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NYSRA Conference The Changing Health Care Environment September 16, 2013.

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1 NYSRA Conference The Changing Health Care Environment September 16, 2013

2 The Art of Negotiation A man was sizing up God by asking, God, how long is a million years to you? God said, A million years is like a second. Then the man asked, How much is a million dollars to you? God said, A million dollars is like a penny. The man smiled and said, Could you spare me a penny? God smiled back and said, Sure, just wait a second. Batterson – The Circle Maker 2

3 OPWDD and CMS Negotiations It is about: Time & Money But more about: Sustainability & Adaptability 3

4 3 DRIVING FACTORS FOR CHANGE 1.The sustainability factor - how do we sustain appropriate service provision within fiscal realities? 2.The relevancy factor - are the services we currently offer those that families and individuals coming into our service system seeking? 3.The compliance factor - in light of Olmstead and recent federal decisions on ADA, will the menu of service options we provide allow us to meet the goals of Olmstead and federal requirements? 12/7/2012 4

5 Sustainability - Fiscal Relevancy – Policy and Practice Compliance – Legal and Rights

6 Better Health for the Population Better Care for Individuals Lower Cost Through Improvement 6 CMSs Triple Aim

7 OPWDD Transformation As OPWDD pursued development of the People First Waiver, we worked with CMS to define priority elements of system transformation: Expanding opportunities and supports for EMPLOYMENT Expanding COMMUNITY SERVICE OPTIONS – supportive housing, community-based services Expanding SELF DIRECTION options OLMSTEAD PLAN- Creating opportunities for people to move from institutions to integrated settings

8 Transformation Documents Putting People First: OPWDDs Road to Reform – comprehensive review of system reforms recently achieved and underway The OPWDD Transformation Agreement Appendix H of the DRAFT NYS Partnership Plan Amendment (DOH 1115 Waiver)- Articulates clear commitments for achieving ambitious goals for system reform and service delivery

9 Where Does Managed Care Fit In? EmploymentHousing Managed Care OlmsteadRate Reform

10 Managed care places special emphasis on the appropriate use of ambulatory and inpatient settings, evidence-based decision making, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment, population-based planning, and health promotion and disease prevention. www.emblemhealth.com10 MANAGED CARE

11 If you keep people healthy, you reduce costs If you only give people what they need (as opposed to what they want), you can reduce costs If you make providers and patients aware of costs, they will be more prudent in their use of services Assumptions with managed care

12 Concepts of care management are rooted in the development of managed care principles Care Management has a focus on the best outcomes for individuals served Managed Cares history has had a focus on cost containment Each rely on concepts of health promotion and disease prevention CARE MANAGEMENT AND MANAGED CARE

13 Since much of the Medicaid cost for those with long term care needs is outside of traditional health care, the emphasis needs to be on planning for all aspects of the individual needs for each person enrolled in a managed care plan Where does Person Centered Planning Fit In?

14 1. Population already has complex medical and social needs 2. Due to these needs utilization of resources including specialty care is often quite extensive 3. Cost for services most often tied into daily living needs, including housing and day activities in addition to medical needs Variations in Managed Care Strategies for those with LTC Needs

15 To really provide comprehensive Person Centered planning and care to the DD population, there is a need to integrate good care coordination that includes all aspects of medical, behavioral and social needs of the individual Integrated Care is a Must

16 16

17 17 The NYS legislature recently passed new managed care legislation that authorizes delivery of specialized developmental disabilities services through a managed care structure. The People First Waiver, when approved by CMS, will authorize the operation of DISCOs; OPWDD is currently focusing on establishing initial DISCOs. OPWDD will request additional authority from CMS to initiate delivery of specialized developmental disabilities services through managed long-term care (MLTC) plans and HMOs and solicit those applicants through separate actions. Managed Care Legislation

18 DISCOs Governed by: Public Health Law Article 44, Mental Hygiene Law § 13.40 Social Services Law §364-j federal regulations at 42 CFR Part 438 Will have modified reserve requirements to facilitate start-up. Must be controlled by one or more non-profit organizations with experience providing or coordinating health and long-term care services to people with IDD. Applications will be reviewed for their capacity to fulfill all requirements. Prior to operation, OPWDD will review the DISCOs readiness to enroll members and coordinate care.

19 MLTC or Mainstream Managed Care 19 Organizations do not need to be controlled by nonprofit. Same standards will apply for quality assurance, grievances and appeals, informed choice, person- centered planning, and marketing. Must have ability to provide or coordinate services for people with developmental disabilities (either on its own or by affiliation with another entity with experience) and oversee or implement the coordination and planning of developmental disabilities services.

20 Letters of Intent In April, OPWDD issued a call for Letters of Intent from organizations that intend to form a managed care organization for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Region# Letters Received NYC & Surrounding Counties11 NYC & Long Island 6 NYC only 5 Partial NYC 3 NYS 4 Capital District 2 Central NY 2 Western NY 1 Multi-county upstate 1 Total Received35

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