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Multihousing Church Planting The Church That Meets At The House.

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1 Multihousing Church Planting The Church That Meets At The House

2 Readiness The Church Planting Process

3 Greet Priscilla and Aquila, my fellow workers in Christ Jesus, who risked their own necks for my life, to who not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles. Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Romans 16:3-5

4 Readiness Hear the cries of those who live in Multihousing

5 Then Jesus made a circuit of all the towns and villages. He taught in their meeting places, reported kingdom news, and healed their diseased bodies, healed their bruised and hurt lives. When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd, the overlooked and ignored. Matthew 9:35-36 (The Message)

6 What is worst than being lost? Being lost and not having anyone looking for you. Chuck Kelly, NOBTS

7 Multihousing is multiple family communities. They may be attached or in close proximity with shared amenities and regulations.

8 Multihousing may look like this... Private Apartment Communities

9 Multihousing may look like this… Condominium Communities

10 Multihousing may look like this… Community Associations

11 Multihousing may look like this… Community Associations

12 Multihousing may look like this… Manufactured Housing

13 Multihousing may look like this… Public Housing Communities

14 Multihousing may look like this… Senior Housing Communities

15 Multihousing may look like this… Collegiate Housing Communities

16 Multihousing may look like this… Gated Communities

17 Multihousing may look like this… Marina Communities

18 Multihousing may look like this… Live Work and Play Communities

19 Readiness Multihousing Industry Categories A-Upper Income B- Middle Income C-Partially Subsidized D-Fully Subsidized

20 National Multihousing Council

21 Readiness The missing partner… The church

22 North American Population Canada: 32,795,223 United States: 300,933,719 333,728,942

23 57% of the North American population live in Multihousing communities

24 Readiness This translates into a Mutlihousing population of 190,225,497

25 Readiness 96% of multihousing community residents are unchurched 2001 NAMB Study

26 If they wont come to church, then well take church to them. Tillie Burgin

27 Tillie Burgin

28 Readiness Find out what their needs are…lets be resident driven not church driven. Barbara Oden

29 Texas Multihousing Consulting

30 Daniel Sanchez, Houston

31 Apartment Life is dedicated to helping you improve the quality of life and the value of your apartment communities. We look forward to serving you as together we transform apartment living in America! Stan Dobbs

32 Apartment Life

33 Midtown Bridge Atlanta, Georgia Larry Grays and family

34 Colorado Missional Multihousing Network Bobby Dean

35 Scotty Brewer Mission Raleigh, North Carolina

36 Community of Hope Montgomery, Alabama

37 Chris McNairy

38 Neal Hughes, President

39 Readiness Holy Indicators of Gods Activity in The Multihousing World My Father is always at His work… John 5:17a

40 -Multihousing Communities are more open than ever before to the gospel!

41 Readiness -Multihousing is the fastest growing real estate industry soon to become the preferred choice of housing!

42 Readiness -Multihousing Management and Corporations have put out the welcome mat for the church to come and begin new work!

43 Readiness -Immigrants are a major player in the North American Church Planting Movement, and guess where they are moving to… multihousing.

44 Readiness -Despite church decline, alternative forms of worship are growing significantly. Source: The Barna Report (10-24-05)

45 Readiness Priority of Prayer The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2


47 Lives Changed By Jesus Christ! The fields are ready. Are you ready?

48 Application What has God revealed about the readiness of your setting for multihousing church planting?

49 Break Time

50 Multihousing Church Planting The Church That Meets At The House

51 Enlistment The Church Planting Process

52 First Century Church Planting in The Twenty-first Century

53 Laity the Heroes A leader making a culture where laypeople become the heroes. Dale Galloway

54 If you want to learn how to do church planting become a student of the book of Acts K.C. Crino

55 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 1. The principle of relying on the Holy Spirit expressed through the priority of prayer in church planting. Jerusalem

56 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 2. The principle of church health incorporated into the DNA of the new church from the beginning expressed through a church focused on missions. Antioch

57 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 3. The principle of the person of peace with the priority of evangelism expressed through sharing the gospel along relationship lines. Philippi

58 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 4. The principle of the centrality of Gods Word expressed through consistently communicating the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thessalonica

59 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 5. The principle of cultural relevance while maintaining biblical integrity in church planting methodology expressed in discovering points of contact for evangelistic efforts. Athens

60 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 6. The principle of generosity expressed in Christian stewardship utilizing the resources that are found in the harvest. Corinth

61 Church in The House Seven Prime Principles 7. The principle of spiritual warfare in behalf of individuals, communities and culture expressed in deliverance from the evil one through the planting of churches. Ephesus

62 Planting the Gospel that leads to Planting Churches Volunteer Revolution!

63 Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power… Psalm 110:3 NKJV

64 Share with your group a rewarding experience from when you volunteered to help a church plant?

65 Enlist Who? Kingdom-Minded Churches God-Called Leaders Here am I send me Isaiah 6

66 Kingdom-Minded Churches

67 Enlistment Sponsoring Church to Multihousing Communities

68 People Search A process to see and understand the diverse people who live in Multihousing Sites in your region.

69 Multihousing Residents Perceive… Church wants money People dress one way Church is unfriendly Church people dont want us Afraid they will not behave properly Church doesnt care about our problems

70 Partners in Church Planting (PiCP) The PiCP helps churches identify their place in partnership planting.

71 Enlistment Praying Down The Walls A Multihousing Strategy to Engage the Church to Go to the Multihousing Communities

72 PDW Components Moving the Church Beyond The Four Walls… 1. Identify 2. Adopt 3. Pray 4. Decide

73 God-Called Leaders

74 One good test of a good leader, rather than How much have I done? needs instead to be How many others have I involved? Dr. Dennis Williams SBTS

75 Enlistment Key Principles from the book of Acts with Multihousing Implications for Enlistment

76 Priority of Prayer Ask of me… The Acts Pattern

77 Indigenous Leaders Persons of Peace The Acts Pattern

78 Often, the person of peace has the church meet in their home and may even be the new leader of the emerging church. A church that starts this way is unique in that it is born out of the harvest, and is bent on a mission to continue reaching the lost. Neil Cole, Organic Church

79 Oikos Household Network The Acts Pattern

80 Enlistment The Outside In Approach Paul The Missionary Macedonian People (Acts 16)

81 Acts 16 Outside In Enter the Area Evangelize the Community Equip the Believers Empower the Leaders Exit with Joy

82 Enlistment The Inside Out Approach Peter the Missionary Cornelius the Seeker (Acts 10)

83 Acts 10 Inside Out Invitation from God Initiate the Connection Impart the Gospel Ignite the Revival Flames Invest in the New Church

84 Epoch A process to engage missional leaders in the harvest

85 Epoch- An extended period of time ushered in by the brokenness and faithful praying of Gods people; bringing forth the sending of everyday Christ followers into the harvest to establish relational-based, mission focused, faith communities which results in the reduction of lostness among all people groups in North America.

86 Enlistment The One Word Secret to Volunteer Recruitment is ASK 1. ASK God 2. ASK the Potential Worker

87 Application: What has God revealed to you about enlisting Multihousing workers for the harvest?

88 Break Time

89 Multihousing Church Planting The Church That Meets in the House

90 Equipping The Church Planting Process

91 Share about a time when God used you to equip another person to serve in ministry.

92 Equipping And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-13 NKJV

93 Venues for Equipping One to One Missional Networks Web Based Learning Labs/Workshops

94 Equipping Essentials For Multihousing Church Planting

95 Equipping Multihousing Small Groups-Community About making disciples not just decisions… Jerusalem Disciple making

96 Equipping Multihousing Mentoring Living in the dust of the Rabbi… Antioch Developing Leaders

97 Equipping Multihousing People Groups All Kinds of Churches for all Kinds of People. Rick Warren Philippi Vision

98 Equipping Multihousing Evangelism Sharing Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. Thessalonica Gospel Message

99 Equipping Multihousing Relationships The Bible is a book about relationshipsa relationship with God. Athens Points of Connection

100 Equipping Multihousing Church Planting Team TEAM-together everyone accomplishes more. Corinth Gift-based

101 Multihousing Strategy People who go to Multihousing communities are on the front lines in this battle for souls. Ephesus Spiritual Warfare

102 Equipping Multihousing Management Issues Job easier Profit Retention Quality of life Legal concerns

103 Equipping Multihousing Volunteer Issues Discovery Mobilization Logistics Recognition Follow Up

104 Equipping Multihousing Commitment Issues Renewal Rejection Isolation Perseverance Celebration

105 Equipping Indigenous

106 Equipping On The Job Training

107 Application: What has God revealed to you about equipping others to plant multihousing congregations?

108 Break Time

109 Multihousing Church Planting The Church That Meets in the House

110 New Church Strengthening and Reproduction The Church Planting Process

111 New Church Strengthening Survivability A Key Issue for Multihousing Church Planting

112 68% Of SBC New Churches 2007 NAMB Study

113 Multihousing Survivability * Define Success * Legacy Churches * Congregations * Ministries

114 Bi-vocational Leadership Skills Focus Time Training Attitude Fellowship

115 Church Leadership Function Skills Preaching Baptism Lords Supper Stewardship Administration

116 DNA of Multihousing Church Planting

117 Develop New Multihousing Resources Site Specific with Healthy Church Focus

118 Reproduction The way 185 million in Multihousing will have the opportunity to hear the gospel where they live.

119 Anything that is healthy will reproduce. Richard Harris NAMB Church Planting Group

120 Do you see yourself working alone?

121 Are you looking at planting one tree?

122 Reproduction Or are you looking at an orchard?

123 Huntsville Texas David Valentine Multihousing Multiplication Ex-offenders

124 Regional Learning Labs …is a partnering church actively engaged in multiplying the principles learned from their planting experiences, resulting in new church sponsors/churches through consistent training and demonstration.

125 Regional Learning Labs Orlando, Florida…Atlanta, Georgia…Columbia, South Carolina… Winston Salem / Raleigh, North Carolina… Richmond / Washington, D.C…. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….New York City, New York… Prince Edward Island, Canada….Montreal, Canada…. Toronto, Canada…Rochester, New York…Green Bay, Wisconsin… Detroit, Michigan…Chicago, Illinois…Cincinnati, Ohio… The State of West Virginia… Memphis, Tennessee / Little Rock, Arkansas… Springfield, Missouri… Montgomery, Alabama… Gulf Port, Mississippi… Lafayette, Louisiana… Houston /D/FW / San Antonio / Amarillo, Texas Kansas City / Omaha, Nebraska… St. Louis, Missouri / East St. Louis, Illinois…Denver, Colorado... Mesa, Arizona…Reno, Nevada… Los Angeles, California… Seattle, Washington…The State of Montana

126 A Weekend Workshop may look like this… * Teach on Friday night/Saturday Morning * Show on Saturday Afternoon * Commission on Sunday Morning * Follow Up in the Days to Come -

127 Reproduction Worldview Based Church Planting Project

128 Bosnian, Oaxaca, Wolof, African American Low Income, Anglo Urban Post Modern, Native American Urban, Somali, Fujinese, Appalachian, Navajo, Urba Pakistanis, Japanese, Russian Rurba Worldview Based Church Planting Project

129 God seeks to form one people for His Name from all the people groups for His glory and worship Van Sanders

130 National Association of Multihousing Ministry and Congregations Annual Meeting New York City August 16-17

131 Parable of the Talents 43,000 SBC Churches 10% 5 to 10 4,300 x 10=43,000 10% 2 to 4 4,300 X 4=17,200 80% 1 to 1 34, 300 x 1=34,300 Total: 94,300 Multihousing Works!

132 Every Baptist Association in North America plant at least 20 new multihousing churches by the year 2020. 1289 Baptist Associations in SBC and Canada x 20 New Total: 25,780 Multihousing Works!

133 How is this going to help the kingdom of God?


135 Application: Share in your group what God has revealed to you about new church strengthening and reproduction.

136 I am here to serve you! Bob Burton Multihousing National Missionary North American Mission Board 678-386-4948

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