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The Millennium Project 2007 Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting Deloitte & Touche, LLP Minneapolis.

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1 The Millennium Project 2007 Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting Deloitte & Touche, LLP Minneapolis

2 enclosed CD contains over 6,000 pages The State of the Future is an informative publication that gives invaluable insights into the future for the United Nations, its Member States, and civil society. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations The 15 Global Challenges updated annually continue to be the best introduction by far to the key issues of the early 21st century. Michael Marien, editor, Future Survey 15 Global Challenges Education and Learning 2030 State of the Future Index Environmental Security 700 Annotated Scenario Sets and much more futures intelligence on technology, environment, governance, and the human condition

3 WFUNA new host & new advantages Maintains flexibility Keeps UN brand as statement of values Avoids being associated with just one country Easier access to more UN Agencies Collaboration with 80 national UNAs

4 Accomplishments Transfer from AC/UNU to WFUNA Publishing the 2007 State of the Future Updating global SOFI Design manual for national SOFI Korean SOFI Education and Learning 2030 Over 200 environmental security items New Nodes in: AzerbaijanChile IsraelSlovenia United Arab Emirates Peru requesting to be a Node Global Millennium Prize

5 Accomplishments (continued) German Fraunhofer Institute uses Real Time Delphi US Army's Strategy for the Environment gets White House Award UNIDO & EC adds MP as expert advisor & linkage Increased publicity: radio (US), Arab TV Network, Azerbaijan TV News, French newspapers, etc. Global Energy Scenarios published in Portuguese Current reprinted The Futurist article about SOF RSA Journal (Oct-06) short version of the 2006 Exec Summary - then reprinted in McGraw-Hills Contemporary Learning Series

6 Accomplishments (continued) 2006 SOF picked among Best Books by Future Survey 2006 SOF listed between The Economist and IMF Talks/briefings on MP Challenges and research around the world. MOU to upgrade national futures capabilities in Kuwait and Azerbaijan – Establish a Futures Center with futures intelligence systems, help with national State of the Future reports, national SOFIs, etc. The Technology Benefiting Humanity Awards UNESCO has become an In Kind Sponsor

7 Updating the Global Challenges Inputs from our website Regional Inputs from Node Chairs Monitoring press-releases, conferences, reviewing major world reports, Internet searches, etc. Feedback from talks around the world.

8 Some highlights from Global Challenges in 2007 2006 global economy 5.4%, population grew 1.1%, increasing per average world capita income by 4.3 Less CO 2 emitted 2006 than in 2005. Prevalence of HIV/AIDS may be leveling off in Africa Collective Intelligence for just in time knowledge There are more slaves today than during the African Slave trade (27 million today) 800-1000 coal plants in some stage of production with 40 year lifetimes US-China joint energy-environment global strategy and Apollo-like R&D program

9 RTD PC Priorities Promotion of 2007 SOF (translations, launchings, reviews, ads, mailings, etc.) Update the MP website Continue development of RT Delphi for the Project, Nodes, and commercial use Recalculate SOFI from recently completed RT Delphi study Standardize national SOFI approach and complete other national SOFIs Produce Futures Research Methodology 3.0 Develop an effective, professional PR kit for use by the Nodes and others Update / re-write the long version of the 15 global challenges Promote Global Millennium Prize Create an on-line MP Course on the 15 Global Challenges Rounds 3 and 4 Future Ethical Issues (answer the issues and create scenarios) Future Women/gender futures study Create additional MP books: scenarios and another on the 15 Challenges Develop advanced SOFI enterprise system software Initiate a Counter Organized Crime feasibility study Continue work and publish Dictionary/encyclopedia Further develop the website Form other new databases Perform Latin American Futures Delphi study Perform interviews for the MEPS next steps Continue to press for adding legislators to each Node

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