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FED – Professional Association for Design, Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Manufacturing - Founded in 1992 Ihr Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten-

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1 FED – Professional Association for Design, Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Manufacturing - Founded in 1992 Ihr Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung = Your Trade Association for Design, Printed Circuit Boards and Electronics Production

2 Our mission statement For the FED it is mission and obligation to make a substantial contribution to the competitiveness of the electronics industry, offering professional training and constant education, providing IPC-standards and guidelines and promoting exchange of experience.

3 FED (Association for Electronic Design)
Members Executive Board President Rainer Thüringer, Ph.D. Design Erika Reel PCB Sven Nehrdich Assembly Patrick v. Unold Finances Harald Steininger Regional Groups Klaus Dingler IPC-DC & Education Rainer Thüringer Ph.D. IPC & Standards Rainer Taube

4 FED (Association for Electronic Design)
FED-Office (located in Berlin) General Manager Stephan Weyhe, Ph.D. Technical Manager Michael Ihnenfeld Standards & Publications Dietmar Baar Seminars & Conferences Antje Brandt Sandra Köckeritz Database Homepage Christina Griegel Sandra Köckeritz FED-/IPC-Documents Silke Gamm

5 FED (Association for Electronic Design)
Technical Advisory Board Chief of Board Ursula Christoph 12 Regionalgroups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 26 Representatives

6 Development of membership 2006 – 2012

7 Structure of members

8 Turnover 2012 Aggregated results 2012 = 1,49 Mio. EUR 8 8 8

9 Our field of activity The FED was founded in Berlin in 1992.
The FED is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (total population: 100 million). The FED has around 640 members, thereof 580 companies. (cf.: There are approx. 350 EMS and 80 printed circuit board companies in Germany.) By 12 regional groups the FED has a high market penetration and local presence in a market with a total revenue of the electronics industry of € 190 billion (D, A, CH).

10 Our target groups The FED is partner for identification, processing and forwarding up-to-date know-how for Engineers CAD designers Printed circuit board manufacturers Electronic assembly manufacturers

11 IPC courses and trainings
The FED supports the development of new standards and guidelines in national and international bodies. The FED is fully licensed IPC Training Center The FED performs high level training for PCB-designers 900 electronics technicians out of 4,500 worldwide did achieve the qualification CID(+) in the FED training courses (800 CID & 120 CID+ from 2000 to 2012)

12 Our engagement in IPC guidelines
Following the People‘s Republic of China the FED has translated the largest number of IPC guidelines so far. Sales and distribution of guidelines is supported by qualified and personal consultation. This is one of the most important contributions to the implementation of the strategic targets of the IPC.

13 Our image The FED has a high quality first class offer of seminars with many specialized topics. The FED has an excellent image according to a member survey conducted in 2011. The fluctuation is very low in direct comparison to other associations (approx. 5% p.a.). The FED undertakes substantial efforts to implement training of PCB-design in schools, vocational colleges and technical universities.

14 Knowledge management is our business.
Identification of knowledge requirements by Surveys among participants of seminars, conferences and specialist conferences Observation of competitors Observing legislation demands Individual recordings

15 Knowledge management is our business.
Identification of suitable knowledge by Literature and internet research Consulting experts Participating in specialist conferences Professional input from Board of Directors and Advisory Board FED forum (approx. 2,500 members) Working groups on several advanced issues

16 Transfer of knowledge Developing special concepts for seminars and courses Translation of IPC standards and guidelines Interpretation of standards and guidelines content Extracting knowledge into monographies - the FED Library of Knowledge Presentation of knowledge in conferences and regional chapters Selling standards and guidelines Organizing seminars and trainings

17 Benefits for members Exclusive discounts for FED seminars and training courses Discounted prices for IPC guidelines and FED documents Free participation in the regional chapter meetings Quarterly FED magazine for members Promotion of company events on a FED website diary Free membership in the FED supplier web compendium Free web job advertisements Free participation in the annual meeting of managing directors

18 Benefits for members Assurance of individual specialized qualification
Identification of technological trends at an early stage Easy access to an extensive library of actual knowledge Maintenance of existing customers Aquisition of new customers Access to insider know-how Informations regarding the membership under > Verband

19 Focusing on quality management at FED
The FED is an IPC-licensed training center for IPC-J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-7711/21 The complete training program with training slides, examination questions/answers, instructor guides, IPC-guidelines and all necessary forms is available in German language. 

20 Highlights in 2013 IPC / FED Conference – Embedded Components on June 4./5th Location: Frankfurt/Main 4th PCB-Designer Day on May 14th Location: Vogel Convention Center, Würzburg 21st FED Conference on Sept Location: MARITIM Hotel & Congress Center Bremen

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