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University Residence Life Steven Hood - Director of Housing Supporting Teaching and Learning Teaching Research Service.

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1 University Residence Life Steven Hood - Director of Housing Supporting Teaching and Learning Teaching Research Service

2 Supporting Teaching and Learning2 University Residence Life – Mission Statement The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Housing and Residence Life Office is dedicated to assisting our residents achieve the most from their college experience. It is our goal to provide an attractive and safe living environment that is conducive to academic, social and personal growth and development. The charge of the residence life staff is to respond to the residents in a personal, courteous and timely manner and to provide quality programs for a diverse resident community.

3 Supporting Teaching and Learning3 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga University Residence Life Organizational Chart Dr. Richard Brown Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations Steven Hood Director of Housing Amy Greer (Lockmiller) Chris Stokes (Boling) Travis Overton(Village) Resident Directors Val Sample Asst. Dir. of Housing for Residence Life Shayla Brown-Davison IT Technologist Mary Greer Administrative Support Curtis Gadula (UTC Place) Area Coordinator Donna Huff Administrative Support Sharon Williams Procurement/ Budget Resident Assistants Roger Dickson Executive Bus. Mgr Doyal Bean Maintenance Supervisor Daryl Hill Ron Hill Vacant Position Vincent Sadler Maintenance/ Grounds Grad Assistant Dagbir Seke Custodian Mindy Murphy (Boling) Suzanne Dillard (Lockmiller) Susan Noblitt (Johnson Village) Complex Receptionist Total Full Time Staff 18

4 Supporting Teaching and Learning4 University Residence Life Base Budget 2005 - 2006 Total Employee Budget$661,617 Total Operating Budget$2,947,575 Total Univ. Residence Life Budget$3,613,892 Total Projected Income$3,768,150 Projected for 2006 Reserve Deposit$154,258

5 Supporting Teaching and Learning5 University Residence Life Major Goals 2006-2007 Top Ten Broad Goals to Improve Campus 1. Achieve Occupancy of 95% for North Campus and 90% South Campus for Fall 2006. 2. Continue efforts to provide unified services to all residents through partnership with UC Foundation and Place Properties. 3. Work with SIP Team to accomplish centralized fee collection for South Campus Residents.

6 Supporting Teaching and Learning6 University Residence Life Major Goals 2006-2007 Top Ten Broad Goals to Improve Campus 4. Strengthen Financial Health of North Campus. 5. Improve South Campus through installation of video cameras, BEST access and ornamental fencing in Phase I.

7 Supporting Teaching and Learning7 University Residence Life Major Goals 2006-2007 Top Ten Broad Goals to Improve Campus 6. To Strengthen the Residence Life Program in South Campus through the addition of 3 Full-Time Resident Directors. 7. Enhance online capabilities to better serve Housing Residents and Prospective Residents.

8 Supporting Teaching and Learning8 University Residence Life Major Goals 2006-2007 Top Ten Broad Goals to Improve Campus 8. Maintain 50% minority representation of Departmental Staff. 9. Continue formal meetings with student group to identify needs for improvement. 10. Develop more specific Long-Term Plan for Lockmiller Apartments.

9 Supporting Teaching and Learning9 Claiming the Assets of Technology Utilization of Web Based Software to Manage Housing. Continue utilization of software that integrates judicial incidents in Housing with the rest of the campus.

10 Supporting Teaching and Learning10 Recruit, Retain, Celebrate Diversity Maintain 50% minority representation among full time staff. Maintain 40% minority representation among residents living in campus housing.

11 Supporting Teaching and Learning11 Improving The Potential of Partnerships Internal Partnerships The cooperative effort with summer camps such as: Upward Bound, University Bound, Athletics, etc. The ongoing relationship with Student Development in providing quality out of the class room experiences. Continued partnership with the University Honors Program by providing distinct area for UHON Students to live.

12 Supporting Teaching and Learning12 Improving The Potential of Partnerships External Partnerships Continue collaboration with UC Foundation and Place Properties in order to deliver quality housing to our students. Reaching out to Chattanooga State as a housing resource for their students with hope of securing these residents as transfer students to UTC.

13 Supporting Teaching and Learning13 Demonstrating Accountability Conversion of 21 Lockmiller Apartments from 4- Person to 2-Person Apartments based on student interest/request. Implementation of 9 Month Lease and semester payment at UTC Place. The combining of UTC Housing and UTC Place Office Space. Increasing Security in the Residence Halls during Holidays, resulting in fewer break-ins.

14 Supporting Teaching and Learning14 Demonstrating Accountability New Office – Reception Area New Office Guest Waiting

15 Supporting Teaching and Learning15 Enhancing the Learning Environment The Building Blocks to a UTC Community through Residence Life Programming. Pinnacle Core Foundation UTC Community Caring Community Purposeful Community Open Community Responsible Community Disciplined Community

16 Supporting Teaching and Learning16 Enhancing the Learning Environment The conversion of 21 Apartments from 4-Person to 2-Person, which provides greater privacy. The integration of Freshmen and Upperclassmen sections within Residence Halls in attempt to reduce vandalism and noise for Fall 2006.

17 Supporting Teaching and Learning17 Assessment for Continuous Intuitional Effectiveness Annual Satisfaction Surveys Utilization of Ongoing Focus Groups with students to better determine cause of dissatisfaction. Introduction of Point of Service Surveys that will focus on: Customer Service and Maintenance Response.

18 Supporting Teaching and Learning18 Three Year Budget Perspective FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 Total Univ Res Life$3,637,615$3,675,625$3,719,050 Projected Income$3,987,606$4,185,485$4,363,259 Proj. Reserve Deposit$349,991$509,860$644,209

19 Supporting Teaching and Learning19 Key Budget Items We are requesting for a rate increase of 5% for North Campus (7.5% for 2 Person Apartments in Lockmiller) and no increase for South Campus. This will close the gap between North & South. This will also improve the financial health of North Campus.

20 Supporting Teaching and Learning20 Key Budget Items - Rates

21 Supporting Teaching and Learning21 Key Budget Items North Campus Items that need to be addressed: HVAC Stairwells Furniture/Cabinetry Fire Alarm System (Lockmiller) Landscaping

22 Supporting Teaching and Learning22 Key Budget Items Residence Life Stafffing for South Campus 3 Full-Time Resident Directors 10 additional Resident Assistants

23 Supporting Teaching and Learning23 Key Budget Items Lockmiller Stairwell Lockmiller Bathroom Lockmiller Furniture Lockmiller KitchenBoling Landscape UTC Place Landscape

24 Supporting Teaching and Learning24 Departmental Staffing History 1996 – 23 Staff (Director, 5 Resident Directors, 3 Main Office Support Staff, 4 Maintenance Staff, 4 Custodial Staff, 1 Grounds Staff, 5 Residence Hall Support Staff 2006 – 18 Staff (Director, Asst. Director, Area Coordinator, 3 Resident Directors, 4 Main Office Support Staff, 3 Maintenance Staff, 1 Custodian, 1 Grounds Staff, 3 Residence Hall Support Staff Stadium Hall closed Fall 2002, Pfieffer Hall closed Fall 2002, Stagmaier Hall closed Fall 2004 Total of 356 beds closed

25 Supporting Teaching and Learning25 High Priority Opportunities with Additional Funding Summary of Needs 3 Full-Time Resident Directors for South Campus 10 additional RAs for South Campus

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