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School Library Media Programs In The Digital Age.

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1 School Library Media Programs In The Digital Age

2 What do You see?



5 What are some librarian stereotypes?


7 Electronic Library: a gateway to select Internet resources that offer access to comprehensive, accurate, and reliable information. Electronic Library Available resources include electronic magazines, newspapers, almanacs, encyclopedias, and books, providing information on topics such as current events, education, business, technology, and health issues. Resources are in digital format. From the Florida Electronic Library

8 Digital Library: A digital library is a collection of collections of electronic knowledge (i.e.) resources developed (organized) and maintained in order to meet the [totality] of information needs for a given user population. Digital Library From CDLM (Classical Digital Library Model)

9 Virtual: Refers to a condition without boundaries or constraints. It is often used to define a feature or state that is simulated in some fashion. From PC Magazine Some of my students have virtual intelligence…


11 Virtual Library: A Virtual Library (also known as a Digital Library, Net Library or an Electronic Library) may be defined as the online facility provided by a conventional library to read books and access other facilities, or it may mean a website which offers links to various sites with a large store of information in a catalogued or archived form. Virtual Library From

12 "Cyber" is a prefix used to describe a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age. Taken from kybernetes, Greek for "steersman" or "governor," it was first used in cybernetics, a word coined by Norbert Wiener and his colleagues. Common usages include cyberculture, cyberpunk, and cyberspace. From

13 Libraries School Library Programs

14 No physical boundaryno space/facility Unlimited access (24/7) Multiple accesses Structured Efficient information retrieval Preservation & conservation of resources Networking Addresses specific learner needs (curriculum) Cost effectiveefficient

15 Requires technological infrastructure Technological knowledge of systems/software Time consuming to build (initial) Data migration (moving data) On-going maintenance (updates, broken links) Usage (utilization) statistics Visibility & Promotion


17 Perform a needs assessment in all areas o Evaluate existing resources o Develop goals & objectives o Define what you wish to accomplish Researchbecome knowledgeable Funding/Budget concerns Professional Development: training/instruction in software/hardware (patron) Public relations

18 What encompasses a school library media program for 21 st century learners? Collection issues? Collection issues? Print and/or nonprint materials? Access issues? Budget issues? Facility layoutphysical space? Information literacypatrons? Information portals? OPAC or Networked automated card catalog Website, Wiki Communications: Newsletters, Blog, Email, E-Bulletin (Discussion) Boards, etc.


20 Building/Developing (all areas) Maintenance (all areas) Curriculum support (all areas) Age/Preservation/Utilization Direct/indirect Types of collections/resources Location of various collections (organization) Databaseapplications (LAS, Plato, AR, Turnitin ® )Turnitin Databaserecords (record keeping) Itemsmarc records Patronsdemographics/uplink/migration

21 Technology EQ: Hardware & Software PCs, OS, Applications & UpgradesOpen Source Infrastructure: drops, cables, switches, servers, outlets Wirelessaccess pointsIP phones Peripheral Devices: (hooks up to a PC system) Scanners; Cameras: (PC, digital, document, camcorders) ; Data projectors; Printers: (print servers, multifunction) ; Screens & other output devices: (barcode scanners, LCD, plasma, mouse, smartboards, tablets, handhelds) ; Digital voice recorders; Data storage; blank CDs, etc.

22 Other EQ: Hardware Outdated/outmodedbut often still used! Overheads, filmstrip, slide, cassette players/recorders DVD players/recorders; TV combo units; Remotes; RCA jacks; Speakers; headphones; AV/firewire/S-video AV carts; extension cords; batteries Storage, utility & security carts; Office equipment: Laminators, photocopier, paper cutter, paper shredder, Staplers, binders, hole puncher; scissors; label maker, etc.

23 Print Fiction/Easy Nonfiction/Easy Reference Biographical Serials/Periodicals Nonprint (audiovisual) DVD/CF (CD-ROM)/VHS AC/Recorded Books KITS Globes/Games/Models Displays/Posters/Charts EQ & Software manuals Bulbs & Accessories Sound EQ/podium/easels

24 Website or Wiki WebsiteWiki Databases: AVL; APT Plus ® ; ALlive; American Memory ®AVLAPT PlusALliveAmerican Memory Subscription Databases: OCLC, Turnitin ®,OCLCTurnitin E-Books & E-zines Video & Podcasts Image & Sound files Document & PDF files CATALOGING*


26 Identifying patrons needs Meeting patrons needs Consider all types of learners Adaptive technologies Well-rounded Benchmark guidelines Recommended resources Knowledgeable about standards Latest (current) materials, accurate Abundance vs. Adequate


28 Security Issues LAN – WAN Patron security Data security Procedures Web-basedOPAC – Management Digital Rights Management Filters/Passwords Where, When & How (Equity) Scheduling issues/Hours of operation Policies & procedures (communicated)


30 Building & Maintainingall the collections Budget restrictions Annual budget obligations Grants & Fundraising Protection of resources Conservation of consumables Strategic planning Cost-effective spending Proactive in building liaisons and networking


32 Determines services Determines access to a degree Inviting, logically organized, signage User friendly Provide variety of areas suited for need Safe & secure Disaster plan Growth Maintenance


34 Self-sustaining (wherein possible) Developmental & progressive program Promote independent learning/users Promote lifelong learning Promote learning to learn skills Considers all types of learners Knowledgeable of standards & objectives Cutting-edge – Web 2.0


36 Effective Communications School & Community Committees Email, Blogs & Newsletters Websites & Wikis ALEX & State Department Professional OrganizationsAIMA RSS Feeds, listserves, Colleagues & Peer Networks


38 June Chandler Fairview High School 841 Welcome Road Cullman, AL 35058 256-796-5106

39 Everything is borrowed…there is nothing new under the sun!

40 Get Organized Professional Development/Professional Librarianship/Virtual Libraries Online Publishing Alabama

41 21 st Century Learning/Technology (Cisco Webcast) bin/sreg2/register/ PE=O&USER_TYPE=R&BANNER_FLAG=N&METHOD=E&TOPIC_CODE=# bin/sreg2/register/ PE=O&USER_TYPE=R&BANNER_FLAG=N&METHOD=E&TOPIC_CODE=# CDWG Technology Site Funding Curriculum Support


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