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Self Introduction.

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1 Self Introduction

2 Brother ’s wife,1 Nephew & Me.
ABOUT ME My name is Rohit Sharma. I am from Uttar Pradesh, India. I was born in U.P, India. I lived in different parts of U.P and currently I’m residing in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. A Family of 6: Father, Mother, 1 Brother, Brother ’s wife,1 Nephew & Me.

3 I Love Travelling Indian Food Social Networking Giving Presentations
SCENE Watching Movies Travelling Indian Food Social Networking Giving Presentations



6 Expectations from Life
SCENE To enjoy life and work. 6 To achieve excellence in Marketing 5 To help others in any manner I can. 4 To travel around the world. 3 To work with full determination. 2 1 To be able to provide all the luxury and comfort to my Family.

7 Summary of my work: My Work Projects Parle Agro
Metric Global: I worked here as a part time research project handler for around 1 Year (Along with MBA), where my role was more or less concerned with data collection by visiting the concerned parties. Parle Agro I worked here as a Project based Marketing Trainee, where my role was concerned with creating marketing strategy for the promotion of products and research oriented. I worked here for 5 months project. TCI Supply Chain Solutions: Currently I’m working here as a Logistics Officer. Here my main job role is concerned with business development, I’m taking care of assigned projects in connection with proper and smooth work processing, etc. 7

8 Thanks for knowing Me

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