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Advanced SEO & Social Media for Web 3.0. Social Media & SEO.

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1 Advanced SEO & Social Media for Web 3.0

2 Social Media & SEO

3 Topics for Todays Webinar I. Social Media Marketing Overview: What & Why? II. Blogs and the SEO Impact a.New FTC Guidelines b.How to Disclose Properly III. Social Bookmarking a.Basics. How to Submit. How it can Help SEO b. The Impact of the Nofollow Tag c.Overview of Sites Using Nofollow vs. Direct Links d.Beyond SEO, how Social Bookmarking can drive traffic – Real Cast Study IV. Squidoo Lens & HubPages a.What are they? How they can Help SEO? b.Dos and Donts for making your Pages

4 Social Media Marketing

5 Social Media Drives Traffic & Opens Dialogue

6 SEO and Blogs Scenario 1: External Blog ( Links from this blog to add inbound link value to Excellent for creating inbound link value or for presenting fresh content to the search engines – Top 3 Ways: Scenario 2: On-Site Blog ( Each keyword-rich blog entry on this blog creates valuable new SEO content for Scenario 3: Independent Bloggers (get them to link to you) Earn one-way inbound links to you site from blogs

7 The FTC & Blogs

8 Disclosure & Compliance

9 SEO Impact of Social Bookmarks Things to consider for SEO purposes: 1. Interesting, Accurate, & Keyword Rich Titles – Remember, the text in your title is usually the anchor text of the live link back to your website. 2. Good description – Dont sound spammy but tactfully incorporate your website into the description. 3. Relevant Tags – Use tags that will allow people to easily and accurately find your posting. 4. Friends - To save or thumb up the link. More diggs or votes will give your listing more visibility. The votes should come from independent IP addresses.

10 Submitting to Mixx Story Title: Use Keyword-Rich Text. This is your Headline too. Link Description: This is an area to again incorporate your keywords in a 1- 2 sentence, grammatically correct overview of what you are linking to/bookmarking.

11 The Importance of Tags Tags are the organization system of social bookmarking sites. Tags are what allow your bookmarks to be categorized and help increase the visibility of your site amongst those who are interested in your category.

12 Recent Changes to NOFOLLOW on External Links by John Quinn at 12pm, Sep 2nd, 2009 in Digg Technology Hi all, Weve made a few changes to the way Digg links to external sites that may impact some folks in the SEO community. These changes reduce the incentive to post spammy content (or link spam) to Digg, while still flowing search engine juice freely to quality content. Weve added rel=nofollow to any external link that were not sure we can vouch for. This includes all external links from comments, user profiles and story pages below a certain threshold of popularity. This work was done in consultation with leading experts from the SEO/SEM and link spam fields, in an effort to lookout for the interests of content providers and the Digg community. As always, we will closely monitor these changes in the wild and iterate based on feedback. Cheers, John How No Follow is Changing the Game

13 Bookmarks and more. Available in 4 languages. An ongoing project of the Indiana University. More link directory than social network. European site, available in several languages. 10/26 Update: No-Follow Tags! Social networking and bookmarks with web syndication, blogging and personalization tools. Lacks the social component but lets you store and categorize bookmarks Easy to use bookmarking site with a clean interface. Developed in Spain, it was later made available in English and Catalan. Bookmarking Sites With Direct Links

14 Bookmark sharing and tagging built on a blog basis. Registration is by invitation only. Social news site. Must be a trusted author to have access to followed links. A bookmarker and newsreader with tagging. Registration is by invitation right now. The following bookmarking sites do not use "nofollow", but they use indirect links. When it comes to link building, this kind of links are more useful than "nofollow" direct links. Allows storing and annotating the bookmarked web pages. Hispanic community. Bookmarks are indirect but they are picked up by Google. A tagged bookmarks site with an emphasis on community. Yahoo's social bookmarks offering. A social news website operated by AOL. Bookmarking Sites With Link Restrictions

15 Available in several languages. Probably the most popular bookmarking service. This service allows to highlight and add sticky notes to web pages. A social bookmarks site formerly called Blue Dot. A tagged bookmarks site with the possibility to schedule reminders. Available in English and German. Social news site. Really crude interface. One of the oldest bookmarking services that still operates. Another way to tag and find favorite pages, photos and videos. Bookmarking Sites that use NoFollow Links

16 Social Bookmarkings Value Beyond SEO


18 Squidoo Lenses - What they Mean for SEO

19 Write in clear, concise paragraphs that are easy to read and make sense. Use keywords in your content text. Use less than 3 keywords in your URL Build multiple lenses around a general theme and link them together with a directory lens. Think very carefully about tagging your lens. If you have text content in a module, use the subtitle with relevant words in it. Know your audience. Who is your lens written to appeal to? Where do they hang out? Find them. No-follow your affiliate links. Squi-DO…

20 Embed links in you RSS modules. RSS modules on Squidoo are rendered with JavaScript. Google does not see any links from an RSS feed in any of your lenses. Share everything with everyone. Match your promotion to your audience. Dont Share every lens you have on Twitter. Stop looking for places to promote your lens where people will actually care. Go bombard 25 social networks with the link to your lens. Try one you think is most appropriate first and see how that goes. Write huge introduction modules with a short novel and a bunch of pictures. 3-5 sentences in the intro, tops. Throw a lens up in 20 minutes, come back in 3 months, and state unequivocally that Squidoo sucks and and there is no value in Squidoo. You look silly. Copy/paste your article or blog post straight into a lens. Most likely it will just be ignored or the search engines will rank the squidoo lens and demote your blog. Squi-DONT…

21 HubPages

22 Summary = Lacking the bandwidth, head-count, or resources to quickly and efficiently implement your SEO or Social Media strategy?… Contact KickStart and let us do the heavy lifting for you! Social Media

23 Thanks for your participation! We hope you enjoyed our presentation today. For a free website analysis, please contact: Peter Hutcheson (415) 992-7991 Visit us online at Thank you!

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