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Tips for MPSC-MES Interview…

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1 Tips for MPSC-MES Interview…
Career in MPSC-MES Tips for MPSC-MES Interview… By Pravin Kolhe

2 You are Cream of Maharashtra
CONGRATULATIONS…!! You are Cream of Maharashtra PPT Downloaded from

3 Three Basic Questions of Career
1) What is Civil Engineering? 2) Why to be a Civil Engineer? 3) Why you choose Government Job? PPT Downloaded from

4 Why you want to join Govt Sector
Job Security. Less responsibly; flexible timing Social Status Nice salaries (6th CPC) State as a boundary for work Facilities… (uncountable) Social Achievement. Gadha aur ghoda ek saman Political and social pressure. No/Less promotions at bottom level. Work culture and atomsphere Peoples doubtful Honesty. Transfers… Rules and Regulations. PPT Downloaded from

5 How to take a decision Decide weightage factors to each point mentioned above. Maximize the objective function. Its depends totally on your attitude. PPT Downloaded from

6 Career Options Departments- Career in Govt Sector- PWD (B&C) AEE
WRD (ID) MJP Career in Govt Sector- AEE AE1 AE2 PPT Downloaded from

7 State Govt Vs Central Govt
PWD-MoST (NHAI), CPWD WRD-MoWR Deputation is possible Others- Railway Engineering Military Engineering PPT Downloaded from

8 What is work? PWD WRD Roads, Buildings Bridges Design Dams Canals
Irrigation Colonies Design Research Training Management PPT Downloaded from

9 What is difference between AEE, AE1 & AE2
After 1+3 Year=Promotion to EE Reaches to Highest post-Secretary of Dept. AE1 Promotion as per seniority (currently takes 10~15 years for WRD and PWD) Little chances of promotions after EE PPT Downloaded from

10 AE2 Join dept as AE2 only if you have ONLY that option.
Join and study as well for further exams. Next year there will be another MPSC-MES Exam. PPT Downloaded from

11 Engineers in Dept- Without MPSC Via MPSC
a)JE>SE/SO>SDE/SDO>EE Via MPSC a) AE2>SDE>EE b) AE1>EE>SE c) AEE>EE>SE>CE>ED>Secy PPT Downloaded from

12 Cadre Quota AEE:AE1:SDE=40:30:30 Current Posts- AEE:AE1:SDE=20:100:200
PPT Downloaded from

13 About Interview.. PPT Downloaded from

14 What GR states about Interview…
PPT Downloaded from

15 After Interview… MSCIT Marathi/Hindi Exam Professional Exam Study GR
Visit Websites PPT Downloaded from

16 References: GOVERNMENT RESOLUTIONS: dex.php WRD- g/default_en.htm w/index.php?department Code=0900 PWD- PPT Downloaded from

17 ALL THE BEST…!!! PPT Downloaded from

18 Thank you © Pravin Kolhe, 2010

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