firefighters Grant For Equipment Grants Awarded Spartanburg County Fire Advisory Grant to upgrade Radios $49,000 Received funding from Greenville County to purchase a Roll-N-Rack In 2001 the federal government started the assistance to firefighters grant. The City of Greer Fire Department received its first award in 2003. Since 2003, the City of Greer Fire Department has received a total of five grant awards totaling over $428,000.00!

22 Coordinators are Engineer Richie Bradshaw and volunteer firefighter Don Blanchard Currently have 12 Explorers on our Roster Explorers regularly ride the truck and attend training Compete in annual Winterfest Competition

23 Circuit Training Spin Class Cardio

24 Lt. Barry Davis – Elected 2 nd Vice President of SC Fire Marshals Association Cardiac Arrest Save by Josh Holzheimer, Casey Paris, Christie Hunnicutt Vernon Jameson promoted to Senior Engineer Jody Norris promoted to Lieutenant Paul Brown promoted to Captain SOG Updates for policies on Ride Along, Digital Imaging, Unscheduled Medications, SCBA, RIT, Rules and Regulations, and Life Safety Rope Harness & Hardware

25 Assisted With Big Thursday Auction Benefit Greer Community Ministries Captain Campbell attended Camp Can Do The Fire Station is a favorite destination for Birthday Parties and the kids really enjoy coming here

26 Captain Duncan and the Green Shift cooked a spaghetti supper for MDA Camp Several firefighters participated in the Annual Fight For Air Climb

27 Lieutenant Barry Davis sang in the First Responders Symphony for the Holidays $500 Raised for breast cancer awareness from T-Shirts sold

28 Truck will be restored and used in parades and community events


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