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Working Table Cultural Heritage G.W.O. Boissevain Msc the Hague 2012 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012.

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1 Working Table Cultural Heritage G.W.O. Boissevain Msc the Hague 2012 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

2 Content Working Table Projects Grey zone Cases Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

3 Working Table Cultural Heritage Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 3

4 2009 June 2009Stockholm 2010 Feb 2010Rome March 2010web meeting Nov 2010Amsterdam 2011 April 2011web meeting May 2011 Londen 2012 January 2012web meeting April 2012Stockholm June 2012web meeting Sept 2012 web meeting Oct 2012video meeting 2013 Jan 2013workshop ? Projects 2009-2011 1.Cultural Heritage Portfolio >>> report (2011) 2.Redevelopment of Cultural Heritage properties 2012-2013… 3.Basic information about Cultural Heritage (per country) 4.Strategies for the grey zone Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 4 Meetings and projects

5 Portfolio of the State State ownership Private ownership A Basic need Related to goals of the State 5 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

6 Portfolio of the State Necessary for the State Not necessary for the State Grey zone State ownership Private ownership A Basic need Related to goals of the State STRATEGIES Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 6

7 Portfolio of the State Keep properties Look for various forms of use (incl. temporary flexible contracts) Look for alternative forms of financial arrangements Develop markets and users Look for alternative forms of use, financial arrangements and forms of ownership Necessary for the State Not necessary for the State Grey zone State ownership Private ownership A Basic need Related to goals of the State STRATEGIES 7 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

8 Criteria Ownership of Cultural Heritage by the State (arguments not to sell) Sweden Norway Finland Italy The Netherlands Cultural history valueXX History of the StateXX Symbolic valueX Safety of the nationX State tenants/ use by government organisationsXXX Public interest by nature (Demanio)X Public interest by destination (Demanio)X Temporary public interestX Historic acquisitionXX Finances (costs vs rent)XX 8 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

9 Financing Cultural Heritage Sweden Norway Finland Italy The Netherlands Rent from government organisations cover management costsXXXX Parliamentary grants (not financed by return on rents)XX Rent from leases to private partiesX(x)XXX Sales of byproducts (biomass, wood, etc)X 9 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 Selling of Cultural Heritage Sweden Norway Finland Italy The Netherlands Demanio (assets with public interest by nature of destination) can be sold XXX Assets with temporary public interest can be soldXXXX Historic assets can be soldXXXX

10 Cases Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 10

11 1. Rent and open to public Salsta Castle, 1672-78 State owned (Sweden). Problem Difficulties to cover costs by rental income Long-term tenant while keeping the castle open for the public (two last tenants went bankrupt). Goal Keeping it open for the public; Long-term lease.. Strategy The tenant rents part of the castle for conferences and other events. Rent increases over three years. The tenant must give guided tours in the castle (min. three times a year) and is allowed to use the whole castle for tours as a part of conferences and events. Promotion of success of the tenants business. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 11

12 Bohus Fortress, Sweden a ruin since 1789 Problem Maintenance problematic due to lack of resources, neglect, inappropriate conservation. No basic infrastructure for visitors. Goal to become one of the most known historical places to visit in Scandinavia, to attract more than 170 000 income generating visitors yearly contribute strongly to regional and local social development. Strategy 10 year development plan in cooperation with the municipality, 2010 – 2020 Municipal company for the development and funding. Bohus is participating in IKON, an Interreg Project financed by EU 2009-2012. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 12 2. Develop historic site

13 3. Potential tenants Blaker skanse, North of Oslo. Part of the historic defence line against Sweden. Transformed in a college. -10 buildings, over 7 000 m 2, from 1683 – 1977 -Protected by the Cultural Heritage Act. -In 2011 placed in the small portfolio with grant directly financed by Parliament. Problem -Vacant since 2003. -Contracts with private organisations without results. -Weak property market in the area. Goal Find potential tenants who are willing to pay. Strategy -Negotiation of a small private company and an association of artists to rent the property at a cost as low as possible. The outcome of this process is uncertain. -If no satisfactory solution is reached, state ownership may be questioned. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 13

14 4. Choices for re-use National Gallery, Oslo, Norway -9000 m2, from 1882, 1908 to 1924 -Protected by the Cultural Heritage Act -Central location Problem -Museum for Arts, Crafts and Design will move into a new building in 2017-18. -Heated public debate on the use of the building and the adjoining public space -What level of investment is politically acceptable? -Choice for one large or for several smaller institutions? -The University museum of Cultural History may be interested, but have not committed themselves yet. Goal Re-use Strategy -Four different scenarios for future use are developed to stimulate strategic discussions in the government. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 14

15 5. Public consultation Peschiera del Garda (Verona), Italy Former barracks ( 33.500 m2) Problem New approach to redevelopment for State property by Agenzia del Demanio; Goal Create conditions for an public-public partnership between the State players and local Authorities; Long lease concession (up to 50 years) for private national/international parties; to be rented by the State; Strategy Public consultation as new tool for participation of citizens, companies and financial parties; Agreement between National investments and developing Agency and the National Association of Italian Municipalities; Adapted town planning of the Historic Centre by Municipality (2011); Scenarios for converting registered property with public, social and rental functions (mostly tourist- accommodation and commercial ). 15 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

16 6. Redevelop heritage Hembrug complex, Zaanstad, the Netherlands Former guns and munitions factory + MOD test site; Good location (industry, Amsterdam) on major shipping route. 42,5 ha with 125 derelict industrial buildings (65 listed buildings) dating from 1897 to 2003 ; 90.000m2; Woods, canals, nature reserve, etc Problem Soil pollution and zoning (ships with dangerous substances) limit use; Since 2003 vacant, no clear redevelopment policy; Reluctant (local and State) authorities. Goal Redevelop and sell Strategy Agreement between State, Province and Local Council about step-by-step approach with open end; Restoration of first of 65 listed monuments (2012); Cleaning of soil pollution (oil, mustard gas, etc); Short term contracts and (temporary) use; Temporary activities and use to cherish location; See and love it. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 16

17 7. Redevelop heritage Industrial complex since 1800, KAIKUKATU 5, Helsinki, Finland Grain silos, a smithy and foundry, a mill and storage, different type of industrial usage. Good location but not yet prime. Region transforming from industrial to offices and housing. Problem Major contamination fond. Demolition as an option for 3 of the 5 buildings due to protection problematic. Transformation problematic due to CH protection. Goal Property class A with safe and healthy office spaces, after years of "grey zone". Strategy New zoning makes transformation and demolition possible. Plans for about 15.000 m2 of new or renovated office for Tax Administration with a total investment budget of around 52 million euro. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 17

18 8. Less than balance value Offices, Heerlen, The Netherlands 43.500m2 offices (1974-84), since 2009 partially vacant Excellent location; Excellent technical condition; Partially in use as temporary offices for starting firms, Problem Still in use by Governmental Revenue office (6.000m2) Heritage of the coal age (National Mining Museum) Office for city council cancelled due to economical crisis; Too large for mono-function; Shrinkage region with high unemployment Maintenance costs and balance sheet value (15 million) Goal Decrease costs Strategy Creative workshop with stakeholders (April 2011); Accept loss on balance sheet of 14,5 million: Sold for 0,5 million to private company with help of municipally (May 2012) Development into urban farming, offices, creative and cultural functions and housing for students. Creation of est. new 700 workplaces. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 18

19 9. Better business model Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands Former State prison (since 1499-2007) Since 2007 many temporary cultural activities and users (a.o. 120 creative businesses) and museum (2010-2012); Strong relation to the city; of great social importance for inhabitants of Leeuwarden; historical site (WO II) with many monumental (listed) buildings; Problem Temporary activities do not pay rent; Redevelopment only possible with a solution for parking; High balance sheet value, maintenance and protection costs; Strong local pressure groups and squatters. Goal Redevelopment and sale Strategy Market consultation (2011/12) as base for redevelopment; Agreement with city council expected (2012) End of temporary use for free; Develop parking facilities in the city centre. 19 Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

20 10. Uneconomical offices EROTTAJA, Helsinki, Finland Sell government owned offices, Very good location with enough market potential. Problem Large repairs (accessibility, air conditioning, etc) necessary to meet today's workplace requirements. Location not suitable for Finnish Customs or any other government use. Investment impractical and/or uneconomical. Only developers are interested. They see only risks and the risks affect the price. Goal Sell to market parties. Strategy Adapt current zoning for public buildings. Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 20

21 11. Overcome limitations Dømmesmoen in Agder, Norway Former academy of horticulture, since 2010 -147 acre, 25 buildings from 1700 – 2002, 10 000 m 2, (several protected) -archaeological sites, landscape and nature preservation zones. -Strong wish of further state ownership to guarantee preservation (local and national); Problem limitations due to preservation rules, limited possibilities to adaptation to new use The project (started in 2006) did not succeed in finding users; Rent within current regulations for Statsbyggs activities not possible; No alternative governmental tenant found. Goal Sell property (2009) Strategy with approval from the minister, the property is sold to Grimstad municipality at approx. 3 000 000 nok (March 2012) Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 21

22 ProblemStrategyBCD 1Rent and open to public Salsta castle, SwedenKeep castle open with long-term tenants Finding long-term tenantX 2Develop historic site Bohus fortress Sweden Neglect No infrastructure for visitors 10 year development planX 3Potential tenantsBlaker skanse, Norway Finding tenants to cover costs or state ownership is at risk. Negotiation with interested party for low rent ?? 4Choices for re-useNational Gallery, Norway What investment is politically acceptable? Public debate over use 4 scenariosX 5Public consultation Peschiera del Garda (Verona), Italy Create conditions for PPP New approach to redevelopment Long term lease concession to private national/ international actors (up to 50 years) X 22 Cases (1) Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

23 ProblemStrategyBCD 6Redevelop heritage Hembrug complex, The Netherlands derelict industrial buildings Limited use due to soil pollution and zoning Agreement local authorities; Step-by-step; Clean soil, start restoration; ?X 7Redevelop heritage Kaikukatu, FinlandCH-Protection limits update to modern offices New zoningX 8Less than balance value CBS-complex, Heerlen, The Netherlands Balance sheet value (15 million) vs real value (0,5 million) Accept loss on balance sheet of 14,5 million X 9Better business model Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Redevelop former State prison Market consultation Agreement local municipality Parking facilities ?X 10Uneconomical offices Erottaja, Finland Investment impractical and/or uneconomical Adapt zoningX 11Overcome limitation Dömmesmoen, Norway Limited options (state) ownership to guarantee preservation in the future. Sold to Grimstad municipality X 23 Cases (2) Pure-Net | 19 september 2012

24 Questions 1.Compare strategies Interesting subjects? What is applicable at home? 2.Cultural Heritage portfolio: Specific policy needed ? As part of Real Estate policy ? Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 24

25 Questions? Questions? Pure-Net | 19 september 2012 25

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