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Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”

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1 Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”
Addressing cross border migration and human trafficking along Indo - Nepal border Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”

2 About MSS “SEVA” Established in 1988
With the mission to ensure the socio –economic development of vulnerable sections of the society especially women and children Working in Uttar Pradesh, uttarakhand and Bihar Our activities are based on a 3 dimensional strategic view: Development Activities Health Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Security Climate Change Education HIV/AIDS Rights based Activities Promoting Safe Migration and Preventing cross border Human Trafficking Child Rights Women Empowerment Land Rights and Dalit Rights Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Management Care of Elderly People

3 Safe Migration & Anti-Human Trafficking Program
CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS May MSS & NHRC organized a study alongside the Indo-Nepal border and it was found that cross border area along Indo-Nepal border is a trafficking prone zone. October 2001 – MSS hosted a sensitization program for POLICE, SSB, Media houses and NGOs in which the study reports were shared. June 2002 – First life guard center (First NGO + Police partnership model in South Asia – recommended by NHRC) was established by MSS at Sonauli, Maharajganj December 2003 – Life guard centers established in Siddharth Nagar, Gorakhpur and Bahraich Development Practitioners from 5 countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Pakistan) in South Asia gathered on a common platform to discuss Cross Border Human Trafficking. 2005 – Formation of Cross Border Anti Trafficking Network 2006 – Country level Toll free anti-trafficking helpline established 2007 – Life guard centers established in Uttarakhand, Bihar and West Bengal 2009 – integration of Safe Migration in human trafficking program and association with SSB

4 Geographic Area - MSS

5 Geographic Area - CBATN

6 Approach Target Group Primary Target Group Cross border migrants with focus on women and girls Secondary Target Group State Police Departments Cross Border Media (print and electronic) Parliamentarians Cross border administration Border Security Agency -Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Recruitment Agencies CBATN Network NGO members We address human trafficking using the 3 Ps Model: Prevention Protection Prosecution

7 Strategy Mobilization and awareness raising
Easy access to relevant migration related information Behavioral and attitudinal change Building positive partnerships with law enforcing authorities Sensitization and capacity building of stakeholders Migrant/victim friendly border management and cross border governance Advocacy and lobbying with cross border parliamentarian Creating a unified cross border level platform of media persons Sensitizing Recruitment Agencies against illegal migration

8 Prevention - Major Activities
Rights based booth - To facilitate safe and informed mobility and combat human trafficking Partnership with Sashastra SeemaBal (SSB) in Indian side of the border to facilitate migrant and victim friendly border management Media coalition - to visualize migrant rights violation and advocate for migrant friendly policies Coalition of Recruitment Agencies: For prevention of Illegal Migration Community based vigilance mechanism: to encourage and strengthen public action & participation

9 Prevention – Major achievements
cross border migrants have been counseled through the migration information booths 9756 apparent victims of human trafficking have been repatriated / reintegrated 150 SSB personnel's trained on promoting safe migration and preventing human trafficking SSB is assisting MSS at 4 Border Out-Posts of Sonauli, Thoothibari, Aligadawa, and Badhni with counseling of cross border Migrants and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Repatriation of apparent victims of human trafficking. SSB is distributing IEC materials developed by MSS to cross border migrants through its 12 border check posts. 216 Media personnel trained on the nexus between migration and human trafficking and 208 media articles have been published since then 27 recruitment agencies are allied with Association for promotion of safe migration – a network of man power agencies 127 CBOs have been formed by MSS with the help of CBATN partner NGOs in the cross border region of India and Nepal. Theses CBOs underwent an intensive capacity building program on human trafficking, migration and domestic violence. As a result 64 cases of domestic violence have been reported by CBOs and 91 victims have been rescued with assistance from CBOs.

10 Outreach volunteers and SSB personnel at cross border transit point
Outreach volunteers engaging with vulnerable migrants CBOs formed by MSS & CBATN NGO Partners Cross border media sensitization meeting

11 Protection – Major Activities
Half Way Home - Facilitating right based repatriation, Vocational Trainings Cross border governance – Building positive partnerships to augment and reinforce the ongoing efforts of different stakeholders in a collaborative and effective manner Regional parliamentarian/legislatives forum – to integrate voice of migrants/victims in their agenda Strengthening civil society organizations – to address unsafe migration and human trafficking

12 Prevention – Major Achievements
So far, the shelter homes operated by MSS have catered to the services of 491 rescued women and Children 4 Joint Cross border coordination committees formed to further the coordination and collaboration efforts to address cross border migrant rights and human trafficking A core group of 62 key regional parliamentarians/legislators over 6 political parties formed for policy advocacy and lobbying at National level. 32 NGOs trained on designing community based intervention strategies to address unsafe migration and human trafficking 16 NGOs have integrated safe migration in their human trafficking interventions

13 Short Stay Home staff counseling rescued victims
Joint Cross Border Coordination Meeting Parliamentarians Forum TOT Program for NGOs

14 Prosecution – Major Activities
Advocacy – Sensitization of Police Personnel for better coordination Policy level advocacy for integrating human trafficking in the priority list of crimes Sensitization workshops focusing on minimum standards of rescue, reintegration Capacity Building – Intensive training programs for State Police Departments Training programs focusing on human trafficking, domestic violence and child rights Standard modes of operation while addressing human trafficking and dealing with victims of human trafficking Capacity Building of Judiciary and Advocates – To address petitions and cases filed against human traffickers For ensuring minimum standards of care while dealing with victims of human trafficking during trials For ensuring the witness protection protocol

15 Capacity building program for Law Enforcers and Judiciary
No. of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Police Personnel reached: 652 No. of Police Personnel trained: 428 No. of cases registered against human traffickers: 31

16 Relevance of a Network – experience from CBATN
Demonstrating collective impact Working collectively in 26 cross border districts 3121 cases of cross border human trafficking ( case information, rescue, family verification and repatriation) handled successfully Effectively addressing Inter state trafficking ( Sikkim – UP rescue mission) Follow up of victims repatriated across the border A united voice for effective advocacy Advocacy within UP state - anti trafficking cell in border districts Anti trafficking agenda in border management ( many BOP have taken it up) SAARC level advocacy – a uniform strategy to address migrant right violations Collective growth Most of our project consortium partners are now directly funded by government – sustaining the campaign

17 Honors MSS has been awarded the STARS IMPACT Award by STARS Foundation, U.K. under the protection category for its services to prevent child trafficking. The Life Guard Centers operated by MSS were identified as “Good Practice” to counter human trafficking by UNHABITAT in 2010. Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA” was conferred with Bronze Medal (GODFREY PHILIPS BRAVERY AWARD*) for its valiant effort in rescuing trafficked victims. * - Earlier known as RED & WHITE Bravery AWARDS.

18 Recognitions MSS “SEVA” has been nominated as member of
Expert Committee in women and trafficking, formed by National Commission Of Women, New Delhi State level Advisory Committee on Combating Child Prostitution formed by Governor of Uttar Pradesh in 2003 Central Advisory Committee on Combating Child Prostitution formed by Dept. of Women and Child evelopment, Govt. of India,New Delhi Joint cross border coordination committee to combat trafficking formed by the Ministry of Women, Child & Social Welfare, Govt. of Nepal District Mahila Bal kalian Samiti , Maharajganj MSS Executive Director has been identified as “SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER” to support UP Police in addressing Human Trafficking

19 For more information you can write to
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