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CA Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo Barcelona, 7-10 November 2011 gartner

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1 CA Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo Barcelona, 7-10 November 2011 Kobi Korsah & Rossana Bolis Morning all I’m Kobi Korsah - I’m responsible for Service Assurance Product Marketing and am jointly responsible (with Rossana Bolis) for CA Technologies Gartner Symposium and ITXpo this year. Rossana is on the call but has asked me to lead as she is on mute at the Partner Summit. She will attempt to field any organisational and logistical questions that do arise in a timely manner but can you hold your questions till the question breaks at the middle and end. Thank you for taking the time to join us. We appreciate your time and welcome to Q3. I will get the need to know information out of the way in the next 20 minutes or so then those who do need to drop off for any residual quarter end related stuff can do so. You should all have received a live-meeting link and should now be able to see the holding slide on the presentation we are going to use. If anyone needs a pdf instead please shout now. Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

2 Agenda Event profile, theme, and messaging Objectives
CA Technologies sessions CA Technologies stand & solution lead experts 1on1 opportunities Press and social media activities Complimentary pass distribution AOB This year this event represents an unprecedented opportunity to engage prospects and promote CA Technologies: This call is to provide an overview of CA Technologies presence at the event, including: Theme and messaging Objectives CA Technologies sessions CA Technologies stand & solution lead experts 1on1 opportunities Press and social media activities Complimentary pass distribution AOB

CA Technologies is the only top five ITOM sponsor of Gartner Symposium / ITXPO! Largest / most important annual gathering of CIOs & senior IT Delivers insights, tools and relationships necessary to Create, validate & execute transformative business technology strategies Embrace new rules & realities to innovate, transform & grow Gartner’s theme is REIMAGINE IT: LEADING FROM THE FRONT Even better if … You can make transformational IT happen at the Speed of Business - across the entire dynamic IT supply chain Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is the industry's largest and most important annual gathering of CIOs and senior IT leaders. Arguably it is the industry's only event to deliver the insights, tools and relationships necessary to create, validate and execute transformative business technology strategies. Gartner’s 2011 theme is REIMAGINE IT: LEADING FROM THE FRONT Gartner’s theme is Re-imagine IT: Leading from the Front. They go on to say that IT leadership must now re-imagine how new technologies can be embraced and used for competitive advantage; because faced with increasing demands from customers, employees and competitors who are acquiring higher levels of IT fluency, business leaders are turning to IT to lead the way.  They are challenging and advising CIOs to Re-imagine a business structure in which information users are simultaneously creators and consumers, and innovation occurs in an open, unstructured environment. Re-imagine information technology through a process of “creative destruction” that requires IT leaders to know how and where to tear down what they have in order to create what they need. Re-imagine the evolving role of the IT department as a whole, and your own role and responsibilities as an effective IT leader. At risk of stating the patently obvious, this makes joined up ITOM across the entire dynamic IT supply chain more relevant than ever. And as none of our major competitors will be there we will be able to take full advantage! In a nutshell what we are saying to them is Reimagine IT: then make transformational IT happen with greater speed and agility. More on that in a few minutes… 2

4 3,000+, 1,500+ CIOs, 1,800+ companies (96% EMEA) All interested in ...*
Top Business Priorities Top Technology Priorities Increasing enterprise growth Cloud computing Attracting and retaining new customers Virtualization Reducing enterprise costs Mobile technologies Creating new products or services (innovation) IT management Improving business processes Business Intelligence (BI) Implementing and updating business applications Networking, voice and data comms That message takes some cues from the conversation Gartner wants to have with them but seeks to move things on in our direction. Like us, these CIOs need to ensure that diminishing budgets are deployed to even greater effect. So we will be engaging with them on the CIO front of mind issues identified by Gartner in their pre-event poll. They have ten but here are the top six Source: Gartner EXP (January 2011). The CIOs surveyed represent more than $160 billion in corporate and public-sector. IT spending, encompassing 2,014 enterprises across 38 industries and 50 countries.

5 Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo Snapshot
There will be a comprehensive program dedicated to all aspects of this theme as illustrated on this slide. 300 sessions over 4 days including role based sessions, maverick sessions, debates, MQs Case Studies, and of course solution provider sessions. Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

6 What does Reimagine IT Leading from the Front really mean…
If we look under the covers of Gartner’s program we can see that What they are saying is that CIOs have the opportunity to RE-IMAGINE IT to meet business needs for GROWTH, take advantage of CLOUD (and other transormational technologies) services and economics, and RAISE THE STRATEGIC RELEVANCE of IT They are saying that CIOs will be asked to increase the DIGITIZATION of their organizations and drive greater INNOVATION on FLAT BUDGETS so CIOs must engage in a new SUCCESS CYCLE that concentrates on changing BENEFITS REALIZATION and IT SKILL BUILDING CIOs who accept this challenge gain the BUSINESS INFLUENCE they have sought for years For more context and full details please go to

7 Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo Framework
There will be 10 tracks of content... The IT Leader experience is designed to cover ... Insight & Tools with a robust role agenda; Relationships with peer learning and networking; Vendor Access with MQ Sessions and vendor meetings; Personal Analyst advice via one on one meetings. Incidentally there will be 90+ Gartner Analysts and 85+ Solution Providers The Cross role content includes some interesting future proofing stuff and will cover trends such as MOBILE, SOCIAL, CLOUD and CONTEXT; Strategic and Key intiatives. Of course we have a great deal to say about all of these. Event brochure: Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

8 Gartner is Highlighting 4 big IT Shaping Trends:
Mobile: What opportunities and challenges will usher in the new generation of “everywhere computing”? Social: What are the advantages and disadvantages for businesses to participate in the world of social networking? Cloud: What are the benefits or shortfalls companies need to know to stay ahead of the cloud curve? Context: All roads lead to context. The need for systems to handle the complexity of a socially enabled, cloud connected, mobile world is just beginning Of course CA Technologies has a great deal to say about these developments both because of our heritage and pedigree across the IT supply chain but also as a result of our aggressive evolution of the ITOM portfolio and astute acquisitions such as ITKO. These sessions will bring the following into sharp focus Transformational IT Datacenter expansion Cloud, cloud preparation, virtualization Outsourcing management & preparation Consumerisation of IT Revenue growth & protection Revenue platform consolidation – create more adaptive, resilient infrastructure to enable more products to be brought to market faster Increase throughput of IT, reduce utilization Operational excellence & organizational maturity Improve efficiency, labor reduction, removal of silos Tools & platform rationalization The CA Technologies team is made up of a select bunch of highly capable guys and gals who are happy to engage… Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

9 Guest Keynotes Peter Ayliffe, President & CEO
Steve Chambers, EVP & CIO Phil Pavitt, CIO & Director General of Change Gerry Pennell, CIO, London Olympics There will be a number of senior industry figures and CIO’s delivering keynotes and of course there will be a Gartner opening keynote focusing on the many facets of the theme. There will also be a number of case studies including: The CIO of Caixa Galacia on “Productivity in Application Development in a Banking Environment” The Chief IT Architect of Heineken on “How Heineken Addresses the new era of Operational Intelligence and Performance Management” The Chief IT Risk at Investec on “The Misnomer of the IT Security Department and Other Lessons Learned” Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law & Computer Science

10 CA Technologies Objectives
Connect with as many delegates as possible Collect 500 qualified contacts Facilitate 30 qualified project-related meetings 5 pipe progression meetings Drive awareness of CA Technologies enhanced capability Increase perception of CA Technologies as a thought leader Social media coverage (videos, on-site tweets and blogs) Our objectives are simple: Collect 500 qualified contacts; which will be processed immediately after the event Facilitate 30 qualified project-related meetings Enable 5 pipe progression meetings with existing customers for executives and solution experts Drive awareness through thought leadership (presentations and stand branding) Social media coverage (videos, on-site tweets and blogs) Just let everyone you speak to know that we are premier sponsor of this impressive event and that if they are attending we would love to help maximize the value to them via the many CA Technologies facilities which will be at their disposal Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

11 CA Technologies Positioning
CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company. Our products enable customers to automate, manage and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services. CA Technologies makes agility possible. [Click] CA Technologies is a leading IT management software and solutions company operating globally in virtually every major IT market. Our products enable customers to manage, automate and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services. #1 management Software Vendor according to Forrester Research 30+ years in business managing complex heterogeneous environments $4.5 billion annual revenue and strong profits ~$500 million and ~5,000 people annually designing and supporting software Customers in virtually every country, including majority of Forbes Global 2000 Ranked among the top 50 Greenest US companies *Source: Forrester Research, Inc., “Who’s Who in IT Management Software 2.0” by Jean-Pierre Garbani and Thomas Mendel, August 12, 2010 May 10, [Presentation Title] Copyright © 2010 CA

12 CA TECHNOLOGIES / GARTNER SYMPOSIUM ITXPO 2011 / 7-10 NOV IT at the Speed of Business
To ensure maximum decision maker and primary influencer engagement we are adopting a strategy that mirrors Gartner’s AND have adopted the CA World theme. This is coupled with our corporate mantra “Agility Made Possible” to underscore extreme relevance of CA Technologies strategy, vision and solutions. What WE are there to show and tell them is that with CA Technologies they can both re-imagine AND make transformational IT a reality at the Speed of Business - across the entire dynamic IT supply chain. Speed is the new mandate and there’s never been a greater need for IT to move at the constantly accelerating speed of business—with greater agility. CA Technologies Makes Agility Possible. It’s relevant and addresses the current demands placed on IT to empower their company to respond faster, leveraging new development and delivery models—while controlling costs. Consumer-driven IT—fueled by mobile and social technology—is accelerating the need for infrastructure and applications that can satisfy the pervasive demand for real-time data and services. CEOs need to be able to shift their business models quickly to keep pace or get ahead of the competition. They need services and solutions that can be deployed in days, not months. This puts growing pressure on CIOs to find more agile ways to deliver applications, solutions &services to meet the needs of the business. In this environment, IT management and security are more important than ever. And no one is better positioned than CA Technologies to meet our attendees management and security needs across all IT environments—from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud.   Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

13 IT at the Speed of Business because… Reduced cycle time is imperative
There’s never been a greater need for IT to move at the constantly accelerating speed of business – with greater agility Agility is relevant & addresses current demands placed on IT to empower their company to respond faster, leveraging new development and delivery models – while controlling costs In this highly dynamic environment comprehensive assured IT management & security is more important than ever No one is better positioned to meet these needs across all IT environments – mainframe & distributed, to virtual & cloud Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

14 CA Technologies Sessions
Optimising the Investment Portfolio Speaker: Dr. Hauke Heier (ACCENTURE) Date: Tuesday, 8 November Time: 11: :00 | Location: Room 111 The Transformation of IT Speaker: Bjarne Rasmussen Date: Tuesday, 8 November Time: 12: :35 | Location: Theatre 4 IT Transformation at the Swedish Board for Study Support Case Study Speaker: Jorgen Manneby, PMO Director Date: Wednesday, 9 November Time: 11: :00 | Location: Room 111 Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

15 No one does ITOM better or with greater speed and agility across the IT supply chain…
Cloud Choice: Your Cloud Your Way Securely Controlling Identities, Access, and Information Use From On-Premise to Cloud: Hybrid Data Protection Innovate and Assure Services: Better, Faster, Cheaper Enabling Agility with IT Management-as-a -Service Drive Business Value with Service & Portfolio Management The genius bar will be staffed by experienced and business savvy technologists from across the organisation covering these areas. Data Centre of the Future videos and more recent CA World material will be leveraged; and each designated geniuses is providing the most relevant and up to date content for their area. We will not be doing full technical demos on stand and so have no demo pods. However each roving genius will be equipped with a fully loaded iPad and will have access to a separate facility in our meeting room where they are welcome to handle in depth technology discussion over their laptop. We will of course be highlighting both relevant recent research jointly conducted with external experts; and recent extensions to our prtfolio. I will have invited ITKO and am reaching out to others to offer proxy arrangements. Automate and Optimize Service Delivery across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures Next-Generation Mainframe Management Copyright © 2010 CA. All rights reserved.

16 Stand Messaging to include Graphics Promoting…
Sessions with speaker photos & bios Stand interaction with genius photos & expertise Description of solution areas represented Agile/Speed Bar: demos during the day & drinks in the evening Facilities include: AV equipment: iPads for Solution Leads + (2) large plasma screen for looped stand deck + corporate video Attractions: agile/speed bar and F1 race simulator

17 Event Landing Page Embedded hyperlink to event landing page on our logo posted in Gartner Symposium/ITxpo microsite

18 Advert in Conference Program Guide
A5 size, full page colour advert in the onsite showguide To promote CA Technologies message and drive traffic to our sessions CTA: attend our sessions / visit our stand to get a free copy of the recently published Mobile Economic Time report by Professor C Jayawardhena

19 CA Technologies Premier Sponsor Package also includes...
Passes (5) full conference passes (CA Technologies reps) (5) full conference passes (clients & prospects) (16) booth staff passes (2) speaker passes (8) unnamed conference session passes for CA Technologies reps (50) ITxpo only passes CA Technologies sponsor discount of € on regular conference fee Marketing: pre-event print & virtual Brochures: logo & A-Z listing Web: Logo and 200-word description Logo in HTML marketing communications Marketing: on-site onsite guide: logo and 200-word product descriptions (1) full page, 4-colour event guide advert branded drinks reception

20 Pass Allocation Customer exhibition only passes (50)
Speaker passes (2) Dr. Hauke Heier, Accenture Customer speaker Bjarne Rasmussen – on Gartner invitation Customer full conference passes (5) SOUTH: 2 4 Requested by IBERIA La Caixa, Spain Regional Government or Iberdrola, Spain Carlos Vaz, IT Director, DolceVita Shopping, Portugal João Fazendeiro, Senior Manager, Mainroad, Portugal NORDICS: 1 DACH: 1 UKI: 1 Customer exhibition only passes (50) All allocated to Spain for local Barcelona customers CA Employee full conference passes (5) DACH: 1 Manfred Eierle, VP Area Sales NORDICS: 1 - tbc SOUTH: 2 – tbc 1 requested by IBERIA for CA Barcelona AM to escort customers UKI: 1 - tbc

21 Pass Allocation Booth staff passes (16*) Sales Escorts / Networking
Switzerland: Lukas Bosshard (cfmd) Nordics: Mika Gerlander (req.) Benelux: George Groenenstein – PA (req.) SA: George Chintala (req) Germany: Udo Drabke – SAP (req) Listed in order of request date PPM TP Henriette Busch (tbc) – pass funded by Helge Scheil CC Ilir Bejiko: Security Patrick Bojko: Mainframe Simon Grice: PPM Kobi Korsah: APM & SA Alex Matthews: IM & SA Jonathan Price: Automation & Virtualisation Chris Rae: Cloud TBC: ITKO TBC: Data Management PRESS: Tariq Ahmed Show manager: Rossana Bolis (*) in combination with 8 unnamed session passes to attend event sessions

22 CA Technologies Press Program
Pre-show media alert and video – SMNR for 31 Oct Twitter activity – including Tweetbank and live Tweeting at the event Planning and posting of related blogs Onsite videos of visitors to CA booth, partners, speakers and customers – planning and posting on to YouTube Onsite poll and competition followed by post show blog and media alert Press invitation and pitch for  countries Press pack Management of press attendees on site including interviews, etc,. Spokesperson prep  / leveraging of content for SlideShare

23 Invitation Templates Outlook text template: to invite your customers and prospects and offer a € discount on the standard registration fee (see encls.) CA Technologies/Gartner co-branded HTML invite in the works (currently with Gartner for approval)

24 Promotion / Awareness Pre-Show At-Show
All-Hand Call & presentation deck Co-branded to offer discount tickets PR: media alert, tweeting, videos, blogs Posting on local EMEA Posting on OneCA At-Show Social media Nightly s to scanned visitorsPost Show 1on1 meeting schedule 1on1 CA hosts / customers / Gartner analysts Thank you with CTA + link to download report

25 Networking Opportunities (ITxpo receptions)
Monday 7 Nov, 18:00-20:00: Barcelona Magic – celebrating the move from Cannes to Barcelona in a very traditional yet vibrant “Spanish” style. Evening reception complete with food and drinks from the region and iconic Landmark quiz questions and a map game CA Technologies will participate in along with other sponsors Tuesday 8 Nov, 17:45-19:30: Geek Chic – entertainment and quiz questions for attendees to rediscover some of the great technologies inventions that have influenced the world today Wednesday 9 Nov, 17:45-20:00: Out of this World – The final night and an “out of this world experience” for attendees. A sci-fi evening inspired by Gartner’s global Symposia series CA Technologies will take part in the quiz quest and themed drinks will be offered at our stand

26 Networking Opportunities (Custom Dinners)
Please contact Rossana Bolis if you wish to host a dinner for a select group of customers (area / country / account / solution) Rossana will assist with restaurant recommendations and bookings You’re responsible for inviting your customers You’re responsible for getting approval from finance and legal You will need to cover costs from your cost center

27 Networking Opportunities (Other)
Face to Face meetings: promoted on event website Onsite team to join delegates at lunch, during breaks, evening receptions and sessions Leverage CA Technologies sessions, stand demos and stand attractions Gartner ITxpo is on Linkedin, Twitter, FB: join the groups Onsite team to customise their event profile and sign up for networking Include event in your social network profiles

28 Other Planned Peripheral Activities (Closed Session)
George Groenenstein (Netherlands AM) Seminar for select group of 6-10 CIOs from Benelux Public Sector followed by dinner ‘How can you reduce the workload related to Governance, Management & Security of your evolving IT-environment’

29 On-Site Team Update

30 Onsite CA Technologies team (confirmed)
Area Sales VP DACH: Manfred Eierle Speakers Bjarne Rasmussen, CA Technologies Dr. Hauke Heier, Accenture EMEA customer press Tariq Ahmed event marketing lead Kobi Korsah Solution Lead Experts Ilir Bejiko: Security Patrick Bojko: Mainframe Simon Grice: PPM Kobi Korsah: APM & SA Alex Matthews: IM & SA Jonathan Price: Automation & Virtualisation Chris Rae: Cloud TBC: ITKO Show manager Rossana Bolis

31 ITxpo Opening Times date time activity Sunday 6 November 17:00 - 20.00
set-up for global and Premier sponsors Monday 7 November 09: 11: set-up for all sponsors ITxpo live and opening drinks reception – Theme: Barcelona Magic Tuesday 8 November ITxpo open ITxpo drinks reception – Theme: Geek Chic 20.00 – 22.00 Executive Programs reception Wednesday 9November 12.00 – 20.00 17.45 – 21.00 ITxpo final themed evening – Theme: Out of this World 21.00 ITxpo closes and breakdown begins 22.00 showfloor to be clear of all sponsor materials

32 Logistics Registration: centrally managed by Rossana Bolis
Event venue: CCIB – Rambla de Prim 1-17, Barcelona Hotel accommodation: a room block has been secured over the conference dates to cover the pass allocation included in the sponsorship package at AC Hotel Barcelona Forum (walking distance to conference venue) CA Technologies attendees would need to pay for their hotel room and expense through corporate CA policy Travel: CA Technologies attendees to book their own travel following corporate policy Customer speaker(s): CA Technologies to cover hotel, accommodation and ground transportation costs Customer attending on funded tickets: CAT to cover ticket cost (*), customers responsible for travel and accommodation (*) regular conference fee: €4, VAT less € CA Technologies sponsor discount

33 How to get to CCIB CCIB – Rambla de Prim 1-17, Barcelona
Barcelona's El Prat Airport is located 13km south-east of the city, 20km from the CCIB. It is a min taxi ride depending on traffic conditions Public transportation: closest metro station: Maresme-Fòrum station on the yellow line, L4 bus (lines 7, 36, 41, 43 and 141) and the Trambesòs tram line (Forum station)

34 local area map CA Technologies room block: AC Hotel Barcelona Forum – Paseo Taulat 278, Barcelona

35 useful information Climate: The weather in Barcelona is pleasant most of the year round. Though still pleasant, it starts to get cooler in November. Average high temperature ranges between 8°C and 17°C. Please come prepared for some overcast and rainy days. Currency: The official currency is the Euro (EUR; symbol €). Dress Code: The dress code throughout is business. Electricity: Spain operates on 220 Volts and 50Hz on AC. Dress code for CA Technologies onsite team: business + CA Technologies branded pin

36 event venue floorplan registration entrance
CA Technologies sessions: room 111 ITxpo area CA Technologies stand: PS4 CA Technologies session: Theater 4

37 Gartner ITxpo floorplan & CA Technologies stand
CA Technologies stand: PS4

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