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Best Practice model for interaction with the academic SDI.

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1 Best Practice model for interaction with the academic SDI

2 Steve Walsh Ex conservation worker Ex lecturer from 2001 Recently ex-self employed contractor/consultant for local authority Newly reborn spatial data liberationist working on the IGIBS project

3 Interoperable Geospatial Information for Biosphere Study EDINA, Aberystwyth University, Welsh Government 7 month project ending Oct 31 st 2011 Based around the Dyfi Biosphere area in West Wales and within the Institute of Geography and Earth Studies. Make data available to researchers students and the public One outcome will be a report looking at departmental best practice

4 Sanity check of my ideas Plunder your ideas

5 To define a best practice model for the interaction of a university department with the academic SDI Geospatial Data Management and Sharing

6 Audience –academic departments that manage geospatial data; their decision makers, academic and support staff Contents Academic SDI (UK) HE department Case studies Formulating best practice Aberystwyth situation Best practice model

7 SDI encompasses the policies, organisational remits, data, technologies, standard delivery mechanisms and financial and human resources necessary to ensure that those working with spatial data, whether at the global or local scale, are not impeded in meeting their objectives, (INSPIRE consultation paper, 2003) the relevant base collection of technologies, policies and institutional arrangements that facilitate the availability of and access to spatial data, (GSDI cookbook 2001)

8 Research community Informal- Google, Street map etc JISC, EDINA, Gogeo JANET DCC Data MP Industry ESRI etc Research Council data centres National funding and policy INSPIRE, FOI, EIR Technology Shibb, Open source National mapping Agencies UK Location

9 HOD/Senior Team Tech staff Course managers Undergrads Research Group Individual researchers Postgrads Institutional Policy and Funding Support Services


11 So we have an ear, leg, tail, and trunk but what the heck is an academic SDI?

12 Easily search literature Create proposal Seek funding Create paper Refine paper Send to journal Referees comments Publish in various formats Catalogue, archive and publicise Receive credit Paper still available 100 years later Cant find existing relevant data Spend time and money collecting new data Use once Leave on personal drives with no metadata record Promotion to new job and data evaporates after one year

13 Costello 2009 Data management in relation to paper production

14 We are looking at a range of case studies both from within the department and from the land management agencies The case studies are the users and providers of geospatial data from the Dyfi Biosphere. They include academic staff from undergraduates to Professors leading teams of researchers.

15 Alisdair Cunningham-IGES PhD candidate PhD to develop a tool for analysing imagery to create habitat change maps Data needs Range of commercial satellite imagery including atmospheric quality data Data provider Habitat change maps relevant to WG CCW etc Legacy of a tool to interpret future imagery

16 Mike Bailey-Countryside Council For Wales Manages NNR within the Biosphere area Data needs Historic habitat extent Recent changes related to habitat management Data provider Species surveys, designation monitoring

17 Jonathan Brownett-IGES MSc candidate Analysing forest change in the Dyfi Catchment over the past 8 years Data needs Range of mapping services inc Digimap and field parcel data from the WG together with Landsat 7 imagery Data provider Habitat change time line relevant to Forestry Commission and future undergraduate students

18 Hugh Evans – Forest Research Research into forestry pests in Wales Data needs Historic felling and logging dates of forestry blocks to help manage Pine Weevil damage to newly planted forestry blocks

19 EDINA surveys of orphaned datasets from four Universities …… Climate gate- CRU University of East Anglia Other egs?

20 Structured metadata is the vital ingredient of any geospatial sharing infrastructure that seeks to promote the curation and sharing of these data. Ahonen-Rainio 2005, DCC 2011, Geoconnections 2011, Olfat et al 2010, Bank 2005, Higgins (S) 2006 etc etc

21 Metadata Data Academic Community

22 Geoportal for the discovery of metadata and for the creation and publishing of standards compliant metadata and geodata.

23 Data management policy Edinburgh Hertfordshire Support systems Edinburgh art college data team Teaching /training of future researchers Research Data Mantra

24 University of Hertford Data Management Policy Document March 2011

25 UK Government.. UK Location Programme- INSPIRE in the UK What will it mean for UK HE sector? Recent Select Committee conclusion re data management In line with this principle, where possible, data associated with all publicly funded research should be made widely and freely available. The work of researchers who expend time and effort adding value to their data, to make it usable by others, should be acknowledged as a valuable part of their role. Science and Technology Committee - Eighth Report Peer review in scientific publications 2011

26 Research Councils RCUK strong policy for publishing the access route to data with publications NERC 2011 data policy Includes presumption of free access to data and removal of funding for noncompliance

27 No clear Institutional policy No departmental policy Individuals and research groups define current practice Confirmation of EDINA survey.. Large numbers of orphaned datasets Lack of awareness amongst staff of INSPIRE or the existence of an academic SDI

28 Professional back-up services Daily double tape storage in separate buildings Storage for one year only Computing policies That highlight future research data management and research council requirements Research paper depository/repository? Cadair… showcase for UA research


30 Key departmental staff Remote sensing research group GIS module staff Map librarians Support services IS Digital librarians FoIA/EIR compliance team

31 For use by undergraduates and for teaching GIS modules Establishing a Geodoc node for relevant metadata Initial comprehensive datasets of the Dyfi Biosphere area Metadata catalogue for student data discovery Integration with taught GIS modules Incorporation of Metadata and other SDI related concepts into teaching Professional development of map librarians.


33 Unique to time, place and geospatial data type…. Place Institutional, departmental and individual research group policies and culture Change over time RCs policies on data publication Cultural shift INSPIRE

34 Wait for institutional or HEFCW etc/ legislative leadership Or Seek to influence individuals through action from within the department

35 Department/s and or individuals to engage in promoting Institutional best practice Create a culture that begins to move geospatial data management up the priority tree Incorporate gsdm into undergrad courses Provide training for post grads and staff

36 Leadership or initiative-taker Development of a departmental policy for research data or engagement with the Institution to develop University wide policy Involvement and ownership of the process by staff as important as the final policy

37 Metadata creation and publication for significant publicly funded datasets Watching brief (UK Location etc) for guidance on future implications for HEIs Presumption of open access for publicly funded data (within IPR, Research paper publication and Data Protection limits)

38 EDINA Gogeo, Geodoc, Share Geo Create and share metadata and data Digital Curation Centre Model for data management (Staff or department?) Other geospatial data depositories Institutional repositories Support staff

39 Encourage the publication of geospatial data Encourage funding applications for initiatives to develop best practice Teaching Research Support services

40 Find, appoint or create data management torch bearers Incorporate metadata creation, standards and importance into undergraduate teaching syllabus Provide workshop/training opportunities for staff


42 Collect data and confirm DMP and stakeholder requirements Create metadata to appropriate standard Ensure appropriate short term storage and back-up Check data quality and accuracy; recollect, improve Seek funding including cost of suitable DMP Develop research idea and review lit. Search for existing data Publish research; signpost to metadata and instigate DMP


44 Will a dedicated data journal accept and or will a data repository accept Possibly commit to bottom draw for a few years first! Is the storage format and or media appropriate Transform or migrate the data Does the data still have value to originator or other researchers? Is it possible to reuse the data within or outside the department Can the access restrictions be relaxed?

45 Metadata creation to at least AGMAP 2.1 standard as part of all spatial data collection Expectation of data reuse within and without the department Data management plan ( to DCC or RC standard?) for all important data Identify skills gaps and fund staff development Best use made of existing Institutional staff and resources Review and improvement of gsdm planned and implemented

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