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NUI Maynooth Residence Office

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1 NUI Maynooth Residence Office
Living on Campus 2012/2013

2 The Residence Office How to Contact us Phone: (01) 7083322
The Residence Office is situated in the Student Services building on the North Campus. The staff can help you with many things including: Payment of Rent Room Allocations Campus Occupancy Agreements Discipline and Behaviour Advice on communal living Off Campus housing lists Tenancy advice Daily Drop-in Hours: Mon – Fri 10am-12pm, 2-4pm How to Contact us Phone: (01) Web:

3 The Apartments Receptions
There are two reception offices based in the apartments: The River Apartments Reception for residents in Rye Hall & the River Apartments, and The Village Apartments Reception for residents in the Village Apartments. The staff can help you with many things including Reporting of maintenance (in person at Reception) Discipline and Behaviour Advice on communal living Post collection Wash tokens Lockouts General queries River Reception Drop In Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm, 5-7pm, 8-10pm. Phone: (01) ts Village Reception Drop in Hours:Mon-Fri: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm Phone: (01)

4 Resident Assistants (R.A.s)
Resident Assistants are students who live and work in the residences to help you outside of normal office hours at nights and weekends. They are also on-call over the Christmas and Easter holidays. The River Reception is open longer in the evenings and is staffed by an R.A. From 5pm until 10pm, Mon–Thurs. After 10pm Monday – Thursday and from 5pm on a Friday, there are R.A.s on-call in the residences. They are there to deal with many things including: Medical emergencies Welfare issues Noise complaints Lockouts Maintenance Emergencies The on-call numbers for the R.A.s are available from the apartments reception offices.

5 Check-in: Before you Arrive
Have you printed off a copy of your occupancy agreement and returned a signed copy to the Residence Office? Have you paid your deposit? Have you paid your rent for semester one? Have you read the list of check-in times to see when you can pick up your key? Please note: You will need a copy of your deposit and rent receipts* or proof of payment and your campus occupancy agreement for check-in. * Receipt for a bank draft or printout or the ‘successful payment’ page from the TCAS online booking system

6 Check-in: Where does it happen?
Check-in for all Residents on campus (Rye Hall, River Apartments & Village Apartments) will take place in the River Apartments Reception. The River Reception is number 50 on the campus map. Please note that you can only check-in and collect your key during one of the allotted times. It will not be possible to gain access to your apartment before the 9th of September at 2pm.

7 Check-In: Sessions September 2012
It is not possible to gain access to your apartment outside of these check-in times. Sunday 9th September 2012: 2-7pm All check-ins at River Reception Monday 10th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Tuesday 11th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Wednesday 12th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Thursday 13th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Friday 14th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Saturday 15th September 2012: 2-4pm All check-ins at River Reception Sunday 16th September 2012: 2-7pm All check-ins at River Reception Monday 17th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * Tuesday 18th September 2012: 10am-12pm; 2-4pm * * Students should check-in at their respective receptions, ie River or Village

8 Check-in: When you get here
When you arrive at the apartment reception, please have your supporting documentation ready (CAO or student number, photo I.D., receipts/proof of payment, Medical Form & Occupancy Agreement). You can then visit the following check in stations: Stations 1 & 2: Check documentation Station 3: Sign in, collect handbook & key card, smile for the camera Station 4: Questions & Information Please note that certain check-in times will be very busy and you may have to queue.

9 Moving In: What you need to bring
You will need to bring your own bedding: duvet, pillow, covers, mattress protector, towels etc. Each apartment is stocked with some pots & pans, plates & dishes, cups & glasses and cutlery. You are welcome to bring extra utensils if you wish. There is a cooker, fridge / freezer and microwave in each apartment. Each apartment has an inventory sheet for you and all your housemates to sign. Please date and sign it and return it to the River Apartments Reception Office after everyone has moved in. If you have any questions about inventory, please drop in to the reception for your apartments.

10 Communal Living: Neighbours
Your neighbours are not only your flatmates but everyone in each block in the residences, as well as the local neighbours living off campus beside the University. Be respectful of others and do not make noise, particularly after 11pm: Turn down the volume or use headphones, Do not play musical instruments late. Be quiet when you are walking around the apartments at night. Smoking: it is only allowed in some apartments and never in the common areas of the buildings. Check with the Residence Office if you are not sure if your apartment is smoking or non-smoking.

11 Communal Living: Cleaning
Each resident is responsible for cleaning their own room and en-suite bathroom (in River only). All residents in an apartment are responsible for cleaning the hall, kitchen and communal bathrooms (in Rye and Village). In an apartment, it is a good idea to decide on how the cleaning will be arranged amongst everyone e.g. a bin rota, cleaning the oven etc. Apartment Inspections happen once a semester. You will be notified of these. Please note that there may be spot checks of apartments if they are not being kept in a proper state. Any cleaning that has to be arranged during the year (e.g. for semester 2 arrivals, or when you leave) will be charged to all residents in an apartment (for cleaning of communal areas) or will be charged to you for your own bedroom.

12 Communal Living: Visitors
You are welcome to have guests to visit but you must be considerate of your flatmates and neighbours. You are not the only person living in your apartment. Do not monopolise the kitchen all the time with your friends. Your flatmates may also have friends who want to visit. Overnight guests are allowed occasionally in River and Rye. Overnight guests must be signed in at the River Reception in advance (i.e. before it closes in the evening). Overnight guests are not allowed in the Village Apartments. Guests visiting the apartments must be in the company of a resident. You are responsible for your guests including any behaviour that breaks the rules and any damages they may cause.

13 Communal Living: A few rules
Do not leave rubbish bags in hallways. All refuse must be recycled / disposed of correctly and brought to the bin areas. Pets are not allowed in the apartments. Bicycles should not be stored inside your apartment as they may obstruct an evacuation route. Do not overload electric circuits in apartments. Ball games are not to be played in and around the apartments.

14 Communal Living: Diversity on Campus
Discrimination of any form is not tolerated in on campus accommodation. Students living on campus are from all over the world and your flatmate may be someone from a different country, religion or ethnicity. The experience of living with students from different cultures and countries make university life more interesting, so take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends from all walks of life. You may live with a student with a disability. Sometimes a disability may be hidden. Please e aware that any form of bullying is treated very seriously and may result in disciplinary action. Make sure that you give everyone the time and respect they deserve.

15 Maintenance Maintenance work in the apartments is carried out by Campus Services If you have a maintenance item that needs attention, please call into your apartments reception office to report it. Please call down in person as we may need to ask you some questions about the issue. Items are logged by the Supervisors during normal working hours. There are people available to help with Emergency maintenance items out of hours. Please contact the R.A.s if any of the following happens: fire, flood, no heat, no water, sewage ingress, someone stuck in a lift.

16 IT Network Access Access to the University’s IT network is through the following means: River and Rye: wired network Village: wireless During term time there is an I.T. Resident Assistant available twice a week in the River Apartments Office. Clinic hours = Monday & Wednesday, pm You will only be able to access the network once you have registered for your course and have been given your NUIM or SPCM logon and password. You will need an ethernet cable to access the network in your bedroom in River and Rye. They are available to purchase in the River Reception Office. Be very careful about what you put up on social networking sites or anywhere online. Please make sure you read the computer centre rules on responsible computer usage.

17 Collecting Post Post is delivered to the reception offices during the week. It is up to you to check for post and collect any letters and packages yourself. Post will only be given out to the addressee. Registered letters and packages must be signed for by the addressee. Uncollected post at the end of the year will be returned to sender. Outgoing post is not accepted at the reception offices.

18 Doing Laundry There are laundry facilities available to wash and dry your clothes. You need washing and drying tokens to operate the machines. Tokens are available to purchase in the reception offices. You will have to provide your own detergent for washing. Please follow the instructions for using the machines. You will need your room key to gain access to the laundries. Do not leave laundry unattended or in machines overnight. There are Laundries in the following buildings: River: Beside River reception, Hurley, Joyce, Killary, Liffey, Moy, Nore, Potters & Quilty Rye: opposite block C Village: Hargadon, Leavey, Mullin, Riordan

19 Heating and Energy Conservation
The River Apartments have gas heating. They also have a back up immersion for hot water if needed. Rye Hall and the Village Apartments use electricity for heating and hot water. Be Energy Conscious: Switch off lights when you leave a room. Don’t fill the kettle if you only need a small amount of water. Only boil as much water as you need. Don’t have the heating temperature up too high. Turn off the immersion if it is not needed to heat water. Turn off electrical items rather than leave them on standby. Try not to use too many electrical items between 5-7pm when most electricity is used nationally.

20 Damages Any damage caused in the apartments will be charged to residents. Residents are responsible for the payment of any damages caused by their guests. Damage caused during the year where the person responsible cannot be identified will be charged to all residents in an apartment. Be Fair: if you are responsible for any damage, own up.

21 Security in the Apartments: 1
Do not leave doors open. Make sure your bedroom door is locked when you are not home. Check that the apartment door is closed behind you when you leave. Do not leave block doors open or allow tailgating into buildings. If you don’t know the person, don’t let them in. Do not leave windows open when you are not in, particularly on the ground floor. Make sure your possessions are insured. Leave your valuables in a secure location; do not leave them on display.

22 Security in the Apartments: 2
Do not allow anyone into your apartment who you don’t know. Do not walk home alone at night. Do not allow your friends or flatmates to walk alone at night. Please note that there are CCTV cameras in and around the apartments and throughout the North and South Campuses. Campus Security can be contacted 24 hours a day on (01) Please visit to check out the Campus Watch booklet.

23 Fire Safety: 1 Familiarise yourself with the evacuation route for your building. There are notices in each block. Do not tamper with the door closers at the top of the door. They are there to make sure that the door closes behind you to act as a barrier in the unlikely event of a fire. Each apartment is equipped with a fire extinguisher and fire blanket. These are only to be used in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire alarm activation, please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion. Do not stop to collect your belongings, wait for someone or use the lift. There are fire drills each semester and you are expected to co-operate when they occur.

24 Fire Safety: 2 The following items are fire hazards and are not allowed: Candles or any device that creates an open flame. Chip pans. Portable heaters. Cookers or kettles in bedrooms. Oil lamps. Malicious tampering of any fire equipment or false activation of a fire alarm will result in disciplinary action. Please visit the University’s Health and Safety page for advice on fire safety and medical emergencies:

25 Behaviour and Discipline
Follow the rules and you should be ok: Parties are not allowed on campus. Do not create noise on the grounds. Do not vandalise or damage the buildings or contents. Keep your apartment clean and in good shape. Respect your flatmates and neighbours. Co-operate with the staff and the resident assistants at night. Disciplinary measures include verbal & written warnings and notice to quit your place on campus. Disciplinary measures may result in you not being allowed to live on campus in future years. Please read your Campus Occupancy Agreement and Residences Handbook for further details on discipline.

26 Your Welfare Your welfare is very important. Make sure that that you look after your physical and mental health: Sleep: make sure you get enough sleep. Go to bed early some nights. Nutrition: eat properly. Don’t fall into the trap of living off take-aways. Exercise: don’t forget to get moving (and running for the bus doesn’t count!) Drink in moderation: don’t binge drink. Pace yourself. Do not pressure others to drink. Do not leave your drink unattended when you are out. Contact the Students’ Union if you need advice. Help and advice is also available from Student Services

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