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Big Ideas, Big Actions, family and rule of law.

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1 Big Ideas, Big Actions, family and rule of law


3 What they are saying about Akubueze BRAVO! GENERAL AKUBUEZE. Prof Chidi Onyenekwu, New Orleans Let me re-echo the sentiments of all who has given their blessing to Mr. Akubueze's candidacy. I have known Colins for some twenty years and I know of very few in this land who is as selflessly committed to the Igbo cause as he is. There are a lot of people who can chronicle the problems that destroyed WIC but how many of them actually did something to prevent it? How many spoke out against it when it really mattered? How many exposed the infiltration of WIC by outside forces going back to Abubakar Rimi invitation to the 2000 WIC convention in Dallas, the genesis of WIC's demise? Colins did speak out, loud, clear, and unequivocal! Others saw this ugly handwriting on the wall but cowered to the power and influence of Nigerian politicians and their surrogates in WIC leadership. Men of goodwill timidly or naively acquiesced to the evil machinations of these men, looking the other way as the scavengers pillaged the house and then brought it down. I see some of those selfish jobbers still angling for WIC positions today. If WIC leadership is populated by men and women of Cornelius Akubueze's stock, Igbos can rest assured that WIC will always and courageously work for the Igbo interest and nothing more. I know where this man's heart is because I have worked closely with him and have watched him passionately pursue the cause of Nd'Igbo with such dedication, modesty and faithfulness that is hard to come by in today's Igbo. He is a man after my heart and if it were up to me, I will make him the president of WIC. Good luck Colins. Thanks, George Ike Ezike, NY Cornelius! Cornelius!! Cornelius!!!.... And he [Cornelius is bold, straightforward, fearless, and most importantly: SINCERE] If sincerity is criteria for the office in question: This Man: Cornelius, is the man. Regards Uzoma KLN, South Africa

4 What they are saying about Akubueze Zuby: You can say that again and right on the money. The General bu akwaa akwuru and somebody you can go to war with without looking over your shoulder, gbam. O si gi kwuru, i kwuru; o si gi gbaba, i gbaba. On WIC, ebe o kwu ka mu kwu, period, everything considered. If we were to name who and who belong to Ikemba boys, Cornel's name would be there. No kidding! If Cornels name is there among the WIC officials, I would go to sleep comfortably with the understanding that somebody I know is there to speak forcefully for Igbo interests. Ikewelugo, California Peoples' Conel, As the Peoples' Conel, you were in the trenches fighting corruption and devising strategies for the redemption of WIC. Your honesty, steadfast quest for the TRUTH, Your Straight TALK, Your Tenacity of Purpose, Your Innovation and Creativity.... all of which qualifies you to be the WIC Recorder!!!! I acknowledge your candidacy with pure pleasure!!! I wist you of all the best Luck!!! Prof Azubike New Orleans

5 What they are saying about Akubueze If any more of your kind is preparing to announce his or her interest, please spare us the expectation and jump right in. Over joy has not killed any Igbo yet. For both of you in the ring so far, Conel and Emeka, May the Lord be with you for answering the call and may [His] the force be with you. WIC may yet get a rebirth. Dr. JOS Okeke and Dr. Ken Okorie may yet be proven to be selfless statesmen for running a clean organization which refused to be bought. Under their watch. Thank you both and the others of your type I hope are on the way You will face stiff peripheral "opposition" from the "do-or-die" agents but you already know their noise is just, noise. I need not say "vote for Conel Akubueze" or "Vote for Emeka Ukachukwu" for those phrases reduces your profiles to the common baseline. It will be to IGBO privilege and progress if you two and your kind, get to serve in WIC or any other such Organization. Ebube Odunukwe, Conel, There is no question that you will clinch the position that you seek to occupy. These records are outstanding! I missed your selfless contribution to the Biafra Justice Mission (BJM). You even sent me the book I needed to facilitate Mr. Shiner's case assessment. Be sure that BJM continues to exist and anytime a lawyer in the US appears on the radar, who is willing to lead our case, I would most gladly turn on my ignition. WIC needs people like you. Good luck! Emenike C, Europe Mazi Cornel You failed to send us the Isi Orji and Isi Mmanya to announce your candidacy. Have you lost your cultural manners? Anyway, I give you my support pending Isi Orji Dr. Herbert Emenike Nwankwo, HEN

6 A vote for Cornelius Akubueze – Man of the Moment!! Uzoma Nwagwu A vote for Cornelius Akubueze – Man of the Moment!! The Igbo question remains the National question in Nigerias geo-political circle. The agitating questions posited by many still yearn for logical answer. How many of Ndi Igbo can today stake their life first, second. and last for Igbo agenda? Who can we attest based on track record, has consistently remained fearless, outspoken, demonstrated latent commitment to move Ndi Igbo forward? In very strict sense, Cornelius as the man of the moment represents a symbol of truth, justice, sacrifice, fairness, selflessness, patriotism. I submit in the affirmative, "yes" - Cornelius Akubueze remains the undisputed round peg in a round hole in every coherent permutation to foster a formidable Igbo representation. Regrettably Ndi Igbo do not celebrate their own alive but wait until the sunset to say that the services of such heroes would be greatly missed. This is indeed disheartening and underscores a mindset that derives joy in wasting its own. It is time we take a break from addiction in ego massage, primitive accumulation, romance with the truth and celebrate our icons of hope. Backed by the hindsight of a close observer through the years, one will rightly defend Cornelius Akubueze as a seasoned administrator, who has sustained his track record of community service, activism, being involved in the administrative level of World Igbo Congress (WIC).Based on his creditable performance, and given the opportunity, Cornelius stands tall in his ability to reconcile squabbles, and promote a lot of interest in the Igbo apex organization once again. I say this with all seriousness having monitored his antecedents in over a decade... Chief Mike Orji-Unegbus assessment and endorsement of Akubueze will undoubtedly stand the test of time. As popularly said, charity begins at home. Cornelius served is Mbaise community - Mbaise Association in New Jersey (MANJI), creditably well. Over the years he has successfully channeled his vision for a strong united Igbo organization using the Igbo USA association platform. His invaluable contributions geared towards the repositioning of that organization to achieve greater heights is worthy of note and must be applauded by patriots.

7 A vote for Cornelius Akubueze – Man of the Moment!! Uzoma Nwagwu, cont. Cornelius has never hidden his zero tolerance for Nigerias Military junta, and cabals who hold Nigeria hostage as their birth right. As a non- conformist of a sort, he has assumed the defender of Igbo identity on publications which seem to blackmail Ndi Igbo on the pages of various news websites, blogs, and Igbo forum. His courageous views in defense of the Igbo race distinguish him. Among contemporaries, he is a quintessential patriot who embodied the ennobling qualities of humility, with an ingenious talent for hard work. I never seize to warn my audience, that what we are today is result of our past actions, whatever we wish to be in the future depends on our present actions. We are responsible for what we are, whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have power to make ourselves. Are we sincere in our clamor for change in World Igbo Congress (WIC)? The time is now and Cornelius is the man of the moment. Akubueze is very articulate, writes and reads well, is a good listener, decisive in his actions, takes responsibilities, and have served many organizations in different capacities. Furthermore, I have scanned the very depths of WIC profound complexities, I have peeped into the future and nothing that I see forewarns he lacks required credentials to be an outstanding RECORDER of a formidable, strong and active organization. I challenge you to remain unbowed in the collective resolve that we still have a lot to leave behind for posterity, a lot we can hand down to generations yet unborn by discarding the ongoing season of hurricane in WIC and ushering a new leadership we can trust, hold accountable, that can confront the status quo, and defend our interest even at their peril. I encourage all patriots to act now, least we play the role of lunacy in history. Help elected Cornelius Akubeze for RECORDER WIC!!! Respectfully Submitted UZOMA O. NWAGWU, 2/9/12


9 My Pledge with Ndi Igbo: In view of the astuteness needed to pilot the affairs of Ndi Igbo through this WIC that has a new lease of life, I pledge to: Ensure that while maintaining the rule of law, the constitutionally correct and well- articulated programs of the executive board are not unduly hampered or delayed by legislative bickering Uphold the constitution of World Igbo Congress as approved by we the people and judiciously encourage and pursue any necessary amendments through laid down rules. Power belongs to the people. Reinvigorate the World Igbo Congress House of Delegates, the grassroots and owners of World Igbo Congress for effective activist role into repositioning the battered psyche of our people, in education, creativity, opportunities, and quality of life. We can only accomplish these by working as a united front. No more them and us. Seek pro-active inputs from the generality of Igbo people, especially those in the Diaspora regarding the best ways to get involved in the progress of our community, home and abroad. Support the aspirations of the people as eloquently outlined under Joe Etos manifesto which has been in the public Domain for the past few years. Encourage community participation and selfless service that will benefit Igbo youths at home and in Diaspora, especially the less privileged at home. Advocate for larger voting audience in WIC election for maximum participation. Advocate for Biafra war memorial wall in a place to be chosen by the people, and to start the process with existing Internet based wall.

10 See why I ask for your vote!!! For Honesty, vote for Cornelius Akubueze For straight talk and truth, vote for Cornelius Akubueze. For Big ideas action, family vote for Cornelius Akubueze. For innovation and creativity, vote for Akubueze. For tenacity of purpose, vote Cornelius Akubueze

11 Lifelong Record of Community Service: The following experiences have prepared me for the office I am seeking. I was: The Assistant Secretary and Secretary Igbo USA NJ Inc. (1997 -1999) The Editor-in-chief and founder, Igbo Renaissance; a publication of Igbo USA that earned the organization its largest single source of revenue whenever published. 1997 - 2000 One of the advocates, initiators and promoters of the Biafran memorial services and the recognition of the Biafran veterans plight by World Igbo Congress, we lead the charge from Igbo USA NJ. Instrumental in the promotion of Biafran issues from Igbo USA NJ Inc, and onto World Igbo Congress. A member of ISDA, advocating for security and development in Igbo land, co- championed fundraising activities that benefited WIC Igbo courses, Biafran veterans and General Ojukwus presidential bid through PAC activities. Unanimously plucked by over 200 of my grassroots peers (Delegates) in WIC 2003 Nashville Convention as the first WIC-HOD Secretary. Thus the largest votes of any elective office in WICs history. Chairman WIC 2004 convention New Jersey, Database committee Founding member and Secretary of Imo State Association New Jersey. Financial Secretary of Mbaise Association of NJ (MANJ) 1996 - 1998 The Editor, Ikoro Magazine; a publication of Mbaise Association NJ, the pioneer of Community add journals, magazines etc in the Diaspora. 1996 - 1998

12 Formal Career and Education Currently, a Technology Integration management and support Consultant at IBM USA. Over 15 years of Career in technology spanning organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch and United Stationers. A former staff of Ikeja Telex Exchange of the Nigerian Ministry of Communications. A brief Stint in the Nigerian Airforce, Kadunna Airforce training School before heading to US for higher Education. New Jersey City University and New Jersey Institute of Technology - BA Other Work related Technical training and education in Technology.

13 Cornelius Akubueze, legacy of intact family Is the second son of 10 children of Mazi Ignatius and Nwada Elizabeth Akubueze. Mazi. Akubueze has been Married to Angela Akubueze for 20 years with whom he has 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl who reminds him daily of what a Princess she is (2 in high school and 2 in Elementary school). Akubueze is a strong advocate of family unity.

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