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Area: 329,314.5 square kilometers Population: 83.12 millions (2005) 62% workforce 44% under 20 yrs 50.8 % women GDP growth rate: 8.43% GDP/capita: US$

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2 Area: 329,314.5 square kilometers Population: 83.12 millions (2005) 62% workforce 44% under 20 yrs 50.8 % women GDP growth rate: 8.43% GDP/capita: US$ 640(2005) Export: US$ billion 32.442 (2005) Import: US$ billion 36.978 (2005) Estimated in 2007 : 300,000 SMEs, of which 30% are female-owned 1 Viet Nam in brief APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT

3 2 Millions USD 19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005 ASEAN996,91652.81913.51945.02516.32619.02553.62434.92953,34056.15743.5 APEC3998,25262.26322.66129.17486.210097.610084.011966.914832,019502.324169.7 EU664,2848.51607.82079.02515.32845.13002.93162,53852.64968.45517.0 OPEC131.7212.4199.3554.8713.4643.2757.7861,5759.3813.5877.5 Total5448.97255.991859360.311541.414482.715029.216706,120149.326485.032447.1 VIETNAM : Exportations by regions (1995-2006)

4 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT Architectural Design & Construction – Interior Décor – Trading & Tourist services A clean house brings Freshness A nice kitchen gives Delicious Food 3 15 years of experience in architectural design and construction Sales agent of kitchen accessories and Gago wooden floor 200 employees for construction works Own workshop for tailored-made wooden furniture

5 Specialized in architectural design Construction of residences and industrial buildings Tailored-made kitchens designed on demand Trading of accessories for kitchens, bathrooms, and padlocks Boutique hotel by the beach in Vung Tau, Vietnam, 42 rooms, estimated opening in December 2008. Exportations in view : party baskets, buddha head sculptures, polyrattan garden furniture. 4

6 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT CHALLENGES 5 1.FINANCE Limited access to credit. Bank loans are difficult to obtain, bankers evaluation of the collateral is often less than its market value, and takes time. When capital is needed, it is simpler to ask for a loan from the informal source of credit, but higher interest. Lengthy administrative procedures for commissioning and significant delay in payment. 2.HUMAN RESOURCES Lack of skilled labor, high training cost. Business competitiveness demands professionalism, more training and retraining of staff. Selection and retention of skillful employees to be considered seriously. 3.MARKET INFORMATION Need of accurate and timely information, through government agencies, ie. Trade Promotion Centre, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Important role of business associations to liaise with the government and relevant agencies.

7 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT CHALLENGES (cont.) 6 4.INCREASING BUSINESS COST High rise of materials makes difficult to keep up with committed contracts of construction. Financial plans should be revised and adjusted timely. 5.BUILDING BRAND NAME Maintaining consistency in product quality and improvement in a long run, keeping regular contact with existing clients, and develop new relationships, planning with efficient marketing and low cost. 5.ASCESSION TO WTO Reshaping business concepts, reviewing business plans to compete in the global market. However, fierce competition raises the need to form alliance. 5.TIME MANAGEMENT The more we are successful in business, the less time we have for our family. This is a constant struggle within ourselves as a businesswoman to balance off career and family.

8 7 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES 1.NEW MARKETS With healthier business environment and thanks to Vietnams ascension to WTO, new markets are emerging, such as Middle-East countries. USA, EU, Japan, China and ASEAN countries remain our primary markets. We hope to have the opportunities to explore potential markets like Peru and Brazil. 2.PARTNERSHIP WITH FOREIGN AND LOCAL INVESTORS Foreign investment is increasing by many folds in Vietnam. Mutual trust is the key of successful joint ventures, respective business cultures to be considered and liabilities to be complied with by all stakeholders. We do look for partnership and potential investors for exportation of kitchen parts. 3.TOURISM IN VIETNAM A very potential business as Vietnam has secured political stabilization, natural resources to explore, unbeaten paths to discover, and friendly people to meet with.

9 8 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT CHANGE OF MINDSET FOR VIETNAMESE WOMEN o Not allowed to go out by themselves o Framed with strict cultural traditions o Severe punishment by the family in case of violation to these traditions o No contact between men and women in public areas o Strict obedience to the men in family (father, husband, son) o No possibility of business management o In-house management: restricted financial issues, food, education of daughters only. OLD TIMES o Encouraged to be self-confident o Less strict cultural binds o Protected by the law, but still strong influence of the family o Allowed contact between men and women in public areas o More independence, but paying respect to elders o More physical business management, but sometimes lack of adequate skills o In-house financial management, food and consumer goods, education of children (both girls and boys) NOWADAYS

10 9 WEST Rational reaction towards an analysis to find it right or wrong, correct or not correct Dynamic, exploring, expressive, aggressive, official What the world is, based on self- value taking responsibility, emerging, taking pride Methodical, accurate praising outward ideas Rigid : elimination, selection for a logical idea APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT DIFFERENCE IN CULTURE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST EAST Emotional (by instinct, unclear reaction as to do or not to do, good or bad) Quiet, submissive, low profile, defensive, unofficial What I am, based on community value unclear responsibility, trying to go around obstacles Literal, referring to sayings, descriptive, inward reflection Flexible, following the rules of the game, compromising, conservative

11 APEC PERU 2008 WOMEN IN EXPORT ENTERING THE FOREIGN MARKET On-site export via tourist services Attending workshops and conferences Participation to trade fairs Market research through business trips Marketing on website Focus on market-oriented products Building brand name Formation of business alliance Adhesion to professional networks 10

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