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Its possible with Gurukul! Presenting an excellent opportunity to start your very own Gurukul Preschool which promises to be a low investment, high returns.

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2 Its possible with Gurukul! Presenting an excellent opportunity to start your very own Gurukul Preschool which promises to be a low investment, high returns business.

3 Gurukul Franchise Presentation Gurukul is a leading brand offering best of Play Group, Pre Nursery, Nursery, Day Care and Hobby Classes with excellent environment, training, facilities and activities. Contact - 011-28711984, 8588858720, 9899894778 –

4 Overview Welcome to the world of Gurukul – a name that synonyms with quality preschool education in India. Gurukul is growing at a fast pace and we are looking for people willing to join us and carry forward the Gurukul name. If you carry a flame to succeed, a positive aptitude and a will to make a name for yourself then Gurukul is where you truly belong. Opportunity - In the following slides you will get some useful information about trends, data and requirements to start a Gurukul Play School Franchise which promises to be an excellent low investment, high returns opportunity. Success - it takes a good amount of sincerity, hard work and goodwill towards kids, staff and parents, but the smiles, respect and appreciation add stars to your business.

5 Success is a journey, not a destination!

6 Prospects Preschools in India - It is globally acknowledged that First 2 to 5 years of a childs life are the most crucial formative years for overall development. Hence, the Importance of preschool needs no emphasis. Social transition to nuclear families with working parents, added awareness to preschool offerings have made preschools the fastest growing education segment in India. Scope for Growth - With a growing middle class, having increased disposable income, preschool education is the fastest growing educational market. According to another study by Deutsche Bank & McKinsey Institute – The Indian Middle Class account for as much as 30% of the overall population of the country, of which approx., 5 to 15% of the household Income is spend on education. It is forecasted, that this figure will rise to 25% by the year 2020.

7 About Gurukul Gurukul is a well respected brand in the field of Preschool Education in India. Established in 1997, it has evolved as one of the most successful self sustaining business models in Preschool education segment creating new bench marks in delivering best of education services at competitive rates. The segment is a wide age group of 1 ½ years till 14 years which is divided into: Play Groups for age 1 ½ till 2 Years. Preschool classes for 2 Years till 3 years. Nursery classes for 3-4 years. Day Care Hobby classes for 3 years till 14 years age groups.

8 Advantage Gurukul At Gurukul we believe in working as a team. Success matters to us and so do relationships. Our partners are our family and we take active interest in developing all locations, supporting and maximizing potential in every field in the shortest possible time to speed up the return of investment and increase profitability. Gurukul Franchise offers the following advantages: Low investment compared to most brands. It is a dynamic brand, evolving and growing successfully over a decade. Gurukul has rich experience in every aspect of business management. We have deep knowledge of creating efficient business processes for sustained growth. Customized curriculum and techniques. Personalized marketing support for all franchisees.

9 Gurukul Franchise Requirements

10 Requirements Investment Requirements - The initial investment for Franchise is between 6-8 Lakhs, and for a Master Franchise it is about 10 – 12 Lakhs. The Master Franchise gets the additional benefits of creating sub franchise within a defined territory, gaining a part of franchise fee as well as profits from the created network. The investments cover the Franchise fee and set up cost which includes infrastructure, branding, training, recruitment, initial marketing costs. Space Requirements - The space requirements are 1500 Sq. Ft. upto 5000 Sq. Ft, preferably on the ground floor. Availability of open space is an added advantage and a definite plus. The other important factors are accessibility, visibility, neighborhood, affluent population in 3-4 Kms radius. A good location is an essential requirement to a successful franchise. A serene and natural environment around the school would be a boon. Depending on the space you can include day care program and hobby classes. Continued……

11 Requirements Continued…. Gurukul preschools conduct drawing, painting, music, dance and other extra-curricular activities to ensure effective utilization of resources and maximize returns. Qualifications and Skill set Requirements – Play school or day care business requires a good understanding of child needs, psychology, communication skills, marketing acumen and management skills. There is no specific qualification requirement for investors. It would however prove useful if the center manager has undergone nursery teacher training/ Montessori teacher training/ pre primary teacher training/ early childhood care training and has relevant experience to manage day to day operations, drive branch promotion and achieve admission targets.

12 Our Commitment

13 Gurukul Support Infrastructure & Set Up Infrastructure Support - Ambience attracts parents to send kids to your preschool. We have a complete guideline about attractive interior exterior, set up, toys, equipments etc. 1. Rooms 2. Reception 3. Class rooms 4. Dramatization room 5. Audio Visual room 6. Ball room 7. Skating rink 8. Activity room 9. Dining room 10. Outdoor play area (for see saw, slide etc.) 11. Splash pool

14 Gurukul Support Budget - We help you in setting your budget, as it is the most important step in starting your business. Recruitment support Training - The training of teachers and staff will provided by the Gurukul Trainers at your place. Study Materials and Uniforms - Gurukul Study materials as well as uniforms are provided to franchisees at reasonable cost. Fee Structure - We will give you an estimate about the affordability of parents towards the preschool education. Training for day to day management of center, data management and reports. Marketing – We use selective location based data to reach our target audience. Be it online marketing or traditional methods, we help, support and promote admissions for our franchise network.

15 The Secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

16 Contact Us If you meet the requirements stated in Franchise Requirements and willing to take a step towards a bright future then call us at 011 28711984; 8588858720; 9899894748 or Email at: to fix a meeting at our corporate office - 5C/7 New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005. Website: http://www.gurukulpreschool.com

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