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Developing You: Steps to Develop Your Professional Footprint By Ginger Wilson University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine.

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1 Developing You: Steps to Develop Your Professional Footprint By Ginger Wilson University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

2 Objectives To provide the tools and knowledge on how to Develop You and turn your thought process to self promotion. To define and develop a self brand that fits you. To provide a variety of skill sets that the you can implement to show added value in any position and ways to use them for self promotion.

3 Developing You Changing your thought process Developing your thoughts from others to yourself Be humble yet confident

4 Finding Your Passion How do you find your passion in your career? Where does that passion lead you? Are you spreading your skill set to broadly? The passions that you have for the tasks that you enjoy are going to be the positive reinforcements that will advance your career. by Britt Simonson, CDIM Clerkship Administrator

5 Ways to build your self confidence Join organizations – Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine APDIM Program Administrators CDIM Clerkship Administrators – Groups on Educational Affairs Northeast Southern Central Western – National Association of Professional Women

6 Ways to build your self confidence con., Social Networks on the Professional Level – AAIM Connect Groups of Interest Discussion boards – LinkedIn Groups of special interest Connect with other professionals Connect with school alumni Receive weekly articles of interest

7 Additional Ways to Build Self Confidence Follow blogs – Glass Hospital : Demystifying Medicine one week at a time. by Dr. John Schumann, University of Oklahoma, School of Community Medicine Join a journal club Attend seminars and workshops in your area Attend regional and national conferences – AAIM Medicine Week – AAMC

8 Still More Ways to Build Self Confidence Join a committee Participate in a mentoring program Certifications – TagMe – ACUME, Inc. Collaborate with colleagues in areas of research, innovations, professional development. Expand your knowledge base – Webinars – Journal articles

9 Scenario #1 You are in a room full of people not connected to the medical world and someone approaches you introduces their self and ask you what you do for a living and you tell them you are a Residency Program Coordinator. We all know that look they smile and say oh that is nice, when really they are thinking what in the world is that. So when they ask you so what all does that entail what you do tell them?

10 Developing your Self Brand What is self branding Who are you? What do you want others to know about you? Make a lasting impression

11 Examples of Self Brands Top Ten List - David Letterman Just Do It – Tiger Woods and Nike TVs toughest trainer – Jillian Michaels Team Beard – Matt Bischoff, Survivor 2013

12 Another Example I am taking flight while a lifetime of love encourages me to soar!

13 Revised Example Student Program Coordinator with 6 years of developing a passion for organizing the educational experiences of medical students, creating concepts to enhance their learning and being an advocate for their concerns, celebrations and well being. This has led to a second passion of sharing these experiences with others in the field of medical education, encouraging professional development and providing opportunities for others to grow. I am taking flight while a lifetime of love encourages me to soar!

14 Scenario #2 You are a member of an organization and the officers and members of the organization created an all day walkathon that would raise money for juvenile diabetes. Everyone worked on obtaining sponsors, door prizes, gift bags for the participants and organizing the event. It was a huge success and at the end of the day the newspaper interviewed one of the officers about the event. Her response was, It has been a lot of hard work but I am thankful that I was able to pull together such a successful event for those with juvenile diabetes. If you were a member of this organization how would you feel?

15 Self Promoting/Bragging? Self Promoting - Listing your achievements in the proper venues. With self promoting you are aware of what activities mean to the people you work with, how others have contributed to your success and how it all impacts the organization. Bragging - Bragging is ego-oriented and intrusive. Bragging is all about me, myself and I. Promoting your self at all costs.

16 Self Promotion Walking the fine line between self promotion and self boasting. How to share good things that happen to you Find a champion

17 Making the Switch Building added value – Taking technology courses – Learn a new skill that follows your passion – Step outside of your comfort zone – Volunteer for a local charitable organization Resume / Curriculum Vitae – Switching from a resume to CV – Building you profile

18 Resume What is a resume? – A resume is brief and concise. – Usually no more than one or two pages.

19 Curriculum Vitae What is a curriculum vitae? – It is longer and a more detailed synopsis – A complete history of your education, academic background, research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.

20 Information for a CV Are you sitting there thinking you dont have enough information for a CV, well lets just see? – You might be surprised

21 New Items that are appearing on CVs Social media sites Groups on social media sites you are involved with. Blogs Webinars Seminars

22 Scenario #3 It is time for you annual evaluation and you are being asked to provide a list of things that you have done throughout the year. You have been involved with several different activities and feel as though a list will not provide enough information that will thoroughly explain your involvement to your supervisor what can you do?

23 Achievement Journal A place to get a log of your activities. A place to write down things you learned. A place to write down your successes. Only positive things go into your achievement journal.

24 Portfolios What is a portfolio? – A portfolio is a purposeful collection of work that tells a story of your personal and professional growth and achievement. – It should be characterized by a strong vision of content, skills and processes addressed, built on selection of work and referenced to criteria. – Portfolios may demonstrate a wide range of work.

25 Portfolios It demonstrates to an employer your development, achievements, and progress over time. – It lists your accomplishments – Work you have done – Awards

26 Uses of a Portfolio Employment Search Promotional Tool Educational Purpose Project Documentation

27 Know Your Intended Audience In order to create a portfolio it is necessary to know your intended audience. – You wouldnt want to bring an educational portfolio to a job interview. – Although many times they can overlap such as a documentation portfolio may be helpful to a variety of audiences.

28 Creating Your Portfolio A portfolio isnt a complete history Limited to 3 years of information You may have more than one portfolio

29 What goes into a portfolio Early and later works that you have done List of Goals CV Cover Letter Letters of Recommendation Required documents for a project Samples of your best work

30 Extras Some things that add a nice touch to a portfolio – A photograph of yourself – Personal goals – Cover that represents your topic

31 Digital Portfolio Most comprehensive portfolio. Easy availability. Captures your audience.

32 Sample Digital Portfolios

33 Sample Digital Portfolio

34 Sample Portfolios I have my personal portfolios available for you to look at.

35 Question If you could go back 10 years what information would you tell yourself that you have learned?

36 The End

37 Information Contact Information – Ginger Wilson – 918-660-3432 – Connect with me on LinkedIn – Follow my blog –

38 References LinkedIn, National Association of Professional Women group discussion. The #1 Career Mistake Capable People Make, by Greg McKeown, Dec. 6, 2012 Digital Portfolios: Not your mothers resume, LeAnn Morris Contributions from ACUME, Inc. 10 Ways to Build Your Brand Reputation Online by Deborah Shane, April 2013 3 Steps to an Outstanding Personal Branding Statement, by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, April 2013

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