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Welcome to Yale Off-Campus, your one stop for information about living outside of Yale. So you decided to live Off-Campus. New Haven has been home to Yale.

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1 Welcome to Yale Off-Campus, your one stop for information about living outside of Yale. So you decided to live Off-Campus. New Haven has been home to Yale University for nearly three centuries. As a center for business and a mecca for the arts, New Haven is recognized as a city of innovation, culture and prosperity. Approximately 20 square miles with nearly 130,000 residents, New Haven is conveniently located between Boston and New York. So you decided to live Off-Campus. New Haven has been home to Yale University for nearly three centuries. As a center for business and a mecca for the arts, New Haven is recognized as a city of innovation, culture and prosperity. Approximately 20 square miles with nearly 130,000 residents, New Haven is conveniently located between Boston and New York. The information published in this document is intended simply for assistance. Information may be inconclusive, incorrect, or not up to date. Yale University doesnt endorse any establishments listed. YALE OFF-CAMPUS LIVING GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS Yale The Renting Process Page 2 Lease Information Page 4 Essential Services Page 6

2 THE RENTING PROCESS In order to afford living close to campus, many individuals share housing and related expenses with others. Here are a few things to consider before moving in: 1. Privacy What are your needs for privacy and what are the other roommates' needs? 2. Security Locking doors, windows when you are at home and when you are away. Will you keep an extra key? Should anyone beside the roommates have a key? Your lease says "no". 3. Pets Are pets allowed by your lease? Are you allergic to cats, for example? How many pets are you willing to have in the apartment? 4. Moving Out Who will clean the apartment at move out time? Will all roommates be there at the end of the lease? When to start looking for Housing Here are some factors to consider when looking for housing: Since most programs start in the fall, housing options in New Haven tend to become competitive in the summer months. Although new listings are received year-round, we receive the majority of our listings in May, June, July and August. If you have a car and dont mind commuting, consider living in one of the nearby towns surrounding New Haven. Housing options tend to be less competitive in these areas. How long will it take to find housing? If you are looking for housing during the summer months, you can expect to find a place in one-two weeks. Please keep in mind however that options are greatly reduced as the fall semester approaches. If you are looking for housing during the academic year, please expect the search to take a little longer since the number of listings is typically lower than during the summer months. Types of Housing Off Campus Our listings include full apartments, houses, rooms, efficiencies, condos, room shares, and sublets. Most are available for a long-term rental, while others are available for short term use (180 days or less). We have two separate databases for rentals and properties that are for sale, as well as information about the Homebuyer Program for faculty and university employees. Roommates: Search for Housing You can search for housing right here! Yale off campus housing provides a listing service available to all members of our Yale Community. Page 2

3 Quality of Housing Because the quality of housing in the New Haven area varies greatly, you should never sign a lease for a place that you havent seen. The Off-Campus Housing Service does not inspect or endorse any of the housing listings on our web site. When viewing a prospective rental unit, be sure to ask the landlord and the current tenants if there are plumbing, insect or any other problems with the unit. If the landlord is cleaning or repairing any part of the house, the cleaning or repairs should be completed before your lease begins. If problems with your rental unit occur, notify the landlord in writing, and keep a copy of all correspondence for your records. Rental Applications The landlord will ask you to fill out a Rental Application, which allows a landlord to obtain information from a prospective tenant. You may be charged an application processing fee, which ranges from $30 to $50, usually, and which also covers the cost of the credit/background check the landlord will run on you. Basic information includes: - Employment, income and credit history - Social Security and driver's license numbers - Past evictions or bankruptcies - References (not always) Some of the grounds for not approving an application can be: - Insufficient income - as a general guideline, rent should not be more than 33% of gross monthly income; - Poor credit history - make sure you know what your credit report contains. - In cases of insufficient income, the landlord can ask for a co- signer or a guarantor. Please read the application carefully, including the small print. The application fee is non-refundable, but the deposit you put down with the application, which can be as much as one month of rent, may also be non-refundable if you change your mind. Some applications state that you have three business days to cancel and get your money back, some others do not. Always get a copy of the application you have submitted. Always get copies of all the documents you sign. Moving In Document the condition of the apartment at move-in time! Take detailed pictures of your apartment. It will help you request repairs and protect your security deposit. Digital cameras often have a date stamp option, but if you are using a non-digital camera, you may want to place the day's newspaper in the picture, to be able to date it. Request repairs in writing, always giving a timeframe for response, so that you know when you can take the next step. Obtain renter's insurance. In the case of fire, water damage, or theft, your belongings are NOT covered under your landlord's insurance. Page 3

4 LEASE INFORMATION What is a lease? A lease is a legal agreement establishing a landlord/tenant relationship. It is a binding document that you cannot break. Finding a less expensive apartment later, or deciding not to come to Yale are not valid reasons for breaking a lease. Before Signing a Lease Before signing anything, make sure you understand and agree to it, and that it states everything to which you have agreed. It is a good idea to do a walk through with the landlord to determine the condition of the living area, and to note in writing, any dings, holes, or repairs that need to be made. This will assist you when you move out, because damages not noted at the time of move-in may be charged against your security deposit. Speak to current tenants who rent the unit you will be renting. Security Deposit Information By state law, the security deposit may not be any more than two months rent; however, if the tenant is 62 years old or older, it may not be more than one months rent. The deposit is held by the landlord on behalf of the tenant; the landlord merely has a security interest in the funds. The landlord is required by law to put the full amount of the security deposit into an escrow account where it will earn annual interest at a rate set by the Banking Commissioner. The tenant is entitled to the interest for all months in which the rent is paid on time (within the applicable grace period). With certain exceptions, the tenant will not receive interest for any months in which the rent was paid after the grace period. A landlord who fails to pay the interest due on the security deposit may be sued for the amount or may be subject to a fine. Once you sign a lease you cannot break it. Make sure all agreements you make with the landlord are in writing on the lease. If not, dont expect it to happen. You and the landlord can change the lease - you both need to initial it after the change. Make sure you get a copy of the signed, adjusted lease and that you make a copy for each tenant on the lease. Make sure all numbers add up correctly If furniture is included, make sure it is listed in the lease Each landlord has a different process. Generally, you can expect to pay upfront your first months rent, last months rent and security deposit (which, by law, should not equal anything more than two months rent) Some landlords have you pay all summer months in advance. For example, if your lease begins in August, you may have to pay first months rent (August), security deposit and last 2 months rent (June and July). Note: Page 4

5 Length of Lease: Some issues to consider Is the lease for 12 months, or an academic year (i.e. 9 months)? If it is for 12 months, will you be here in the summer? What are the penalties that incur if you move out before the end of your lease? Some landlords require that you forgo your security deposit, or that you find a replacement for your apartment/room/house. Does your lease give you permission to sublet? If your lease begins in June, and you sublet, who will do the move-in inspection? You are responsible for the actions of your sublettors. Therefore, if your sublettor destroys the apartment/unit, you will be held responsible by your landlord. Provisions your Lease Should Include A lease is one of the most important documents a tenant signs, but probably the least read or understood. A tenants happiness and satisfaction is dependent upon their rental housing situation and the lease they sign. The lease, a legal document, spells out both the tenants and landlords rights and responsibilities. Many tenants do not take the time to read the lease or may not understand the terms and conditions. A lawyer should be consulted if any terms or provisions are in question. The following list includes the obvious and the not-so-obvious terms a lease should contain: The date of the signing The complete names of the landlord and the tenant(s) The location of the rental unit, including the apartment identification Length of the lease term, including both the beginning and ending dates The Rent The amount due each month When and where rent is due The penalty for any late payment of rent What utilities, if any, are included in the rent price Any extra charges that may be incurred (i.e. parking, storage) Who pays for repairs and maintenance, including damage as a result of negligence Deposits The amount due What it covers When your deposit will be returned The conditions for refund The provision for payment of interest Other provisions Are multiple leases jointly or separately obligated? (If tenants are jointly or severally responsible for payment of rent, any one person may be responsible for the total rent) When will the landlord enter the unit? Rules such as pets and guests, including a full description of pets allowed Limit on number of occupants, if any Furnished or unfurnished (if furnished, lease should list everything provided) Renewal option available? Please note: Changes in a lease should be initialed on all copies and each party should receive a final copy of the lease. Page 5

6 Transportation Yale Transportation Options is here to help you make transportation decisions that serve you, your community and the environment. After all, we are all connected. Visit their site, to see all the modes of transportation. Yale Shuttle Yale University Shuttle provides transportation between the University, the East Rock neighborhood and the New Haven train stations for students, faculty and staff. This FREE service runs year-round with the exception of University Holidays. For a full schedule and LIVE map of the shuttles, visit: Zipcar Zipcar is a modern car sharing program that uses revolutionary technology to make the process of car sharing safe, easy and convenient. Yale University has partnered with Zipcar to offer its students and employees discounted yearly memberships! Safety/ Security Yale University Police Emergency: 911 (Off-campus); 111 (On-campus, blue phones) Non-emergency: (203) 432-4400 New Haven Police Department (Front Desk) (203) 946-6255 or 6256 ESSENTIAL SERVICES New Haven earns a 97% out of 100% on, making it a Walkers Paradise. To find out what is in your neighborhood and in walking distance, enter your address at: Page 6

7 Local Grocery Stores Peapod Online Grocery Delivery ServicePeapod Nica's Market - 603 Orange StreetNica's Market Trader Joe's - 560 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CTTrader Joe's Whole Foods - 1686 Boston Post Road Milford, CTWhole Foods Stop & Shop - view all locations C-Town in Fair Haven - 325 Ferry Street, New Haven, CTC-Town Shop Rite - 2100 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT AND 1131 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CTShop Rite Local grocery stores within walking distance - enter your home address on the Walkscore websiteWalkscore Specialty grocery stores in and around New HavenSpecialty grocery stores Utilities United Illuminating (Electricity) (Electricity) 1-800-722-5584 Southern Connecticut Gas Company Gas Company 1-800-659-8299 AT & TAT & T (Telephone) 1-800-453-7638 Comcast (Cable, Internet) 1-800-COMCAST Hospitals Hospital of St Raphael 1450 Chapel Street, New Haven (203) 789-3000 Yale New Haven Hospital 20 York Street, New Haven (203) 688-4242 Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System 950 Campbell Avenue, West Haven (203) 932-9899 U.S. Postal Service New Haven 754 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 782-7077 WhitneyVille / New Haven 50 Brewery St New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 230-4712 Yale Station 206 Elm Street New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 773-3454 Kilby 369 Washington Ave New Haven, CT 06519 (203) 782-3717 Trash and Recycling Public Works: rks/index.asp rks/index.asp Find your trash pick-up day: Moving and Storage 123 Movers ABF: U-Pack Moving Atlas Van Lines New Haven Self- Storage Amodio Self-Storit Public Storage Page 7

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