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MM International Pty Ltd

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1 MM International Pty Ltd
Group Overview

2 Mission Statement MMI Brand Motto
“To Partner with People to Maximize their Success with Extraordinary Products and Service” MMI Brand Motto “The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary is the little extra”

3 You

4 MMI is a growth dynamics organization, developed over the last decade to operate as an international authority in estate and business brokerage services. Within the MMI group are a professional group of affiliate partners, consultants and coaches, who assist small and medium sized enterprises and personal individuals to attain business and financial success. MMI was established to be a single source for the education and mentoring for life prosperity, business success and personal achievement. The MMI team uncovers the opportunities and addresses the challenges that businesses and people face across all management disciplines. The teams approach in everything from strategic planning to product implementation is unique. Individuals looking to maximize their wealth and wellbeing look to MMI for motivation, specialized curriculum coaching courses and a personal achievement coach team to develop peak performance, business and personal success. The MMI group’s membership plan offers a personal and ongoing education and coaching process that is tailor made to fit a member’s goals and ambitions. Members have access to a wide range of products, services and discounts to assist estate and business needs under the one umbrella. With a central command and administration nucleus, members are assured that in any one project, they have a team of professionals coordinated from within the MMI divisions who work together on behalf of the member. info

5 MMI High Tech and High Touch Educating and Empowering People with answers and solutions

6 MMI Education and MEPI Motivation What Why Evaluation Where Planning
At the heart of the MMI network is a brokerage group of highly Qualified, experienced and professional accredited professionals. Working with the MMI member plan, their primary role is to assist individuals, small and medium size businesses, to grow profit, financial excess and develop to their full potential. MMI professionals utilize the MMI unique generic performance management tool called D.R.I.F.T. ™ which can be applied in diverse business and social arenas... D.R.I.F.T.™ focuses on a number of core principles to include improvement and increase with an individual’s wealth and potential, how to influence and manage change and how to maximise personal performance and accountability. It is particularly effective in developing financial independence capacity and residual cash flow security. It includes a specific product marketed as T.I.P.S. ©.T.I.P.S  is a practice-based product underpinning D.R.I.F.T.™ that facilitates techniques, ideas and principles into a holistic system for personal and/or business situations. “Techniques and ideas without a corresponding principle and harnessed in a system rarely produce maximum efficiency”.  M .Morris MMI Education and MEPI What Implementation Motivation Evaluation Planning Why Where How

7 Governance Capabilities
MARTIN J MORRIS CEO Martin has an impressive career in direct sales, financial services, sales, sales training as well as extensive management experience of large sales teams and human resources. Martin is a specialist in brokerage business structures accumulated from over twenty-five years of professional experience across a broad spectrum of markets. These include property, telecommunications, networking, e-commerce, insurance, financial planning and product manufacturing. His business achievements inter alia, include successful “ASX” listings and business turnover growth from inception to $100million, within two to three years. Martin has been a board member of many public and private companies working with Executive Directors on entity design. His equity input has been in the implementation of strategic organisation and management plans specific to market capitalisation and sales growth. PETER WETZIG B.Comm, Dip CM, FCA, FCIS, Barrister (Qld) Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Univ of Qld), Postgraduate Diploma of Corporate Management (ICSA), is a Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (FCA) and of Chartered Secretaries Australia (FCIS), and he is admitted as a Barrister, Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia. Peter brings 30 years experience as a corporate and financial executive using his corporate governance, financial management and legal skills within the high technology and manufacturing sectors including ASX- and NASDAQ-listed public companies. Dr PETER ELLIS MBA DBA JP (Qual) Dr Ellis provides proven and sound development management, guidance, direction, support, training and practical experience to achieve a company’s objectives. Specializing in the area of profitable business education, Dr Ellis resolves organizational and management issues developing and documenting processes and procedures to implement management succession planning for the growth and development of the entity. Thus enabling management to deal positively with issues and resolve them before they become problems.

8 Executive Management David Moffitt Managing Director MMI Brokerage House Pty ltd Managing Partner DRM Lifestyle Planning Dip(FP), Member Financial planning Assoc. (F.P.A.) Authorised Rep. No: David commenced his career in the early 70’s in Farming, completing diplomas in Agriculture, farming and Animal Husbandry and the early 80’s his career moved into counseling for the department of correctional services. Completing an advanced diploma of Theology, Diploma of Ministry and Workplace Trainer, David worked with a number of Agencies focused on Supporting Youth. Entering into the Property Investment market personally to include owner/operator of Franchises led David to develop his career in the Financial Services industry in the Late 90’s David holds Real Estate certificates in QLD and NSW, a Cert. 4 in Corrective Practice and Bachelor of Arts in counseling. David B Irvine Dip. F.S ( Finance and Mortgage Management) Managing Director of MMI Finance Pty Ltd CFO of MMI Brokerage House Pty Ltd David’s career commenced in the finance industry in the United Kingdom, working with a number of private banks. David has specialised in mortgage and leasing finance for over 20 years and has extensive experience in start up and development financing for companies in the U.K, Canada and Australia. David is a full member the FBAA with a diploma of financial services and holds a QLD Certificate in real estate.

9 Associate Partners Workforce Advisors Group
Contractor Compliance, Mitigation of Fair Work provisions, Workplace Re-engineering, Business Risk Management, Business Improvement Strategies, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Small Business Internet Marketing Web Site & SEO Management Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing Consulting Website Design, Google Adwords Professionals, Online Business Promotion, Lead Generation, Sales and Marketing Development, Website Purchase and Lease options Strategy Development Davis Lawyers Service offerings range from property development and conveyancing, to mortgage services, corporate and commercial advisory, litigation and management. ChoiceBro- The Way To Go Australians No 1 Choice for Renovations and Home-Makeovers ©ChoiceBro, Choice Bro Australia and Choice Bro Renovations are Australia’s leading Brokerage services for quality trade work for residential and light commercial applications for clients wanting to makeover or renovate their home or office Trading Blocks We Buy and Sell Properties Dignan Stephens Accountants  Full range of taxation and accounting services, Profit - improve your profitability , Growth - grow your business and asset base, Cashflow - improve your cashflow, Protection - protect assets, Succession - plan for your succession

10 MM International Brands
MMI facilitates Central Administration, Governance and manages the core service products and personnel on behalf of the Groups Divisions. MMI S4Y is the research and development center for members and MMI divisions. It focuses on an e-commerce and personal solution for members questions- it's results point to the answers in options with members questions via tools, books, blogs, training, education forums, personal contact, affiliate partners, preferred partners, web sites and much more. MMI Telco implements IT, Web, E-commerce solutions and products on behalf of MMI S4Y and the MMI Members The MMI membership plan gives people from all walks of life a simple yet effective opportunity to have one contact source for all their estate, business, financial and personal life plan needs. MMI has three tiers of education plans tailored to meet the needs businesses of different size and complexity and for people with varied lifecycles: MMI Money is the Groups awards system

11 MMI Member Education Plans
MMI Monitor - Annual Membership benefits plus MMI Destiny Kit Accredited Educator visit 3 times per year Personal Member Relationship Manager Product coaching and implementation $365 per year MMI Maximizer - Annual Membership benefits , Destiny Kit 6 personal reviews/education visits 1 project initiation $849 per year MMI Milestone -Annual Membership benefits, Destiny Kit 6 education visits 2 project initiations Advisory council and Managing Partners forums access VIP guest at Seminars, Events Equity and profit share opportunities $2500 per year

12 MM International Divisions
MMI members with the MMI Brokerage House have one total integrated service company to assist in any one or more transactions for estate, property and wealth creation needs Financial Planning Finance Property

13 MM International Pty Ltd Divisions
MMI Educators, Member Relationship Managers are licensed and accredited through MMI Agencies. Agents facilitate new members and assist with the Education plans service. A Woman To Woman  business for Health, Wealth & Beauty recipes, networking and community connections Sales ,Training , Recruitment, Peak Performance Management, Business growth and strategic planning, Life Coaching, Marketing. Mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructures, developments, property trusts and market capitalisation on behalf of the MMI group and its members. MMI Business and Investment Educators

14 MMI Key Functions MMI assists people and business to stop
just treading water Process 1 Member application Process 2 Member Estate or Business analysis Process 3 Member has options with Education Plans MMI Key Functions Education and empowerment to stop walking without clear focus It can be easy to get bogged down in the everyday things . MMI helps people walk the path they want , get debt free and be financially independent

15 Questions? More Information?
MM International Pty Ltd ACN:   Group Administration   Registered address Level 1 Corporate Centre 1 2 Corporate Court, Bundall QLD 4217 MMI Brokerage House Pty Ltd ACN: Gallery Vie, 4th Floor Suite 12, 226 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, Qld 4227 LINKS Education Articles Corporate Announcements Testimonials Associations

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