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CAP ATS & SEC Overview. Table of Contents Overview of Child Assistance Program (CAP) –Student Evaluation Screen –Detail Placement Screen –General Inquiry.

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1 CAP ATS & SEC Overview

2 Table of Contents Overview of Child Assistance Program (CAP) –Student Evaluation Screen –Detail Placement Screen –General Inquiry Screen –Related Service Student Information Screen Overview of the Special Education Process –Referrals –Program Recommendation –Student Placement CAP / ATS Class Codes First Attend Dates –Case Close –Discharges Overview of ATS –Student Data Screens –ATS Reports Menu Student Information System –Special Education Component (SEC)

3 Overview of CAP What is CAP –The Child Assistance Program (CAP) is an automated on-line system that tracks students through the referral, evaluation and placement process and the delivery of services to students (ages 3 to 21). CAP provides data to the budget office for allocation of special education teachers, related service providers and assessment personnel. CAP also provides data for federal, state and medical claims. Information on students with disabilities, classes and schools is available to the field by accessing the on-line inquiry screens.

4 Security Levels Gives users different functionality Inquiry only Access –Allows users to browse student records Special Education School Administrators Data Entry Access –Allows users to update student records IEP Team –School Psychologist –Social Worker –IEP Clerical Support Staff Committees on Special Education Support Staff Integrated Service Center Special Education Support Staff

5 Browsing the Student Evaluation Inquiry Screen (SE) Displays the current and prior assessments and recommendation (Refer to the CAP Code Handbook for Code descriptions)

6 Browsing the Detail Placement Inquiry Screen (DP) Displays current and prior placement and pupil change information (Refer to the CAP Code Handbook for code descriptions)

7 Browsing the General Inquiry Screen (GI) Displays current and prior case closing, recommended Related Service and parent contact information (Refer to the CAP Code Handbook for code descriptions)

8 Browsing the Related Service Student Information Screen ( RI) Displays current and prior recommended Related Services (RS), RS status and provider information

9 CAP Student Data Menu

10 Overview of the Special Education Process Initial Referral Requires steps at the Committee of Special Education (CSE) office Requires steps at the School once the Referral has be received Timeline/ Compliance

11 Overview of the Special Education Process Reevaluations A Reevaluations must be conducted once every three years, except if, upon review of existing data and the students individual needs, the school district and the parent agree in writing that such reevaluation is unnecessary. Reevaluation will not occur more than once a year unless the district and parent agree otherwise.

12 Overview of the Special Education Process Annual Reviews Annual Reviews A students IEP must be reviewed annually and a referral is therefore not required Timeline/ Compliance

13 Program Recommendation (Refer to the CAP Code Handbook for available program recommendations) At the IEP meeting, the IEP Team determines if the student has a disability and requires special education services. The type and intensity of services and supports are identified The type of environment in which special educations services should be delivered The appropriate service language Other determinations are made

14 Student Placement Following the development of a students IEP and a recommendation for special education services, a site for the student to attend and receive SE services must be arranged. A Final Notice of Recommendation (FNR), indicating the school the student will attend and any special services they will receive is sent to the parent.

15 Special Education Programs Service CAP Program Code Description Related Service Only RSThe student receives a service or services such as: Counseling, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision Education Services, Hearing Education Services or Health Services Special Education Teacher Support Services STThis program provides direct services to students to support their academic success in the general education environment. This service can be provided both in or outside the classroom. Collaborative Team Teaching TTThis is an integrated service through which students with disabilities are educated with age appropriate peers in the general education classroom with both a general education and special education teacher assigned. Special Class Services SESpecial Class Services serves students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the general education class, even with the use of supplementary aids and services District 75SSSpecial Class in a Specialized School serves students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the regular community school.

16 ATS Grade Codes for CAP Class Codes

17 District 75

18 Hearing Services ATS Grade Codes for CAP Class Codes

19 Vision Program ATS Grade Codes for CAP Class Codes

20 Collaborative Team Teaching

21 First Attend Dates

22 Case Closing


24 Discharges SE students should be not discharged in CAP before they are discharged in ATS. Some ATS discharges are not applicable for a special education student and should not be entered in CAP. For example, students discharged in ATS with a reason code 06 or 08 (Discharge to Private/Parochial school) should not be discharged in CAP. These students are entitled to SE services in their Private and Parochial school. (Refer to the CAP Handbook / ATS Discharge Code Chart )

25 The ACP Project ATS (Automate the Schools) and CAP (Child Assistance Program) The current link between the ATS and CAP systems makes possible the sharing of 14 data elements common to both the ATS and CAP systems. These data elements are shared for all students who are active on the ATS database and on the CAP system. This means that when one of these elements is entered or changed on either system, that entry or change will be reflected in the exact same manner in the other system. For example, if a pupil accounting secretary changes a students address in ATS, that change will automatically appear in the CAP system. The converse would also be true. The fourteen common data elements are: Student Information –Last Name –First Name –Date of Birth –Sex –Place of Birth –ESL –Ethnicity –Address –Phone Number Guardian Information –Last Name –First Name –Address –Phone Number –Relationship Code The link will also permit the immediate assignment of the NYC student identification number for all students entered into the CAP system who are new to the New York City public school system.

26 ATS Automate The Schools (ATS) is the school- based administrative system used by all New York City public schools. It has many functions, including recording biographical data for all students, handling admissions, discharges, and transfers to other schools, and recording other student-specific data, such as exam scores, grade levels, attendance, and immunization records. It also provides aggregate student and human resources data to school administratorsNew York Cityexamimmunization

27 STAT Screen – First screen that appears when you log on Gives an overall view of your school

28 ATS Primary Menu

29 ATS Display Student & Adult Data Screen

30 ATS Display Student Data Screen (Indicators)

31 ATS Reports Menu

32 Special Education Reports in ATS (RSER) PROFILE New York City Public Schools :00:00 REPT0425 Special Education Reports ATSUSER ==> RSER 1 RGFM Form G/ Class Profile Form 2 RART Articulation Report 3 RSPE Testing Mods Report (CAP) 4 R201 Incomplete Evaluation Report 5 RFAD First Attend Date Report 6 RSHL D75 School Holdover Report 7 RSCP SE Promotion Criteria Rept 8 R326 Annual Review Needed Report 9 R313 Placement Auth. Report 10 R671 Students Awaiting Site 11 R672 Students Awaiting Consent 12 R674 Awaiting 1st Attend Report 13 RACP CAP / ATS Discrepancies 14 RSEP Eval/Placement Report 15 R214 Students Needing Triennials 16 RP12 Grade 12 Students Report 17 RSPD SE Student Detail Report

33 Student Information System Special Education System (SEC)

34 Useful Links Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOPM ) SE – BB757C9556BA/0/SOPM.pdf BB757C9556BA/0/SOPM.pdf Student Information System & SEC Applications System Access Request Forms Professional Development - Protraxx –

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