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2 Overview presentation - Ms. Dellinger School details Registration School Safety Freshman Academy Academy of International Studies High School vs. Middle School Supervision Communication Transportation Athletic Participation Clubs and other organizations


4 REVIEW REGISTRATION CARD Cards are due to middle school Counselors Mint Hill: March 6 th Northeast: March 7 th Albemarle Road: March 8 th All other schools turn cards into your MS front office or drop them off at the Independence front office NO SCHEDULE CHANGES HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING GUIDE and 9 th GRADE REGISTRATION CARD found at: 9 TH GRADE PROMOTION 6 credits – no gateway requirements Advanced Placement Opportunities

5 7:10 – 2:15 School Day 7:15 If a student arrives past 7:15, he/she is tardy and must sign into the front office and receive a pass to class. 6:40 Students may enter the building 2:12 Afternoon announcements begin 2:15 Student dismissed

6 6:40 Building Opens 6:45 Bus unload & students report to the MALL area 7:05Students report to their 1 st block 7:10-7:15 Morning Announcements in HR 7:15 Instruction begins & Tardy Bell rings 2:12 Afternoon Announcements 2:15 Dismissal 4 Instructional blocks (Hybrid Schedule) Most classes are on a 4X4 schedule (semester classes) Limited A/B Classes: Select PE and Spanish Classes, JROTC, Orchestra, Band, and Literacy Support Class 25 minute lunch period 4 minute class changes



9 Teacher Orientation




13 CIS Bullying Presentation




17 MIDDLE SCHOOLHIGH SCHOOL Assigned tables seats, same grade Open Lunch – all grade levels are mixed No Electronic devices Cell phones for texting only I-Pods only at lunch Parent Assistant to monitor grades Counselors assigned by grade level Counselors assigned by alphabet Students cannot leave campus unless a parent or guardian signs them out Year-long classes Most classes are 4X4 and last 1 semester Students take EOG tests Students take mid term/final exams and EOCs Students complete similar courses Students have a variety of courses and clusters toward graduation.

18 Application only – Open to all students Relevant to the students academic ability. Focus on global studies. Functions as a "school within a school." Provides students with the skills necessary to be successful in the twenty-first century. Emphasizes an integrated curriculum intertwined with global awareness of current issues. Students develop experiences with other cultures, societies and people of the contemporary world.

19 Safety Audits: 100% in and our 1 st one in December of 2012 Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: reviewed in classes and students/parents sign stating the book has been read and understood. Online Copy for students and parents School Discipline Dress Code Electronics Policy:Cell phone are off during instructional time. Cell phones can be used for texting only at lunch in the mall area. Instructional time is sacred

20 Stay connected MONITOR, MONITOR, MONITOR Cell phones Computers ( Social networking sites ) Twitter Accounts Tumbler Accounts Instagram Accounts STAY CONNECTED! !

21 Great tool to stay connected Weekly check-in WITH student Recommend on Friday Natural/ Logical consequences

22 Mixed Emotions Build Independence and Responsibility Still Need Supervision Balance


24 Third Block Teachers are assigned one of 4 lunches – A, B, C, or D. At the assigned time, a bell rings and the students report to the cafeteria. Students can go though the cafeteria line or bring their lunch. Students can eat in one of three designated areas: Cafeteria Mall area Church area, outside behind the cafeteria

25 Bus Transportation How do I get a bus stop? What do I do if my child is at an unsafe stop? I am moving how do I change my bus stop? Riding the bus w/ a friend is no longer permitted Bus Expectations Remain sitting in your assigned seat at all times until it is your stop Keep all objects (book bags, feet, instruments) out of the aisle

26 Parent Carpool LineStudent Drivers Drop off begins at 6:30 am PLEASE BE PATIENT – It will be slow the first few weeks of school Drop Off is located at the front sidewalk. Students should not leave cars until they reach the sidewalk. Students will be able to drive on campus when they Juniors Students are assigned a numbered parking space at the front of the school.

27 Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Football Soccer Swimming Tennis Track Volleyball Wrestling Lacrosse

28 SW 4A Conference Champs

29 SW 4A Back-to-Back Conference Champs

30 Student Spirit

31 Patriot Football 10-3


33 To participate students must meet eligibility requirements Asian Culture Club AIS Student Council AIS International Awareness Club AIS Model UN Art Club Book Club CYC (Committed Young Christians) Chess Club

34 Craft Club DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) Disc Golf Diversity Club Step Team Dance Team Leo Club Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student Council FFA Interact Club Fashion Club Drama Choir

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