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Abcdabcd Low Rise Buildings The Built Environment in which we live is composed of:- Buildings Travel systems Services Disposal & Treatment Systems. The.

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1 abcdabcd Low Rise Buildings The Built Environment in which we live is composed of:- Buildings Travel systems Services Disposal & Treatment Systems. The particular use of land has developed over a period of years as towns have grown either from industrial settlements on a river or market towns on the junction of several main roads.

2 abcdabcd Modern Buildings Society requires many different types of buildings, each must be specifically designed to provide certain facilities. The use of buildings can be broadly divided into five areas. Residential - houses and apartments Commercial - shops and offices Industrial- warehouses and factories Agricultural- farm buildings Community- schools and sport centres

3 abcdabcd Residential Domestic The most important requirement about a residential building is that of providing protection from the elements and the environment. About 70% of residential buildings in N. Ireland are owner occupied, the rest are provided by Local Authorities and Large Institutions or individuals investing in property. Residential or domestic buildings as they are often called can be divided into many different types.

4 abcdabcd Examples are:- Terraced or (town houses) Semi detached Detached Single storey Two storey Apartments Low rise buildings High rise buildings

5 abcdabcd Terraced houses A row or street of houses occupied by different tenants. Terraced dwellings may be one, two or three storeys high.

6 abcdabcd Terraced houses

7 abcdabcd Semi – Detached Two dwellings under the one roof which are occupied by separate families. Semi – Detached Two storey house

8 abcdabcd Detached Bungalow Detached – This is a building which is not connected to any other buildings. A bungalow is a single storey dwelling.

9 abcdabcd Apartments Flat Apartments – This is a large building which is divided into compartments for each tenant. Each tenant occupies part of one floor.

10 abcdabcd Apartments Flat Common entrance door and stairway Low rise buildings are buildings which do not exceed three storeys high

11 abcdabcd High Rise Flats Multi-storey High Rise Erected where space is limited in built – up areas or where land is very expensive.

12 abcdabcd Commercial Properties These are buildings which are mainly involved with retailing products to the public or providing services:- Shops Offices Banks Shopping Centres

13 abcdabcd Commercial Properties Office block

14 abcdabcd Commercial Properties Traditional style shops Large scale shopping development.

15 abcdabcd Industrial- warehouses and factories Industrial buildings vary a great deal in their size and type of construction. The reasons for this are the type of business being undertaken in the building and the scale of the factory. Examples:- Large scale engineering Food processing Joinery workshop Electronic assembly.

16 abcdabcd Industrial- warehouses and factories Small industrial or warehouse units

17 abcdabcd Industrial units

18 abcdabcd Agriculture Modern Large scale agricultural building constructed from a portal frame. All steel elements in this building have been galvanized to prevent rust The structure is a large portal frame covered with powder coated aluminium sheet which will not rust. The walls are constructed from 225mm solid block work which is plastered on both sides.

19 abcdabcd Agriculture Buildings Some smaller cattle houses are constructed from portal frames. The steel is usually painted Some cattle houses have access to feed the cattle silage from outside of the building.

20 abcdabcd Agriculture Traditional Most old hay barns are constructed from light weight steel structures sheeted on the outside with galvanised steel sheet which is usually painted green or red. Cattle houses constructed during the seventies and eighties usually had round roofs. The wall were constructed from 150mm blockwork plastered on both sides.

21 abcdabcd Community These buildings are used to accommodate the facilities which a community require:- Schools Hospitals Health Centres Community Centres Sport Centres. Concert halls The Water Front Hall Belfast

22 abcdabcd Community Schools Schools can be single storey in the case of small primary buildings or a single storey portal frame for a Technology building. This is a large educational building constructed from a steel frame and clad on the outside with a glass curtain walling system to keep out the elements.

23 abcdabcd Community The Odyssey arena is a sports complex which also contains shops, restaurants, several large cinemas etc. The building has a structural frame of steel and concrete. The outside of the building is clad with glass, clay tiles and metal sheeting.

24 abcdabcd Community Churches Some churches are modern structures but this one is built from load bearing masonry rendered on both sides. This building is about 300 years old.

25 abcdabcd Three storey school structure This three storey school building is constructed from a steel frame incased in concrete.

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