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Australian Society of Authors © 2008 David Marlow.

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2 Australian Society of Authors © 2008 David Marlow

3 Chocalottabooks!Reaching customers David Marlow B.Comm B.Bus MBA Public Relations ANZ Marketing ANZ MD Teledirect in Asia Book Street since 2003 Love books

4 Dont be afraid to give yourself a plug!

5 Two independent bookshops from scratch Built unique selling point positioning Hampton Toorak Author events Character events Community relations Literary festivals Advertising …

6 Kids, Mums & LocalHighbrow, Jewish & Local Hampton Hazel Edwards Mark DArbanville WEG / Don Richards Wayne McCauley Robert Dessaix Nicki Gemmell Dr Chris OBrien Monica McInerney Anna Pignataro Li Cunxin Lisa Sewards Maria Prendergast Evelyn Field Jutta Goetz Toorak Sir Zelman Cowan Walter Jona Barry Jones Jeffrey Archer Waleed Aly Julian Burnside Peter Costello Suzy Zail Marshall Browne Xinran Xue Naomi Ragen Steve Bedwell Dr Henry Lew Father Frank Moloney Prof Brian Costar


8 Overview of the book industry with implications for authors Identifying different kinds of markets Writers weeks and festivals Book reviews and testimonials Launching your book Bookshop signings, book tours, etc Networking Creative exposure with or without publisher support

9 Success as a brand = JK Rowling Jeffrey Archer Tom Kenneally Jodi Picoult Emily Rodda Dr Seuss What do they have in common?


11 Do you want to only ever write one book? Your talent is separate from your brand What are you selling? What are you known for? Fiction v. non-fiction Cumulative effect of building book by book

12 ?

13 People know what they are going to get from you Brands Jeffrey Archer Colleen McCullough Tim Winton Ford James Patterson General Motors Colin Bowles Colin Falconer Mark DArbanville


15 Readers Book buyers Publishers - imprints & agencies - editors - publishers - printers - sales reps - mktg / sell ins Authors & illustrators Distributors - local - international - warehousing - logistics - wholesalers - distribution Frontline Media, reviewers, commentators, prize judges, opinion leaders, bookseller feedback, librarian feedback, Bookscan

16 LocalInternational Majors Alliance (HH, A&U, Watts, Harlequin) UBD (Penguin, DK, New Holland) Macmillan (Macm, McMeel…) Random (Random, HG, Egmont) Scribo – Bookwise, Brumby, Gary Allen, Tower Harper (Harper, S&S) Independent publishers Scholastic Lonely Planet Wiley… Wholesalers eg. Taltrade, Seek Educational suppliers Library suppliers Baker & Taylor Ingrams Gardners

17 IndexPositionIsbnTitleAuthorImprintTotal QuantityRRPASP 119780241015308BreathWinton, TimHamish Hamilton766$45.00$40.82 229781741149982Forgotten Garden,TheMorton, KateAllen & Unwin668$32.95$30.17 339780747585664 Eat, Pray, Love:One Woman's Search for EverythingGilbert, ElizabethBloomsbury Publishing PLC571$24.95$23.70 449780732278366Time We Have Taken,TheCarroll, Steven HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd562$27.99$26.67 559781408700921 When You are Engulfed in FlamesSedaris, DavidLittle, Brown448$32.99$30.91 669780731813421Wild Tea CosiesPrior, LoaniSimon & Schuster Australia426$24.95$24.21 779780718148577 New Earth,A:Awakening to Your Life's PurposeTolle, EckhartMichael Joseph417$29.95$28.52 889780241015377 Tall Man,The:Death and Life on Palm IslandHooper, ChloeHamish Hamilton408$32.95$30.98 9997806464708014 Ingredients McCosker, Kim & Bermingham, Rachael4 Ingredients378$17.95$17.02 10 9780732280376People of the BookBrooks, Geraldine HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd358$32.99$30.88 11 9780241015414Boat,TheLe, NamHamish Hamilton317$29.95$27.81 Sell-through and reprinting

18 Internet Libraries DDS Chains Readers & book buyers Independent bookshops Leading Edge Franchisees? Specialty shops Other A&R / Borders Dymocks Collins … Big W Kmart Target … Council libraries School libraries … Amazon LEB Chains … Push Pull Frontlist v. Backlist 30:70 50:50 80:20

19 Protection v. Parallel importing Discount from RRP Sale or Return v. Consignment v. Firm sale BookFind - Titlepage Competition includes TV, Cable, DVDs, surfing…


21 PushPull Author events Merchandising Hand-selling Point of Sale Publisher sell-in Publisher advertising Book reviews Prize announcements Amazon recommedations Bookshop newsletters Product placement E-mail blast A push promotional strategy makes use of a company's sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product. A pull selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for a product.

22 Da Vinci Code The Secret Spotless 4 Ingredients

23 You want name recognition in your chosen field Antarctica for kids = Hazel Edwards Bullying = Evelyn Field Climate Change = Tim Flannery Child psychology = Michael Carr-Gregg Kids picture books = Mem Fox Look for loose bricks – your niche

24 Readers - Buyers Adult Tweenie Young Adult Little Kids Reader type: Fiction categories Non Fiction categories Eg. History Historical societies RSLs Local papers Universities Schools Eg. Themes Addition - OCD Curious Incident - Aspergers Broken

25 Publicity v. advertising Booksellers Librarians Book Groups Community groups eg. Military - RSLs Reviews Interviews Mention the title, mention the title, mention the title, mention the title, mention the title…

26 30 X 25 = 750

27 Book Expo / London / Frankfurt Book Fair Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide/Perth Writers Festival Ubud (Bali) Writers Festival Bayside (& other council) Literary festivals Community writers festivals Eg. Jewish writers festival in Sydney Seek – approach – network Volunteer to help They create word of mouth, awareness, media exposure and sales!

28 Oprah TV eg ACA, Sunrise, Tue Book Club Radio eg. ABC, SBS Can do by home phone Newspapers eg. Age, Herald Sun – Target approp. journo Local newspapers / magazines Blogs Internet buzz eg Blair Witch, New Earth Cover quotes Introductions at events Review copies are your cheapest marketing

29 Dont advertise in a vacuum Advertising maintains brands PR builds brands Creativity makes up for cash poor Tooheys used billboards Need buzz Word of mouth – events, networking, direct mail Push and pull Targets: Booksellers, reviewers, book groups, community groups

30 Case study – Mem Fox / Tim Winton in USA Retailer sales conferences – the motherload At the event target booksellers as well as consumers you want the enthusiastic handsell Susan Duncan – be gracious Local events Frequent bookshops & make yourself known Speak / Sign / Network / Entertain / Party Plan, schedule, communicate, stock, local media Leave signed copies

31 Be gracious and make eye contact Try to look like youre having fun even if few people turn up Sign stock and network Chat with employees It doesnt matter how many you sell at the event Prepare & practice your talk/reading Make small groups informal Be honest and funny about being nervous Dont drink alcohol until after your talk Send a thank-you to the bookseller Ref: K. Goldmark cited in The Complete Guide to Book Marketing by David Cole)

32 Media Magazines Newspapers Radio TV Internet Community Libraries Community groups Eg. Rotary Schools Book groups Festivals Industry Booksellers Buyers Publishers Publicists Librarians Become the GO TO Guy / Gal - ongoing Create & nurture your media/contact list Phone – mail/email - phone

33 Write for newspapers – Xinran, Naomi Ragen… Whats on? Chapter samplers Reading copies Flyers, email newsletters Bookmarks Shelf talkers Point of sale – sale support Kids book characters Custom events eg. Fairy parties Media, buzz – look at Richard Branson…

34 ToorakHampton Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Law firms Jewish groups SBS Media release Tom Kenneally JHC joint promotion AJN Toorak Rotary WEG / Don Richards Lisa Sewards Maria Prendergast Herald Sun Melb Weekly Anna Pignataro Rainbow Magic Party Fairy shop co-op Spot & Maisy Leader Reading / colouring in

35 Money Time Skill

36 Network Dont be shy – Chutzpah pays Dont be annoying Make appointments WIIFM Practice presenting Keep titles simple and memorable Ensure books available when publicity strikes Think outside the box

37 David Marlow 0407 389 919 Hampton: 482 Hampton St Hampton Toorak: Shop 7 Toorak Place, 521 Toorak Rd, Toorak

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