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Track C December 10, 2007 Donna Hartman, M.Eng., P.Eng. GE Water & Process Technologies Onsite Water Reuse Strategies.

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1 Track C December 10, 2007 Donna Hartman, M.Eng., P.Eng. GE Water & Process Technologies Onsite Water Reuse Strategies

2 Land with Poor Percolation Use treated wastewater for toilets 90% of the wastewater in an office building 50 to 70 % in a shopping mall 70 to 80 % in a theater or sports arena That percentage of the drain field is saved We have been doing this since 1975

3 Water Recycle can Earn up to 6 LEED Certification Points Certified 26–32 points Silver 33–38 points Gold 39–51 points Platinum 52–69 points Water Efficiency 1. Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50% (1 point) 2. Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable Use (1 point) 3. Innovative Wastewater Technologies (1 point) 4. Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction (1 point) 5. Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction (1 point) Innovation & Design Process 6. Innovation in Design (1 point)

4 Real World Experience School and Office Parks Stadiums and Entertainment Properties Shopping and Outlet Mall Developments Hotel and Resort Properties Housing Developments and Golf Courses Gaming Casino Developments

5 Toilet Recycle Project Name Capacity Direct reuse Direct Reuse Yearly Total gpd gpd % gpd Wrenthan Mall 57,000 45,600 80 20,805,000 Clinton Crossings 15,000 11,250 75 5,475,000 Westbrook 19,000 13,680 72 6,935,000 Pohatcong Plaza 10,000 9,000 90 3,650,000 Arimis 2,500 1,625 65 912,500 Copper Hill School 1,500 1,155 77 547,000 Dutch Country Market2,000 860 43 730,000 Franklin Mutual Ins. 1,200 660 55 438,000 Bloomberg 15,000 9,900 66 5,475,000 Convotec 4,000 2,960 74 1,460,000 Jefferson 3,000 2,310 77 1,090,000 Princeton Montessori 3,000 2,010 67 1,095,000 Skylands Baseball 10,000 8,000 80 3,650,000 Colts Neck School 16,000 14,000 90 5,840,000

6 Solaire Apartments Battery Park 25,000 gpd 27-story luxury building in Battery Park NY 293 units averaging 1,100 square feet in size LEED Gold certified Nations first environmentally responsible high-rise building Features the first onsite water recycling system in the U.S. built inside a multi-family, residential building ZeeWeed MBR treats and recycles the buildings wastewater for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling towers Backwash Water Storage Tank Control Panel

7 Solaire Apartments Battery Park – Basement Layout 70 ft 27 ft Membrane tank and bioreactor Pre-treatment Process Equipment Water Storage Tanks 80 ft

8 Pittsburgh Convention Center (PCC) June 2003 The first green convention center and the worlds largest green building LEED Gold certified 1.5 million square foot assembly facility 50,000 gpd Features GE water reuse system Wastewater from all drains will be treated and reused for toilet flushing water and plant irrigation The use of recycled water greatly reduces the amount of water taken from and discharged to the municipal system

9 PCC – Basement Layout 59 ft 43 ft Membrane tank and bioreactor Water Storage Tanks Process Equipment

10 GE ZENON Headquarters Installed 2000 17,500 gpd Multi-use facility located off of the municipal sewer grid 86,000 square foot office space including cafeteria and gym 68,000 square foot warehouse and light-industrial area Total 154,000 square feet and 600 employees ZeeWeed MBR treats all of the facilitys sanitary wastewater Treated water is reused for toilet and urinal flush water, landscape irrigation, and reserved in decorative ponds for fire water Water Reuse System

11 GE ZENON HQ – Treatment Plant Room Layout 64 ft 57 ft Membrane Reuse System Process Equipment Water Storage Tank

12 Fallingwater Conservancy 5,300 square foot architectural masterpiece Winner of the 2005 DBIA National Design-Build Award Voted "the best all-time work of American architecture" by the American Institute of Architects Aging septic system was replaced with ZeeWeed MBR Very small footprint with minimal operation and maintenance requirements Discreetly located in a separate building away from the facility Recycles 70% of the wastewater as toilet flush water Treatment Plant Building Membrane Tank

13 Fallingwater Conservancy Installed 2002 140,000 visitors annually 8,880 gpd Equivalent to 22 homes or an 88 room hotel Project costs – Drip field $ 205,000 – WWTP$ 945,000 – Pumps & pipeline$ 120,000 Total costs US$1,270,000 Treatment Plant Building Membrane Tank

14 Fallingwater Conservancy – Treatment Plant Building Layout 55 ft 33 ft Membrane Reuse System Process Equipment Water Storage Tank Control Panel Process Equipment

15 The Manor - Georgia Installed 2005 500,000 gpd peak flow Golf Club and Residential Community in North Fulton County 731 acres with 399 homes ranging in price from $400,000 to $1.5 million 180 acre Tom Watson signature golf course, a sports social facilities 15 acres of amenities including a Recycled water for irrigating the golf course Excess water is discharged to a disposal field Capital Cost $281,000 – including permitting, design, construction and commissioning The Manor Wastewater Treatment Plant

16 Westbrook Outlet Mall 400,000 ft 2 outlet Mall located in Connecticut not served by the public sewer ZeeWeed MBR handles all the sanitary waste from the lavatory facilities and food court Treated wastewater is recycled for toilet and urinal flush water and the remaining effluent is discharged to a leach field Water reuse and the utilization of ultra-low flush lavatory fixtures save approximately 13,000,000 gallons of water per year.

17 Ritz Carlton. St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands Recently expanded and renovated 180 guestroom luxury Caribbean resort Existing onsite conventional wastewater treatment system had not been meeting the strict effluent discharge criteria and needed to be expanded to accommodate hotel expansion. A ZeeWeed MBR systems treats all of the resorts wastewater and the effluent is reused for irrigation.

18 ROI Example 400,000 sq. ft. Office Building Cost of Connecting to Municipal Grid Cost of ZeeWeed MBR System Cost/Benefit Capital Costs ($): Connection Fee301,998NA Construction CostNA463,500(161,502) Yearly Operating Costs ($): Potable Water Service Fees 127,750NA Irrigation and Toilette Flush Service Fees 48,910NA Operating CostsNA118,50058,160 Total Cost/Benefit After Year 1 ($) (103,342) ROI2.78

19 Thank You! Q & A? Thank You! Q & A?

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