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112/22/2013 2003 Annual Meeting Presented by Linfu Cheng, Ph.D. 5:00-9:30PM China Stix Restaurant 2013 NATEA-SV Annual Meeting.

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1 112/22/ Annual Meeting Presented by Linfu Cheng, Ph.D. 5:00-9:30PM China Stix Restaurant 2013 NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

2 Presidents Report Overview & Mission 2013 Activities 2013 Recognition and Appreciation 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

3 Overview Inception Members – About 2200 engineers and scientists across U.S. with links to Taiwan 12 Regional Chapters: Silicon Valley, Southern California, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Toronto, St. Louis, Illinois, Greater NYN. Carolina, Upper State NY, Ottawa (Canada), Toronto (Canada) 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

4 NATEA-SV Members at-large 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting4 link

5 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting5

6 Mission Statement Members focus –To establish grass-roots relationships between NATEA and other scientific or engineering organizations, –To facilitate technology development, entrepreneurship and job opportunities,, –To encourage and assist Taiwanese young generation in pursuing science or engineering careers Taiwan focus –To promote and facilitate technology collaboration between TW and US –To support research/development in Taiwan, enhance Taiwans technological global positions, 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

7 Web for Members 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting7 Downloads Member list

8 Key Groups and Key Activities –Special Interest Groups (SIGs) : BioTech (Biotechnology), Soft (Software), Network Security, Entrepreneur, Green Energy, Wireless, Marketing, MEMS/Nanotech, Photonics, SoC (Systems on Chip) –Activities: technical, professional, and social events –Major annual technology events: UTHF ( ) – sponsored by NSC, Taiwan, Co- organized by TECO, TAITA, and others. NFIC ( ) – Co-organized by IEEE-Computer Society; IEEE- Stanford University Branch 812/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

9 UTHF (US-Taiwan High Tech Forum) – since 1998 –2010: Emerging Technologies for the Next Decade ( ) –2011: Ubiquitous Sensors in an Intelligent Connected-World –2012: Mobile, Social and Cloud (,, ) –2013: Clouds Computing and Taiwan ( ) NFIC (New Frontiers in Computing) – since 2003 –2008: Cloud Computing ( ) –2009: Handheld Devices –2012: Emerging Medical Computing ( ) –2013: Issues in Social Networking ( ) 912/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

10 1012/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting NFIC-US.ORG

11 1112/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting 2013 UTHF.ORG

12 Future Focus – fulfill our mission Taiwan focus –Tight Interaction with Taiwan companies Taiwan Professional Associations, such as Taiwan Cloud Computing Assoc. Taiwan promotion entities, such as NSC, TECO, ITRI, TAITRA. III –Relevant Themes on events with subjects more related to Taiwan industry needs and more attendees with business related to Taiwan Cloud computing – security, services, infrastructure, technology, applications Relevant companies – key US and Taiwan companies, such as Cisco, Google, SumoLogic Member focus –Better Services to member needs Both US and Taiwan – Go after members in key industries and technology areas –Relevant members – help and services to young professionals Help young generation to blend into US and Taiwan-US interaction 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

13 Future Focus – Relevant Themes and Topics Cloud Computing Applications – mobile, hosting, services, etc Infrastructure – virtualization, security, performance, etc Technology – big data, map-&-reduce, encryptions, etc MISC – business models, acceleration, algorithms, etc. Event Targets Forms – spread over the year for attraction Dates - align with other major events, such as cloud expo Attendees – US and Taiwan relevant Balance - well-established and young startup companies 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting NATEA is much more than Cloud Computing …

14 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting Big Data

15 2013 Activities with Photos NATEA Workshop: Conversation Career (April 17) 2013 NATEA-IEEE Conference: NFIC 2013 (May 11) 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting NFIC-US.ORGNFIC-US.ORG (2011)

16 2013 Activities with Photos June Board Meeting: NATEA-SV (June 3) 2013 Bio Forum (July 24) 2013 Taiwan High-Tech Investment at Kaohsiung Incubation Center (Aug. 24) – CO-sponsor 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

17 2013 Activities with Photos November 9: UTHF-2013 (November 9) 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting More Photos

18 2013 Corporate Sponsors Science & Technology Division, TECO in San Francisco Taiwan Trade Center, Santa Clara ITRI International company in San Jose Square Sanders LLP, Law Firm in Palo Alto 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

19 2013 Recognition and Appreciation 1 Dr. Steve Wu –2012 President –2012 UTHF and 2013 UTHF : Program Chair –2013 NFIC : Program Chair Dr. (Robert) Bor-Chyuan Hwang –2012 Treasurer –Conversation Career workshop: Organizer Mr. Justin Chen –2013 Board Member –2012 VP 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting Retiring Board Members

20 2013 Recognition and Appreciation 2 Mr. Gordon Chang –2013 Vice President –2013 UTHF Mr. Charles Lee –2013 Board Member –Biotechnology Forum : Organizer Dr. Eaden Saw –2004 Chapter President –Clean Energy Forum: Organizer Dr. John Yu –Taiwan High-Tech Investment at Kaohsiung Incubation Center : co- sponsor 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

21 2013 Recognition and Appreciation 3 Ms. Diana Wu –2013 UTHF: MC Ms. Prudy Yu –2013 UTHF: Volunteer-at-large Dr. Huei-Pei Kuo –2013 Advisor –2011 President Dr. Hsin-Yi Jan –2008 President –2012 UTBEF Representative 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

22 2013 Recognition and Appreciation 4 Dr. John Pang Yu –NATEA Founding President –Long-term volunteer 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting

23 Join NATEA-SV Welcome all engineers and scientists in Silicon Valley interested in technology and business opportunities with Taiwan. 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting Click on MEMBERSHIP

24 Thank You ! 12/22/ NATEA-SV Annual Meeting Ref - this PPSX

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