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Genesis Institute Generation of Innovative Entrepreneurs and Enterprises.

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1 Genesis Institute Generation of Innovative Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

2 System of Enterprises Promotion ANPROTEC Promotion System of Innovative Enterprises guided for the intensive use of technology Promotion System/Activities / Mechanisms of guided Innovative Enterprises for the Local and Sectored Development Promotion System of the Innovative Entrepreneur Culture Promotion System of Innovative and Sustainable Habitats Performance IG since 2006 Performance IG since 2003 Performance IG since 1996 Performance IG to 2008

3 Genesis Institute Programme Promotion of Enterprising Culture Incubation of Enterprises Experimentation & Simulation Development of Communities Associative Actions Planning of Innovation Habitats

4 To transfer the knowledge from the University to the Society. To contribute for the life quality improvement of the region where it is inserted, through the formation of entrepreneurs and the generation of innovative successful enterprises. Our Mission

5 Constant search for innovation. Attempt as learning source. Responsibility for regional development. Supremacy of the individuality on the enterprise. Genesis Main Values

6 People Enterprises Sets of Companies Cities and Communities Enclosed Professionals (autonomous workers and entrepreneurs) Enterprises Better Enterprises Organized Nets Clusters Economic Development Local / Social Technological Parks Macro Process Clients PUC-Rio, Government and Private

7 Management Communication and Information International Relations Building Administration Human Resources Financial IT support Manager Genesis Operations Units Legal Lygia Magacho

8 339 incubator (40% of them in tecnological and 3% in cultural area); 2327 incubated entrepreneurships; 1678 graduated entrepreneurships; 28449 jobs generated; 32 incubators in implementation stage; Source: Panorama 2005 da ANPROTEC Incubators Situation in Brazil

9 Incubator Stages Election process; Incubation Process; Accompaniment Process of the companies; Support Process; Graduation Process ;

10 Graduation Stage Criteria for Graduation Maximum time of incubation; Necessity of a bigger physical space; New investments in the company; The management of the Incubator intercedes.

11 Genesis Business Units Genesis Technological Incubator Genesis Cultural Incubator Genesis Social Incubator of Communities Junior Enterprise of PUC-Rio Entrepreneurship Teaching Coordination (CEMP)

12 > 14 resident incubated enterprises - Generated Income R$ 3.009.000,00; - Jobs Created = 99; > 29 graduated companies - Generated income R$ 59.500.000,00 - Jobs Created = 442; > 5 pre-incubated enterpises -(Generated Income R$ 124.250,00;) -Jobs Created = 12 TOTAL = 560 Jobs Created (incubated and graduated); –> 88% successful (graduated); Source: Relatório Anual 2006 do Instituto Gênesis Genesis Technological Incubator

13 Main Fields of Technological Incubator Businesses of the production and distribution of the information. It privileges companies who supply information under any form (verbal, sonorous, printed or in video), innovators and intensive in intellectual capital. Fields of companies performance: Information Technology to: - Energy; -Telecommunications; -Technology for Environment; -Entertainment Technology ; -E-learning; -Management of the Content; -Technology for Sport; -Technology for Medicine.

14 12 incubated enterprises; 2 graduated enterprises; 5 pre-incubated; Generated Income R$ 1.3 millions (pre-incubated, incubated and graduated) 57 jobs created (incubated and graduated); Source: Relatório Anual 2006 do Instituto Gênesis Genesis Cultural Incubator It was the first Cultural Incubator in Latin America

15 Audiovisual; a) Producers of contents for cinema, internet, radio, television and new medias, as well as entrepreneurships that integrate the productive chain of contents. b) Publicitary and Marketing for this sector; c) Entrepreneurships with focus in e-learning through audiovisual ressources; d) Studios, producers and others entrepreneurships linked to the phonographic market. Entertainment; Design; a) Webdesign and design for new medias; b) Fashion and jewels; c) Products Design Action Area of Cultural Incubator Enterprises *Nowadays the Genesis Institute is implementing a Jewel Design Incubator.

16 Social,economic, environmental and cultural strengthening of low income communities, by means of the formation of entrepreneurs and the generation of innovative enterprises, using social technology based on the local identity. Genesis Social Incubator of Communities Partnerships: ITCP/COPPE; NIMA; CEMP-PUC-Rio Photo: Vila Canoas 4 incubated communities: 5 pre-incubated and 2 incubated business 46 people directly benefited 350 people indirectly benefited

17 Methodology Social-economic survey Historical-cultural survey Entrepreneurship classes Oficinas de Trabalho INCUBATION of LOCAL ORGANIZATION Socio-Economical indicators Local Identity Professional interests and motivations Innovative companies using social technology Continuous work Chain of Production and Region Peculiarity Genesis Social Incubator of Communities

18 Genesis Social Incubator Of Communities Salgueiro - São Gonçalo Vila Residencial – Cidade Universitária Vila Pereirão – Laranjeiras Others Projects Vila Canoas (São Conrado) Project


20 Electives subjects for all the courses, specially directed to who want to create a company or to become enterprising in others companies. Its the Genesis agency created to develop the teaching, researching and extension activities in the entrepreneurships areas. It has 21 professors and more than 400 students by semester. Coordination of Enterprises


22 Multidisciplinary Consulting enterprise created and managed by graduation students. Established in 1995 to allow students to have real contact with the work market, achieving experience in business. Organized in half autonomous business areas: (Communication, Human Resources, IT, Marketing Research, Organizational Planning, Finance, Creation, International Business). Junior Enterprise of PUC-Rio

23 FINEP; SEBRAE e SEBRAE RJ; Government of the State of Rio; City hall of Rio De Janeiro; CNPq; Net of Technology; FAPERJ; Endeavor; Eletrobrás; FIRJAN/IEL; Trade Association of Rio (ACERJ); RioSoft; Assespro-RJ; Genesis Development Trust PARTNERS ITUC; Father Leonel Franca Foundation; TIM; Planetarium; BNDES; Accenture Net of Social Technological Ministry of Science and Technology; Telemar Institute; MINC ANPROTEC MCT; Association of the Ex Students of PUC-Rio;

24 Lygia Magacho Tel: +55 21 3527-1375

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