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TENANT UNION 326 Illini Union (down the hall!) A Program of the Office of the Dean of Students.

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1 TENANT UNION 326 Illini Union (down the hall!) A Program of the Office of the Dean of Students

2 A FREE Service! - Help finding an apartment -Landlord Complaint Records -Lease Reviews -Help with landlord issues

3 We will be talking about… How to start your search The Landlord Complaint Records What to look for in a Lease Roommates The Move-In Renters Insurance General Laws to Know

4 The Search – Where do I begin? Set a budget Rent + Utilities + Food + Housewares = $$$ (Refer to worksheet)

5 Rent Costs Estimates Efficiency/1 bedroom: $400 - $700 2 Bedroom: $600 - $1200 3 Bedroom: $700 - $1500 4 Bedroom: $900 - $2,200

6 Utilities Estimates for 1 bedroom unit *Electric heat is more expensive than gas heat!* Gas: $50 Electric: $50 Water: $20 Garbage/Sewer: $15 Internet: $30 Cable: $50

7 Other things you will need Food! $200/month Campus Meal Plans available Housewares

8 Where would you like to live? Close to campus & furnished? –Start looking NOW –3+ bedrooms go FAST! –Studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms are still available in November & December

9 Further from campus? Unfurnished? Wait until Spring to search

10 Resources Google Maps Crime Reports City of Urbana City of Champaign

11 Start Your Search 1.Start your search late fall for 1 – 2 bedroom units, NOW for 3+ bedrooms 2.Ask the Tenant Union for housing choices from landlords with few or no complaints 3.Check the issues other students have had in The Landlord Complaint Record!

12 4. Ask to view an apartment. If you like the apartment you are shown, ask If we sign the lease, would it be for THIS apartment? If the answer is no, ask to be shown the exact apartment for which you would sign *Use the Apartment Hunting Checklist on page 3* 5. Ask for a copy of the lease. Bring it in! Note: Discrimination is against the law! Race, Student Status, Ancestry…

13 Check The Landlord Complaint Records Landlord complaint records tell which landlords do not take care of problems like mold, roof leaks or roaches Read what other students have experienced!

14 This apartment looked great when the tenants signed the lease… But when they moved in 9 months later, this is what the ceiling looked like The landlord had complaints on record about ignoring roof leaks, but the students ignored the complaints

15 Signing a Lease LEASE: a LEGAL contract you sign When you sign a lease, you are held to the conditions stated on the document

16 Ask for a copy of the lease If you like an apartment youve been shown, ask for a copy of the lease to take home and look over. Then read it. Bring the lease to the Tenant Union so we can discuss it with you and point out any problems

17 About Leases Once you sign a lease, you cannot cancel or break the lease, even if the apartment is dirty or has many repair needs or if you leave school before the lease ends DO NOT PUT DOWN MONEY until you sign the lease Get all promises IN WRITING Check how many people can live in the apartment or visit for a long time.

18 You cannot: Sublet your apartment Keep any type of pet (even fish) Let anyone live in the apartment who has not signed the lease Do anything else that is prohibited in the lease... Without the landlords PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT

19 Roommates Would you get married to your roommate? * If they dont pay rent, you could be held liable.

20 By-the-Bedroom Contracts These contracts are not joint and several –If your roommate drops out, you are not held responsible. …but that doesnt mean there arent potential problems. –You could be a roommate with someone you dont like or someone who isnt a student –Usually, there is a big fee to move to another apartment

21 NOTE: The only University-affiliated apartments are leased by the University of Illinois Housing Division: –Ashton Woods –Orchard Downs –Goodwin-Green Apartments

22 Deposits DEPOSIT: an amount of money given to a landlord to HOLD until the end of the lease. –They can take out for damages, cleaning, rent owed, and others –They CAN NOT withhold for normal wear and tear (e.g. replacing a 20 year old carpet)

23 The Move-In Report On move-in day, write down EVERYTHING that is not 100% perfect Give the landlord a copy of the report within the first 2 – 3 days after you move Get a Copy! Take Pictures!

24 Buy Renters Insurance For only about $130/year, you get… Hotel stay if fire forces you from your home Replace personal or stolen property

25 Laws to know Landlord Entering your apartment In Urbana, the landlord must give you 24 hours notice before entering In Champaign, it is reasonable notice

26 More Laws to Know Security Both cities: Your entrance door must have a deadbolt Health & Safety must be maintained (no mold, chipped paint, no leaks, etc.)

27 A FREE Service! - Help finding an apartment -Landlord Complaint Records -Lease Reviews -Help with landlord issues

28 Tenant Union provides FREE help CONTACT US! 326 Illini Union Tenant Union is a program of the Office of the Dean of Students

29 Other Renter Information Parking Public Transportation Trash/Recycling Library services Postal services Events

30 Parking Parking Permits –University of Illinois – Rates very depending on location –Purchase Permits through cities of Champaign and Urbana Parking Meters –If a spot doesnt have a meter that doesnt mean its free! –Located throughout University, Champaign and Urbana for various prices per hour –CashKey - $19.50 new, $10 used, replenishments made in person Disabled/Handicapped Parking – MUST display placard –Issued by Illinois Secretary of State or the City of Urbana Finance Department More information on rates, locations, etc. –University: –Urbana: –Champaign: programs/ programs/

31 Public Transportation Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) –Transportation fee provides unlimited CUMTD use with iCard, –Dont have an iCard? $1 one-way fee, $2 all day pass for Saturday or Sunday –Goes to various locations Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy –Shuttle service provided by MTD Located in parking lot E-14 west of Assembly Hall, $127/yr Shuttle buses run throughout campus Zipcar –24 hour access and parked on campus –Reserve a car online or by phone for a few hours or the entire day –UIUC discount –Students aged 18-20 can use cars dedicated and stationed on the UIUC campus Amtrak –Passenger trains go to other cities and states in the U.S. –Located at Illinois terminal in Champaign

32 Public Transportation Bicycle Transportation –Register your bike University of Illinois Parking Department - –Champaign Fire Department CFD numbered decal; easier to retrieve information if bike is lost or stolen –Bike routes Installed on main city streets; lanes may be on street or separated from road Champaign Park District trails, Champaign, UIUC, Savoy, and Urbana bike routes all tie together –MTD Buses and some Amtrak trains have bicycle carriers –Things to remember when riding: Illegal to ride bike in central business district of Champaign or Urbana –$100 fine for biking on sidewalks in downtown Urbana Bikes must follow the same rules of the road as cars!! For more information: –Champaign: –Urbana:

33 Trash/Recycling Trash –Check your lease for garbage collection information –Burning of Garbage or leaves is prohibited –Yard Waste collection for each season –List of private garbage haulers provided Champaign: service/ Urbana: Recycle –Do NOT recycle: Garbage bags, Styrofoam, ceramics/mirrors, light bulbs, plastic cutlery, electronics, batteries, etc. –Urbana Residents - $2.50/month recycling tax Check your lease! Landlord cannot charge recycling tax unless it is stated in the lease agreement –More information: Champaign: works/residents/recycling/ Urbana:

34 Libraries On-Campus Over 50 libraries on campus! –UGL, Grainger, ACES –Major-specific libraries –You can request materials and have them transferred to your library of choice ( –I-Share Network

35 Champaign Public Library 200 W. Green Street Urbana Free Library 210 W. Green Street Both are very accessible by bus! Libraries Off-Campus Students can apply for a FREE library card in the city they reside in –Bring a drivers license and proof of address Cards can be used at both libraries but must be obtained from your city to avoid paying a fee

36 Postal Service USPS Campus Locations –Altgeld Hall (1409 W Green St) –302 E Green St City locations –202 S Broadway Ave, Urbana, IL 61801 –600 N Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820 Services offered for a fee –Change of Address –Mail Forwarding –Hold Mail –P.O. Box (Green St. location) Pricing ranges from $22-380 depending on size of box and length of time in use –Visit for more information on services and fees

37 Campus/Community Events Events are advertised everywhere! –CUMTD buses and stops –Around campus – Illini Union, academic buildings, etc. –Local businesses –Facebook/Twitter Popular Calendars found online –Krannert Center: –Assembly Hall: –Fighting Illini Sports: –City of Champaign: –City of Urbana: The Connection (CCSS Newsletter) –Lists more local calendars: http://odos/ccss/programming/connection.asp

38 Campus and Community Student Services 300 Student Services Bldg (NE Corner of 6 th St and John) Campus and Community Student Services @CCSSuiuc

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