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Session 191 Comparative Emergency Management Session 19 Slide Deck.

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1 Session 191 Comparative Emergency Management Session 19 Slide Deck

2 Session 192 Session Objectives 1.Provide an overview of Public Preparedness Education 2.Present and Explain the Goals of Public Preparedness Education 3.Describe the Steps Involved in a Public Education Campaign 4.Present Case Studies of Public Preparedness Educational Efforts from the United States and Abroad

3 Session 193 Public Education Messages Must reflect true risk Must be tailored to: –Needs –Preferences –Abilities Must be transmitted in a way the public can receive and understand Must be tested for effectiveness

4 Session 194 Public Preparedness Levels The majority of people do little or nothing to prepare for disasters and hazards (despite an increasing onslaught of information from local, state, and Federal government agencies, the nonprofit sector, and elsewhere

5 Session 195 Communication Science The mechanism by which information is conveyed plays an imminent role in the impact the message has on the recipient Six Stages: –Exposure to the message –Attention to the message –Comprehension of the arguments and conclusions presented in the message –Yielding to the message –Accepting the message, and finally –Information integration (which allows for message retention)

6 Session 196 Social Marketing 4 Ps Product Price Place Promotion

7 Session 197 Common Purpose of Public Preparedness Education Reduce individual vulnerability to one or more identified hazard risks as much as possible among as many members of a defined target population as possible.

8 Session 198 Three Primary Goals Raising public awareness about the hazard Guiding public behavior, including: –Pre-disaster risk reduction behavior –Pre-disaster preparedness behavior –Post-disaster response behavior –Post-disaster recovery behavior Warning the Public

9 Session 199 Dependencies An intimate understanding of: –The problems being addressed –The individuals and groups being communicated with –The methods, partners, and resources available

10 Session 1910 Three Campaign Phases 1.Early Planning 2.Developing a Campaign Strategy 3.Implementing and Evaluating the Campaign

11 Session 1911 Phase I Steps Identify and Analyze Hazard Risk Define and Profile the Target Audience Identify Appropriate Solutions

12 Session 1912 Phase II Steps Perform Market and Data Research Select: –Settings –Channels –Methods –Communicators Design Message Content and Materials Plan Events and Activities Hire and Train Staff

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