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Columbus Program in Intergovernmental Issues (CPII)

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1 Columbus Program in Intergovernmental Issues (CPII)
“Be part of the Caucus”

2 “Be part of the Caucus”

3 What is CPII? What is CPII?
Kent’s States Political Science department and the Alumni Office Dr. Sykes accompanies students Student leaders from universities are selected Work, study and practice Government in Columbus

4 What is CPII cont. “Helps tomorrows leaders understand public policy”.
Modeled after the Washington Program Washing program has been in existence for 20 years.

5 Who can Participate? Juniors and Seniors and Master Level students
All majors welcome Pre-Requisite, completion of two political science courses and; GPA 2.5 or above

6 The Ohio State University
Students become an “Ohio State Student” Given a Student ID A COTA bus Pass Library Admission Gym Access Health Center Facilities

7 Not a Political Science Major?
The CPII is 15 credit hours. Completion of this program almost completes a Political Science Minor.

8 Living in Columbus

9 How is this broken down? The CPII program is broken down into three parts: Internship Sections 6 Credit Hours Pre-Departure Colloquium & Briefings in Columbus Section State Government 3 Credit Hours

10 Internship Section (6 Hours)
Students Intern Wednesday, Thursday & Friday At least 24 hours/week Students placed all over Columbus in an area of interest Placement decided between Dr. Sykes and Student

11 Pre-Departure and Briefings (6 Hours)
Kent State the first week of class Orientation to Columbus and CPII Briefings are held Monday and Tuesday Hear from Government Officials and Professionals in Columbus

12 State Government (3 Hours)
Class meets Monday and Tuesday morning Similar to a Kent State Course Minimal Political Science/State Government prior-knowledge needed Instructed by former House Representative member Jamie Callendar

13 How much does it cost? Similar to a typical semester at Kent State.
Tuition plus a $100 administrative fee Brewers Yard Apartments are similar to the dorms

14 Brewers Yard 100 Frankfort Square Columbus, Ohio 43206

15 Amenities Courtyard Swimming Pool Maid Service Movie Theater
Aerobics/Yoga Room Gated Private Garage Card Access Buildings 24-Hour Fitness Center Tanning Beds Washer and Dryer Concierge Service There are four students to each apartment.

16 The 2005 Caucus Name: Akpevwe Akprofure Major: Economis
Internship: Net Jets Name: Matt Adelman Major: Political Science Internship: Name: Karina Arutyunova Major: News Broadcasting Internship: WBNS 10 TV

17 The 2005 Caucus Name: Adria Barbour Major: Magazine Journalism
Internship: Ohio Historical Society Name: Johnathon Bartels Major: Internship: Name: Melanie Butler Major: Internship:

18 The 2005 Caucus Name: Elizabeth Eisaman Major: Political Science
Name: Kelan Craig Major: Economics & Political Science Internship: Coalition for Homeliness and Housing Name: Elizabeth Eisaman Major: Political Science Internship: Ohio Republican Party Name: Carmelyn Jackson Major: Accounting Internship: Auditor of State

19 The 2005 Caucus Name: Laura Kallenborn Major: Internship:
Name: Shane Lewis Major: Political Science Internship: Name: Kelly Lynch Major: Political Science Internship: Senator

20 The 2005 Caucus Name: Dezi Marlow Major: Business Management
Internship: Issue 1 Jobs for Ohio Name: Nichole Mosca Major: Internship: Name: Nick Moscalink Major: MBA Internship:

21 The 2005 Caucus Name: Sallie Murray Major: Political Science
Internship: Name: Matt Nelson Major: Political Science Internship: Senator Kim Name: Hillary O’Connel Major: Photo Journalism Internship: Senator

22 The 2005 Caucus Name: Jera Oliver Major:
Internship: Ohio Board of Regents Name: Jenny Owen Major: Business Management Internship: Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives Name: Catrina Palmer Major: Business Management Internship: Ohio United Way

23 The 2005 Caucus Name: Justin Priest Major:
Name: Elizabeth Poirier Major: Communications Internship: Capital Review & Advisory Board Name: Justin Priest Major: Internship: Ohio Federation of Teachers Name: Carolyn Rose Major: Education Internship: Department of Education

24 The 2005 Caucus Name: Megan Swanson Major: Political Science
Name: Shanelle Smith Major: Political Science Internship: Ohio Civil Rights Commission Name: Megan Swanson Major: Political Science Internship: Senator Name: Teneah Thompson Major: Internship:

25 The 2005 Caucus Name: Matt Trivelli Major: Political Science
Internship: Jones Day Law Firm Name: Raven Yeboah Major: Internship:

26 Dr. Vernon Sykes Dr. Sykes is the leader of the Columbus Program. He is experienced and dedicated to helping his students learn the ins and outs of state government. Dr. Sykes has the background to lead his students; he has served as a member of Summit County Government, served 2 terms on Akron City Council. Dr. Sykes spent 18 yeas as a member of the House of Representatives. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio, a Master of Economics from Wright State, a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government and finally a Ph D. in Public Administration from the University of Akron.

27 Jamie Callendar Jamie Callendar comes in town every Monday and Tuesday and teaches the State Government course. Professor Callendar also helps set up briefings. Also a well respected and extremely qualified individual

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