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Buddhist Tzu-Chi Medical Center. established in Hualien in 1986 Tzu-Chi General Hospital.

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1 Buddhist Tzu-Chi Medical Center

2 established in Hualien in 1986 Tzu-Chi General Hospital

3 Qualified as Medical Center since 1999 Profession Enhancement

4 General ward Acute ward 500 beds Acute psychiatry ward 40 beds Chronic ward 173 beds Total 713 beds 982 beds Special ward ICU 87 beds Hemodialysis NOR… Total 269 beds Burn ICU

5 Clinical Divisions Internal MedicineSurgical departmentOther department Chest medicine Cardiology Nephrology Gastroenterology Oncology Neurology Pediatrics Infection Family medicine Occupation medicine Metabolism Immunology & Rheumatology Rehabilitation Dermatology General surgery GI surgery Cardiovascular surgery Pediatrics surgery Plastic surgery Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Orthopedic surgery OBS/GYN Urology ENT Anesthesiology Dentistry Emergency Psychiatry Radiology Nuclear medicine Pathology Oncology

6 Patient-oriented Space Design Sunshine ICU Out-patient department General ward Comfortable waiting room

7 Major Surgeries Organ transplant : Kidney, liver, heart Microscope surgery Brain tumor Microelectrode Recording Gamma knife Deep brain stimulation Spine core surgery Joint reconstruction Tumor removal Laparoscope surgery Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Endoscope surgery

8 Neurological science center Parkinsons Clinical and Research Center Parkinsons therapy Deep Brain Stimulation surgery

9 G-CSF therapy for stroke Gained international comment New hope for Stroke patients Neurological science center G-CSF therapy for acute stroke patient The effect of clinical trial

10 Bone marrow bankBone marrow bank total data : 282,873 transplantation : 1,050 cases donate bone marrow to 22 countries around the world mbilical cord blood Umbilical cord blood stem cell bank total data : 6,986 units transplantation : 18 cases donate bone marrow to 5 countries around the world Stem Cells Center

11 Equipped with the most massive work-load HLA lab in Taiwan DNA Typing accuracy reach 99% Core Lab:genetic fingerprinting testing micro tumor detection Quantitative and qualitative analysis of hematopoietic stem cells Isolation of Immunological cells The Core lab Stem Cells Center Bone marrow transplantation center For best efficacy of transplant surgery, trasnplantation ward was designed and constructed by HEPA positive pressure, and of anti-dust construction materials. HEPA anti-dust construction materials.

12 Use Botulinum A Toxin injection to cure voiding dysfunction a lot of research papers gained global awards & recognition, such as Internatinational Continent Society, etc. Provide Pelvic floor muscle exercise and biofeedback therapy trainings for other hospitals Taiwans 1st Voiding Dysfunctional Theraputic Center

13 Qualified Organ Transplant Hospital Qualified organ & tissues transplant hospital --heart, liver, kidney, bone, the cornea, skin) Qaulified as Live liver & heart transplantation hospital in 2005 Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy Bone bank for transplantation Liver transplant Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy

14 Restless 24-hour heart-saving team, always standby Invasive & non-invasive interventional therapies and surgeries Cardic catheterization Cardio-surgery Cooperation of Departments: Cardiology and Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery

15 Valued as one of the 14 Class A best cancer prevention center in Taiwan by the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, R.O.C. Integrate necessary departments for cancer prevention Our palliative care gained National Medical Quality golden award Cancer prevention team meeting for brainstorming Cancer Prevention National Medical Quality golden award set

16 AML, after chemo-therapy: 0.3% cancer cells found alive (CD19, CD33 +) After transplantation: cancer cells all gone High Resolution Flowcytometry To detect minor amount of cancer cells (minimal residual disease) by high resolution flowcytometry since 2004. To assist on diagnosing rare blood disease, more than 400 cases served.

17 Team work of ENT Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, and Radiation oncology departments Maglinent tumor removal in Head & neck area Oral Cavity 5-year survival rate: Stage I 83%, Stage II 76%, Stage III 57%, Stage IV 25% Head & Neck tumor team

18 PET&X-ray computed tomography imaging machine for acurate & early cancer diagnosis.PET imaging-- Combine PET&X-ray computed tomography imaging machine for acurate & early cancer diagnosis. High-tech Health Check PET/CT 3-heart Checkup -- Treadmill test Myocardial Perfusion Scan to screen if a person has coronary artery disease Myocardial Perfusion Scan

19 Brain disease screening: screening for the high risk group, ex. Arteriosclerosis,high blood pressure, over weight, drinking&smoking, family disease history, etc. MRI 64-slice CT Chest CT Spiral CT: to early detect lung tumor via 3-dimentional high resolution scanning High-tech Health Check

20 Liposuction Augmentation mammoplasty Calf reduction Double eyelid operation Upper blepharoplasty Lower blepharoplasty Augmentation rhinoplasty Laser Medical Center Botox injection Hyaluronic acid injection Intense pulse light skin rejuvenation Hair removal Nevus removal Laser for pigmentation

21 One Silent Mentor once said: I would rather you wrongly cut 20 times on my body. Dont make one wrong cut on patients in the future. Education Feature: Body Donation Those who would donate their bodies after death, Tzu Chi praise them as the Silent Mentors, and treat them with great respect.

22 Fast frozen to keep body condition as alive as possible Same procedure as real operation InternResident Doctor While in school Every 2 months 4 times 3 times Basic surgeryUpgraded surgery ex. Brain surgery, flaps surgery, spinal surgery, heart/liver transplantation, endoscopy Education Feature: Clinical Simulated Operation

23 Characteristic of teaching Standard patient training Standard patient trainingIncrease communication & clinical skill by Standard patient training

24 200 volunteers one day at hospital Pre-hospital training 50 hours Ward service home visit compassion organ donation service increase doctor-patient relation Volunteer service

25 Home Visit Service care for the weak and poor Home visit and medical service in Chia-wan village Home visit in Yuli Township Home visit in Reihsiu Township Caring the family in Shoulin Township

26 Good at trying community responsibility best Help the medical treatment from far-off regions Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Shioulin Township Luanshan Village - Yanping Township Cimei Village- Rueisuei Township Rueiyuan Village-Luye Township Lidao & Wulu Village IDS Wanrung Township Juoshi Township Haiduan Township IDS Yuli Tzu Chi Hospital Guanshan (TIMA Volunteer medical consultation)

27 TO promote health care service in local community Medical staff participating in Da-ai TVs television show, such as Great Love Healer, Live with Virus, Devotion in Medicine&Guarding Love… Health Education for public audience

28 Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes Before Conjoined twins from Philippines in June 2003 After President of Philippines visited the twins after they went back home Photo shown acquired exposure approval

29 Novemthree with Gigantiform cementoma, from Indonesia, June 2004 The whole story of treatments broadcasted in Discovery Channel Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes Photo shown acquired exposure approval

30 Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes Photo shown acquired exposure approval Before After 18-year old boy from Indonesia, with a tumor emerged from his face ad made his nose grow 2 tumors, June 2004

31 Photo shown acquired exposure approval Before After Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes Sofyan from West Java of Indonesia,whos tumor expanding from front of his face to the left back side of his head, causing his eyes to bulge out from their sockets. He came to Hualien in September 2004.

32 Photo shown acquired exposure approval Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes A boy with Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome, from Singapore in October 2004.

33 Major media in Singapore reported their story after they were cured and back to Singapore Photo shown acquired exposure approval

34 Boundless Medical Care Remarkable Resultes Before After A Indian-Malaysian man with deformed leg by Lymphatic Edema. December 2004. After treatment, his fate changed -- spared hime from amputation.

35 TIMA around the World 40 points/branches Participation in 8 overseas free clinics, 19,669 people served PlaceMedical StaffPeople served Jakarta, Indonesia 48(16)2,500 Jakarta, Indonesia 6(6)3,005 Jakarta, Indonesia 63(16)2,800 Jakarta, Indonesia 92(15)1,900 Fu-chian, China 5(5)1,600 Vietnam 33(16)4,086 Philippine 32(18)3,605 Aceh, Indonesia 11(11)173 remark ( )means medical professional

36 International Disaster Relief & Medical Aid Area times People Services provided Iran earthquake 3 42(9)22,500 South-Asia Tsunami Sri Lanka 3 113(44) 27,000 Pakistan earthquake 2 35(9)3,800 Medical staff in Tzu Chi hospital volunteerly attended the overseas medical support and disaster relief 8 times in 3 years, 53,300 victims served remark ( )means medical professional

37 TIMA achieved the 14th Medical Devotion Award, Group award Honorary Superintendent Wen-ping Tseng(below) awarded Medical Devotion Award, Individual award Devotion in medicine

38 Serve with humanity To cultivate talented crew of humanitarian calibre, learn to serve patients with love and gratitude Future Perspective Globalize Globalize To become a patient-centered hospital and to upgrade to gain global recognition in every way. Take Mayo Clinic as our model. Scientific & High-tech To build up a information network to improve our quality and efficacy of management Localize Localize To guard the health of people of local community by promoting integrated health care program

39 Gratitude.Respect.Love

40 Thank you !

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