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The Life of an American Family

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1 The Life of an American Family

2 Vocabulary List- Relatives
Mother (mom) Father (dad) Daughter Son Brother Sister Aunt Uncle Cousin Niece Nephew Grandmother (Grandma) Grandfather (Grandpa) Granddaughter Grandson Mother-in-law Father-in-law

3 Additional Vocabulary
Sister-in-law Brother-in-law Daughter-in-law Son-in-law Stepmother Stepfather Stepdaughter Stepson Apartment building Married Divorced Widow Widower To rent an apartment To own a home or condominium (condo) Pet Ethnicity Dormitory (dorm)

4 There are many different types of families in the US
It is impossible to describe the typical American family. President Obama’s family is one example of an American family The family has a father, mother and two daughters.

5 White House Where is it located?

6 The Bluth Family Michael Bluth is a single father. His wife died. Michael Bluth is a…? His son George Michael is an only child. George Michael’s cousin Maeby is also an only child. Michael Bluth’s brothers Buster and Gob are unmarried. (not married)

7 Bluth Family Home in the desert

8 Where do American families live?
Many American families live in houses but some families live in apartment buildings. They ?…? apartments.

9 Many families have pets
The Simpsons have two pets. Which pets do they have? (type of animal) Bonus question: What are the names of their pets? Name the pets in the photo on the right:

10 How do American Families Spend Their Free Time?
Bowling Watching TV Eating Pizza Going to the beach

11 What do American Families eat?
Popular foods often vary by the region in which the family lives and the ethnicity of the family. Hot and Spicy Chicken Chinese dish In San Francisco there are many immigrants from China, Vietnam and Mexico. Tamales- Mexican dish

12 American Dishes from different regions
“Soul Food” Lobster from Maine Barbecue Fried trout

13 American Families usually do not have cottages in the country (dachas)
Some families have houses with yards and gardens where they grow vegetables or fruits. Most families buy all their food in supermarkets or eat in restaurants.

14 Which American holiday is celebrated on October 31st?

15 Halloween is celebrated in many different ways
Pumpkins are carved with faces and called jack o’ lanterns. Jack o‘ lanterns are carved with very simple or complex designs. There are many different opinions on the origins of this Halloween tradition.

16 Different Types of Jack o’ lanterns

17 Trick or Treating is a popular Halloween activity

18 Discussion Questions How many people are in your family?
Do you live in a house, an apartment or a dormitory (dorm)? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What are their names? Are they students or do they work? Do you have any pets? What are their names? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to watch movies? What is your favorite movie (or type of movies)? Who is your favorite actor or actress? Why?

19 More Discussion Questions
What are your favorite foods? What do you or does your family eat for breakfast? For lunch? For dinner? Does your family grow their own fruits and vegetables? Do you like to cook? What do you like to cook? Do you like to play sports? Which sports do you like to play?

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