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Listening chapter 5 Home / part 1 – p

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1 Listening chapter 5 Home / part 1 – p- 84 85
Look at the photo. What are the men in the picture doing ? Why ? How many times in your life have you moved? What were the reasons? Is it common for young adults in your culture to live by themselves? Why or why not? Part 1/ Vacation plans/ p-44 What kind of place do you live in now: apartment? A house? A student dormitory?

2 2 Previewing Vocabulary/p-25
Nouns: Closet: a cupboard fireplace: a place for fire Landlord: the house owner Studio: a very small house with one bedroom Vacancy: unoccupied Verbs: Move : go to live in another place Raised : make higher Adjectives Furnished / unfurnished : with furniture or without furniture - stressed out Adverb: pretty

3 Listening for Main Ideas/ page 85 Listening for Details/ page 86
1. Why is Beth stressed out? 2.What does Beth learn from Ming that makes Beth feel better? Exercise 4 Ming’s building is close to campus. Ming’s building has a parking garage. In Ming’s building a one- bedroom apartment rented for $ 850 a month. Beth needs an unfurnished apartment. . Answers: T/F /T/F

4 Listening for stressed words /p-86
Beth: I’m so stressed out. My landlord just raised my rent. I think I’ll have to move. Ming: Really? You know, my building has some vacancies . It’s pretty nice place, and it’s just ten minutes from campus. Beth: Oh yeah? How much is the rent for a studio? Ming: There are no studio apartments in our building. My neighbor just moved out of a one- bedroom. He paid $850 a month, I think. Beth: That’s not bad, tell me more. Ming: Well, one bedrooms come with a bathroom, a kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, pretty big closets, and uh – are you looking for a furnished or unfurnished place/ Beth: unfurnished . I have all my own stuff. What about parking and laundry?

5 Stressed words Ming: There’s no garage. You have to park on the street .but there is a laundry room downstairs. Beth: hmmm. I think I am interested. Could you give me the address? Ming: Sure. It’s 1213 Rose Avenue . The manager’s name is Mr. Azizi. Call him up or just stop by and talk to him. Beth: Thanks . Ming. I’m going to do that tomorrow for sure.

6 The –ed Ending in past tense verbs
The ed ending in the past is pronounced in three ways depending on the sound that comes before-ed. /id/ after d and t = waited- invited- needed /t/ after unvoiced sounds : p- k- f- s- ch- x Examples; missed- watched- helped- /d/ after vowels and other voiced sounds: b- g- j- m- n- l-r-th- v- z- w Examples; lived- showed- listened.

7 9- distinguishing before –ed ending/ page 88
1. turned- d 2. rented-id 3. mixed- t 4. asked- t 5. recommended- id 6. walked- t 7.tested- id 8. followed- d 9. moved- d 10. changed- d

8 Using ed endings page 89 1. Jennifer watched the movers take her boxes into her apartment . The movers carried the boxes inside. 2. She called her family. They asked her to describe the apartment. 3. She looked at a stack of boxes. She decided where everything should go. 4. She unpacked her dishes. 5. She washed her dishes. She dropped some cups. 6. She dusted her furniture . She sneezed. 7. She painted some rooms in her apartment. 8. She worked in the yard. She planted some flowers. 9. She ordered pizza dinner. 10. She rested after dinner.

9 Sample Questions Apartment 1 How much is the rent?
How many rooms are there? Is the apartment noisy? Is there a stove or a refrigerator? Apartment 2 How big is the apartment in square feet ( or in square meter)? How many square feet is it? How long is the lease for? Is there a garage? How many bathrooms are there? Apartment 3 Is the apartment furnished? Is there a bathroom? Are there laundry facilities? Where is the apartment? How much is the rent?

10 Part 2/ Conversation : Touring an Apartment/ p-91 Before you listen
1. What do you like and dislike about the home where you live now? Name two good things and two bad things. 2. Who found your current home for you? You ? Your parent? A housing advisor? An agent? 3. In your experience, in what ways are apartment managers generally helpful or helpful? [previewing vocabulary] Iease: a contract , a signed agreement to live in a home for a period of time. Available : able to be bought/ found To fix : to repair Month –to - month: without a yearly contract Leak : a crack or a hole that allows liquid to escape

11 3. Listening for main ideas / page 92
1. Which room is the manager showing Beth? The manager shows Beth the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom. 2. Is this a good apartment or not? No, it isn’t . Clues : there is no air conditioning. The bedroom is small. There was a leak. 3. What Beth’s decision? Beth needs more time to think before making a decision.

12 4. Taking notes on Specific Information/ P 92
Bad points Good points Rooms visited Green walls, no air conditioning, street noises Just painted, lots of light, fireplace Living room Dishwasher, big refrigerator, enough room for breakfast table Kitchen Small bedroom New carpeting, lots of closet space Bedroom

13 Taking Notes on Specific Information/P 92
leak Shower and bathtub Bathroom Raised rent There’s nothing generally good about the apartment itself, but some students might consider the option of a month –to – month lease or a year’s lease a good point. Apartment in general

14 After you listen/ speaking / p-28
1. What is the advantage of a lease for (a) the renter? (b) the landlord? 2. Why do some people prefer to rent a place month- to – month rather than for a whole year? 3. If anything breaks in your home, who fixes it? 4. If your friend is moving to a new house or apartment, what days are you available to help him or her? 5. If your ceiling has a leak, what should you do?

15 Making and Answering Request
Making requests: Formal Formal: Could you please open the door? Would you please open the door? Can you please open the door? Would you mind opening the door? Yes: Certainly . Of course I would be happy to I don’t mind No: I am afraid I cant I am sorry. I can’t

16 Making and Answering Request
Making requests: informal informal: I’d like you to clean my car? I need you to clean my car? I want you to clean my car? Yes: sure okay no problem No: absolutely not no way

17 Finding a roommate. Page-95 Part 3
Nabil: He wants to save money- wants to share his apartment with someone. He is very clean, quiet, and neat guy. He has a job and a cat. Roberto: He wants to move out of his parent’s home. He is looking for a cheap place to rent. He is messy and plays for a baseball team. He has a part – time job and goes to school part- time. He has a small dog. With a partner, prepare and perform a role-play between Nabil and Roberto

18 Homecare Vacation Structure
Details notes How often What to do Item to take care of Put them inside the front door in a bag Every day Get mail B. pick up from yard 1, mail newspaper Dog food will be in a bag in kitchen Give a cup of dry dog food Twice a day 8:00 am 5:pm after he eats . Keep the water bowl filled up Feed the dog Walk the dog Give him water 2. Dog Uncle will take garbage to street Tuesday night Put it in the back yard 3. garbage

19 N t Not necessary if it rains 2-3 times a week water rose bushes
Ok to use swimming pool and TV nothing Clean up 5. Swimming pool and house

20 Answer key 1. The boxes of dishes should go on the kitchen counter.
2.She wants on the TV on the right side of the fireplace. 3. The boxes of books are next to the bed. 4. The towels will go by the bathroom door. 5. Beth wants the couch where she is standing. 6. She wants the bookcase in the bedroom.

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