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2.6.2014 Introduction session Tuesday 10.1 09.00-10.30 Introduction/Welcome Studieservices, ASK and tutors 10.30-11.30 Keys and passwords 11.30-12.30.

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3 Introduction session Tuesday Introduction/Welcome Studieservices, ASK and tutors Keys and passwords Lunch E - services Sightseeing with i-tutors Wednesday 11.1Police station in Malmi

4 Who are we? (C3) Andrea Nevalainen Study secretary, contact person for incoming exchange students phone: +358 (0) Christa Holm International Coordinator (Outgoing exchange students) phone: +358 (0) Kátia Torres Airava (study counselling concerning motivation, self-studies and self – acknowledgement. Support in learning difficulties) Study Counselor phone: +358 (0)

5 Programme directors Degree Programme in International Business: Andreas Stenius Degree Programme in Film and Television: Tommy Mård Degree Programme in Industrial Management: Badal Durbo Degree Programme in Plastics Technology: Mathew Vihtonen Degree Programme in Nursing: Gun-Britt Lejonqvist (International Contactperson: Marianne Tast) Degree Programme in Occupational Therapy: Annikki Arola Degree Programme in Physiotherapy: Göta Kukkonen (International Contactperson: Anne Kokko) Degree Programme in Social Services: Carina Kiukas

6 Arcada in a nutshell Arcada has about 2900 students and 170 members of staff Arcada offers degree studies and further education in Swedish and in English Arcada has students from over 40 different countries (10% of all students are international)

7 DEGREE PROGRAMMES further education BACHELOR Emergency Care Social Services Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy Sports and Health Promotion Nursing x 2 MASTER Health Promotion Advanced Clinical Care HEALTH AND WELFARE BUSINESS, IT AND MEDIA BACHELOR Film and Television Business Administration Information and Media Technology Tourism International Business MASTER Media Management BACHELOR Distributed Energy Systems Plastics Technology x 2 MASTER Real Estate Management ENERGY AND MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY

8 Campus

9 Arcada Opening Hours 7.00 – on weekdays Closed on weekends!

10 Consultation hours for students Front Desk C3: Monday - Thursday PLEASE RESPECT THESE HOURS!

11 Most exchange students from Europe Germany 5 France 3 Spain 1 Norway 2 Austria 1 Ireland 2 Belgium 1 Sweden 2 USA 1 Canada 1 China

12 Small things to remember Learn to use the lock on your door, keep the door LOCKED at ALL times. Take off your shoes in other peoples homes Be aware of surprise-exams during courses If you leave for a trip during the study semester, discuss this with the teacher beforehand!

13 Registration Registration at the Police Station in Malmi. Viljatie 2 ( ) Required for stays over 3 months for EU citizens (and Switzerland) Documents needed: passport, application, certificate of studies at Arcada, copy of inscurance, 47 in cash) Citizens of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) are registered at a Register Office if they stay in Finland longer than six (6) months

14 Travel Card for Students (Helsinki Region) Documents needed: Travel card application for exchange students Student Certificate Passport / ID card Portal: (Note the journey planner!)

15 Copy & Printing cards Sold by the student union ASK at the Cor-house cafeteria

16 Health Care at Arcada Nurse: Petra Virkki, room E497 or Opening hours:Mon-Fri – Always better to book in advance!

17 Psychiatric nurse Viveka Eriksson Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in E4. She also helps you over the phone on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at on the number: The service is free and conversations will be treated as confidential. Please, contact the psychiatric nurse in case you are worried about your psychical health, having a hard life situation, getting panic attacks or just feel that you need to talk to somebody professional

18 Public Health Care Number to call and ask where to go: (normally you go to the healthcare station that is located closest to where you live) Vallilan terveysasema –Rautalammintie 2 –Phone: –Opening hours: Mon-Tue, Thurs-Fri 8:00-16:00, Wed 8:00 -18:00 During evenings and weekends: Haartman Hospital –Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12, –Phone: (09) or (09) (switchboard) Your insurance is important! If you have an insurance that covers private health-care, use it!

19 Some important phone numbers Arcada switchboard: Emergency (Fire, Police, Ambulance): 112 Number Queries: 118 (expensive!) Taxi: (Taxi central) (Bookings in advance) Order by SMS (no advance booking): 1. Write e.g. HELSINKI MALLIKATU 2 A BACKDOOR 2. Send message to number (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) Works only with largest Finnish operators

20 Things to do in Helsinki apart from studying? Live music (Rock/Pop/Metal etc.) at clubs: (Club Nosturi) (Club Tavastia) Bigger concerts, theaters, opera etc. (Events & Tickets) Football: HJK (current champions) & HIFK Helsinki world design capital 2012:

21 The Gym at Arcada stARCis 50 for one semester or 35 if you are a member of the student union 17 / month (the month can start anytime you like) More information in the studyguide: – Health Care – Arcadas gym gym-starcis gym-starcis

22 International calls To make an international phone call dial 990, 999 or 00 before the country code. To call Finland from abroad dial the international code +358 for Finland & then the area code. Helsinki area code (0)9, which you dont need if you call within the area. Most common mobile prefixes are (0)50, (0)40, (0)41, 0(44)

23 Bank matters Most common banks are Nordea Sampo Aktia Osuuspankki Banks usually close at about

24 General (common-sense) housing rules Fire alarms are not to be taken away, check that they work and replace battery if necessary Keep the apartment and rooms clean. HOAS checks every now and then and if its not clean they clean and you pay. This has been a problem therefore its good to have weekly cleaning turns! Make up rules (who cleans what and when…) Do not leave food in the flat for the next tenant Replace broken things, they are on the tenants responsability. Light bulbs must be replaced when they run out ITS NOT ALLOWED TO SMOKE INSIDE THE APARTMENTS NOR IN THE HOUSE! Parking place: contact HOAS/ Majstranden. Silence between 22:00 - 6:00

25 Majstranden Read the black info folder in the apartment. It has a lot of useful information and probably the answer to many of your questions! –Contact numbers –Whom to contact when you loose the key etc

26 Locked yourself out, or lost your key? (Majstranden) If you loose your key, that will cost you 49 + reprogramming the locks 180, so dont! The serviceman from Majstranden can open the door during weekdays 7.15 – free of charge. Contact: Mr. Rainer Nyberg : (0) Any other time call: Lassila & Tikanoja on (24h service) (but it can cost up to 100 depending on the time you call them)

27 Laundry (Majstranden) Washing machines are located on the ground floor. Using the machines is included in the rent. You have to book a time to do your laundry. The phone number to call, if the machine is broken, can be found on the machine!

28 HOAS Contacts During Business hours (9-16): Tel (0) Or by

29 Leaving the apartment All apartments and rooms will be checked when the student leaves/ has left. A part of the deposit will be used for cleaning expenses if needed! – If something is missing or destroyed in the apartment the deposit will cover the expenses. – The deposit can also be used for cleaning expenses. Price lists can be found in the folders, (ex. 35 for cleaning the oven/ fridge). The key(s) should be returned to HOAS or Majstranden before 4pm on the day when the rental agreement ends (weekdays)

30 Being Finnish The three s- –Sisu strength of will –Salmiakki salty licorice candy, flavouring also in ice cream –Sauna


32 Finns are often described as quiet, shy and introvert. Direct Are very punctual and expect you to be on time as well! Greet with a brief firm handshake. Remember eye contact

33 Two languages - two cultures Finns, Finnish Swedish-speaking Finns, Swedish ~ , or 5,6 % of Finlands total population –a people who express Finnish identity in the Swedish language Saami, our 3rd language spoken by ~2000 in northern Finland

34 Finnish Design Iittala –Founded in 1881 but not until the 1920s and 30s, that Iittala as we know it came into being. (outlet in Arabia) Kaj Franck exhibition in the Design Museum until the 25th September Marimekko –Founded in Clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories Artek, Aarikka, Kalevala koru Helsinki – World Design Capital

35 More information:

36 Enjoy your stay!

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