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Junior Night 2014 “SPRING INTO FALL”

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1 Junior Night 2014 “SPRING INTO FALL”
Student Services Junior Night 2014 “SPRING INTO FALL”

2 2014 AP Exam Schedule Week 1 Morning 8 a.m. Afternoon 12 noon
2014 AP Exam Schedule Week 1 Morning 8 a.m. Afternoon 12 noon Monday, May 5 Chemistry Environmental Science Psychology Tuesday, May 6 Computer Science A Spanish Language and Culture Art History Wednesday, May 7 Calculus AB Calculus BC Chinese Language and Culture Thursday, May 8 English Literature and Composition Japanese Language and Culture Latin Friday, May 9 English Language and Composition Statistics Week 2 Morning 8 a.m. Afternoon 12 noon Monday, May 12 Biology Music Theory Physics B Physics C: Mechanics Tuesday, May 13 United States Government and Politics French Language and Culture Human Geography Wednesday, May 14 German Language and Culture U. S. History European History Thursday, May 15 Macroeconomics World History Italian Language and Culture Microeconomics Friday, May 16 Comparative Government and Politics Spanish Literature and Culture

3 AP Testing Guidelines AP Exams will be given in Library/Gym Area.
Students and parents are expected to arrange their own transportation for all exams after the regular day. If a student is late or they fail to show for an AP exam they will have to pay a $15.00 cancellation fee. The AP exam will count as credit for taking for taking the final exam. In the event an AP Exam is not taken the student will take a teacher made exam counting for 25% of the total grade.

4 No Late Students will be admitted!
Helpful Hints Come Early. The testing rooms will open at 7:15. No Late Students will be admitted! Bring a photo ID. There are NO MAKEUP EXAMS. Allow 4 hours for each exam except for Psychology. Read your Student Bulletin. Bring all materials listed for each test. Calculators are not provided you must bring your own or borrow one from your teacher. You will be excused from classes that you miss while taking the exam. Classes before or after the exam must be attended. If you leave early a parent must come in to sign you out.

5 Senior Year

6 Senior Year Expenses Event Amount Needed Senior Dues $75.00-80.00
Senior Prom Tickets $ (Discount with paid senior dues) Senior Yearbook $ (Discount with paid senior dues) Senior Pictures 15.00 Sitting Fee (Total fees based on selected packages) Senior T-Shirt Free with paid dues Cap and Gown Measurement And Announcements Orders $75.00 deposit

7 Senior Year Calendar Sign up for October or November SAT/October ACT
Create an account with College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) Plan to attend Senior Night in October 2014 Plan to attend POB College Fair in October 2014 Participate in College Application Week in November 2014 Plan to attend Financial Aid Night in December 2014 File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in January 2015 Plan to attend National College Fair in March 2015

8 College Fair Opportunities
National College Fair Sunday, March 6, 2014 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. The Park (formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart)

9 Exploring Careers Career Inventories Online Research Job Shadowing
Internships Part-Time Jobs Volunteering Summer Programs

10 Summer Opportunities Residential Programs Leadership Programs
Career Programs Enrichment Program

11 Graduation Requirements


13 Testing Requirements Students must complete the North Carolina Graduation Project Common Core Math I, English II and Biology EOC exam will count towards final grade and credit for the class.

14 North Carolina Graduation Project
Junior Year Students will produce their graduation project paper through their English classes. Senior Year Students will focus on the following: Presentation Product Portfolio

15 Promotion Requirements
In order to move from the 11th grade to the 12th grade you must have the following: 18 CREDITS High school credits earned in middle school do no count towards credits that must be earned each year in order to be promoted to the next grade.

16 Course Registration School Year

17 Course Registration for the Senior Year
Early Graduation=Limited Options Seniors miss out on the following: AP Courses CPCC Career and College Promise Free ACT Test Scholarship Opportunities Prom Continued Support and Guidance Once you graduate mid-year, you are considered an alumnus. Most 4 year colleges do not except 2nd semester Freshman. They must start in the Fall. WE DO NOT ENDORSE EARLY GRADUATION!

18 Career Development Coordinator
Ms. Chantel Bonner Career Center Room 205

19 Typical NC Virtual Public School Scenario:

20 North Carolina Virtual Public School
Checklist: Complete Registration Form/contract (pick up from Ms. Bonner – Career Center - room 205) Speak with school counselor to evaluate options at NCVPS and see if eligible. Register for Summer and Fall 2014 classes from April 21st – June 10th NOTE : make sure that online courses are right for you – no dropping course after 2 wk drop period; GET THE GRADE that you have – NO EXCEPTIONS!! Go to (NCVPS TAB) or for more information.

21 Career and College Promise
Career and College Promise provides the following options for students while they are still in high school: A College Transfer Pathway leading to a minimum of 30 hours of college credit A Career Technical Education Pathway leading to a certificate, diploma or degree

22 College level courses at Central Piedmont Community College.
Credit is earned on your high school transcript and college transcript. Courses at the honors level are available. NO tuition cost to you! You are responsible for textbooks. Requirements: 3.0 weighted GPA or approval from principal Demonstrate college readiness in English, reading, and math on assessment or placement tests/ take Accuplacer (free at CPCC) Maintain 2.0 in class coursework For more information go to (Career & College Promise tab) Pick up contract from Ms. Bonner in room 205 (Career Center) March 1 – DUE April 11th Register for classes May 6th (1st come 1st serve)

23 Academic Internship Program
Who is Eligible? 16 and older 2.5 GPA or higher; good behavior and attendance Steps: Apply online - (Internship tab) If you are placed, notified Attend orientation; fill out necessary paperwork Work for 6 – 8 weeks in field of your choice When can students apply? FALL – August 20 – September 13 SPRING - November 12th - November 26th SUMMER - April 24th – May 8th

24 Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP)
Sign up - September 2014 Training dates October 2014 2:30 – 5:30 room 103 & 522 MUST attend all THREE to be considered - not guaranteed! Application Process 2.5 or higher unweighted GPA, good attendance & behavior 20 – 25 will be selected – teacher and counselor recommendations Only those recommended will receive application link – everything completed online Application due November 2014 – NO EXCEPTIONS Interviews November 2014; placement in May after passing drug screening

25 Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Minimum Requirements
GPA 2.8 or higher CPCC placement test MATH SKILLS A MUST! Algebra I & II; another math prerequisite Paid internship/classes during summer - $8 hr If selected: Free tuition to CPCC (4 yrs) Paid while in school and training (start at $9 – end $13.50; bonuses) AAS Degree in Mechatronics Engineering Technology NC Dept of Labor Journeyman Certification GUARANTEED job after graduating but you do not have to stay w/ company Starting salary minimum $34,000! Open house – Saturday, December 2014; parents must attend – MUST RSVP!!!! THEY WILL HAVE A TABLE AT THE CAREER & COLLEGE FAIR


27 Applying to College

28 Where Do You Begin? Research Minimum Admissions Requirements
Campus Life Major Cost College Visits Begin the Application Process Take the SAT/ACT Complete the Application Transcript Send SAT/ACT Scores Request Letters of Recommendations (if applicable) Write Essays Schedules Interviews (if applicable) Submit Application Fee or Waiver (if applicable)

29 SAT Preferred, but ACT accepted
Type of College Type GPA SAT Score ACT Score Cost Harvard College Ivy League 95% in the top tenth R: M: W: 31-34 Tuition and Fees: $38,416 Room and Board: $12,308 Duke University Private 92% in the top tenth R: M: W: 30-34 Tuition and Fees: $45,376 Room and Board: $12,902 UNC Chapel Hill Public 3.75 or higher 96% R: M: W: 27-32 Tuition and Fees: $7,693 Room and Board: $9,734 North Carolina State R: M: W: 24-29 Tuition and Fees: $7,788 Room and Board: $8,414 UNC Greensboro 3.75 or higher 40% R: M: W: SAT Preferred, but ACT accepted Tuition and Fees: $6,086 Room and Board: $7,228 Queens University R: M: W: 20-26 Tuition and Fees: $27,576 Room and Board: $10,152 East Carolina 3.75 or higher 44% R: M: W: 20-24 Tuition and Fees: $5,869 Room and Board: $8,300 North Carolina A&T 34% R: M: 17-21 Tuition and Fees: $5 059 Room and Board: $7,350 Winston Salem State 35% in the top quarter R: M: 16-19 Tuition and Fees: $4,960 Room and Board: $7,506 Central Piedmont Community College Open Admission Not required Tuition and Fees: $2,156

30 College Admission Tests Taking the SAT and/or ACT
College Board School Code: Test Dates and Times Juniors should register for the May or June SAT and/or June ACT Fee Waivers Please see your counselor to see if you qualify for a fee waiver. 2 for the SAT, 2 for the ACT, 4 College Application Fee Waivers Sending Scores Scores have to be sent directly from the testing agency for college admission.

31 FREE SAT/ACT TEST PREP The Triumph College Admissions Online Study Guide for SAT and the TCA Online Study Guide for ACT are free online tools available to help you prepare for taking the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. You may use these study guides at any time. Use the study guides to learn more about the test, review specific skills, take practice quizzes, and track your progress.

32 How to Log In and Use Triumph Online Study Guide & Final Prep
Step 1: Click on the link to your school's TCA Online Study Guide website (at left). This will bring you to the Online Study Guide where you can log in. Step 2: Log into the Student Study Guide Homepage Enter your NC Wise Student ID # as the username (Note: If you don’t know your NC Wise Student ID #, go to your school’s office and ask them to look it up for you.) Enter your birthdate (YYYYMMDD) as the password Click the “login” button Step 3: Select a Test Prep Option Step 4: Once you are in your selected test preparation option, begin with the overview and complete the steps as directed.

33 Funding your College Education

34 Components of College Expenses
Tuition and Fees Room and Board Books and Supplies Personal Expenses Transportation

35 Types of Financial Aid Gift Aid Self-Help Aid Grants Scholarships
Loans Work-Study Program

36 Scholarships Scholarships—You have to meet certain criteria, such as academic achievement or participation/involvement in extracurricular activities. GPA SAT/ACT Community Involvement Leadership Ability Essays Letters of Recommendation Investigate Scholarships early. The sooner you start your search, the sooner you’ll know what is out there and what you have to do to be awarded a scholarship.





41 Completing your FAFSA Step 1: Gather the documents you need. Start with your Social Security Number, driver’s license, income tax returns, bank statements, and investment records. Step 2: Print a FAFSA on the Web Worksheet. Write in your answers and gather your parents' information then transfer the data to FAFSA on the Web. Step 3: Plan how to sign your FAFSA. Sign electronically with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or by mailing in a signature page. Step 4: Apply for a PIN now! Speed up the process by signing your FAFSA electronically with your PIN. Your parent can sign electronically too. Step 5: Check your eligibility for federal student aid.

42 FAFSA Website:

43 Have a wonderful evening.
Questions Thank you for coming. Have a wonderful evening.

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