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Update on the NSW Dementia Services Framework 2010 – 2015 Anne Cumming NSW Dementia Policy Team Wendy Noller Ageing Disability and Home Care Collaborations.

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1 Update on the NSW Dementia Services Framework 2010 – 2015 Anne Cumming NSW Dementia Policy Team Wendy Noller Ageing Disability and Home Care Collaborations and Innovations Symposium

2 Overview Background & policy context The Framework Draft Implementation Plan Principles – I statements Progress so far Key Projects

3 Dementia prevalence in NSW by LHD by Year

4 Policy context Commonwealth Dementia Planning -National Action Plan on Dementia Care The Dementia Initiative – Living Longer Living Better National Dementia Planning -National Framework for Action on Dementia Dementia as the 9 th National Health Priority NSW Dementia Planning -NSW Action Plan on Dementia Future Directions NSW Dementia Action Plan NSW Dementia Services Framework 2010 –

5 NSW Dementia Services Framework Launched September 2010 in Dementia Awareness Week Joint publication NSW Health and ADHC s/gl/2011/pdf/GL2011_004.pdf 4

6 Draft implementation plan

7 WHAT WILL WE DO?WHO WILL DO IT?WHAT WILL WE REPORT ON? Provide clinical support, education and leadershipLocal Health DistrictsAccess to dementia expertise in hospitals Implement Confused Hospitalised Older Person Study (CHOPS) Agency for Clinical Innovation, Aged Health Network Evaluation completed and findings promoted Improve dementia detection, care and interventionLocal Health DistrictsAdverse events monitored and reduced Implement the National Delirium Guidelines and Pathway Local Health DistrictsDelirium pathways in place and monitored Increase dementia access to hospital substitution programs Local Health DistrictsDementia patients access to hospital substitution programs Expand carer consultation and support strategiesLocal Health DistrictsCarer consultation and support strategies in place Identify and respond to current design constraints in hospitals Department of HealthOutcomes of project reported, environmental audits conducted Strengthen evidence and support the development of behavioural units Department of HealthEvidence collected, site appraisals undertaken Version 1

8 Summary of changes – version 2 Changed format Additional content –Principles –Governance structure added –Self assessment checklist –State-wide projects table LHD reporting reduced Essential actions listed and sequenced Importance of parallel initiatives emphasised

9 Setting the direction for dementia care in NSW My community contributes to my quality of life I was given a timely diagnosis and follow up information and support for me and my carer We know a professional whom we can trust, who knows us well who we can contact when required to resolve issues and provide advice I am supported to maintain my quality of life, based on what I consider to be important and meaningful to me I am free from pain and receive best possible end of life care My end of life wishes are discussed and followed I am valued, respected and treated with dignity My family carer/s are valued, supported and consulted. They are recognised as experts and as partners in care The professionals I interact with have the right skills, knowledge and attitude and are valued for their expertise in dementia care When I need to go to hospital my cognitive difficulties are recognised and I receive the care and treatment I need

10 Proposed essential actions for LHDs 1.Local governance structure 2.Dementia Service Networks 3.Local dementia action plans 4.Dementia initiatives with Medical Locals 5. Referral and care pathways 6. Integrated dementia care models 7. Routine cognitive screening over 70 years in hospitals 8. Collaboration between specialist health and mental health services

11 StepsTimeline Governance (2009) Framework consultation Draft for comment Framework release Issued as Guideline Plan drafted Draft for comment Plan revised Plan submitted Final plan released Policy Directive ? Implementation

12 Implementation Who? Ministry of Health and ADHC 4 Pillars Local Health Districts and ADHC regions Local Dementia Networks Partners and contracted projects How? National reforms Parallel initiatives Investment Planning Redesign Policy Pilots



15 A life shared ….

16 Ageing, Disability and Home Care Home and Community Care (HACC) Program transition 1 July 2012 – NSW Community Care Supports Program for people aged 65/50 Dementia remains a target group of ADHCs Community Care Supports Program – under review in 2012/13 Approximately 54,000 (was 280,000) people access community supports each year

17 Dementia 2011/2012 – ADHC funded 65 new dementia projects across NSW $3.4 million in growth funding $1.4 million in non-recurrent funds Announcement of Younger Onset Dementia Person Centred Packages – 3 year pilot ($1m recurrent)

18 ADHC Dementia projects under DSF Younger Onset Packages and evaluation –Person centred packages –Guidelines finalised –Considering funding options YOD mapping and information / advisory service –Ella Centre YOD research –Completed and about to be launched

19 ADHC DSF projects continued Increase of funding to Dementia Awareness Week –Meets goals of awareness and community engagement Hospital Dementia Services Project –AANSW and University of Canberra –Studies people in hospitals experience of community care services, impact on carer Transport and Dementia Research Project –AANSW – looks at community transport, personal transport, public transport

20 ADHC DSF projects continued Dementia and Disability Education Program –66 workshops over three years –Intellectual and physical disabilities targeted Carer Coaching Program –Carer education workers / train-the-trainer model –Assist carers working with people or families with dementia CALD Dementia Link Worker (now recurrent)

21 ADHC DSF projects continued Aboriginal Dementia Advisory Service expansion (Hunter) Koori Dementia Care Project –5 communities across NSW State-wide Aboriginal project –2 year project –Develop strategic plan / link into existing strategies

22 ADHC DSF projects continued Dementia Services Evaluation Grants Program –Administered by DCRC –Funding grants for 11 projects –Build evidence base through formal evaluation –Upskill workers Dementia Workforce Competencies Scoping Project –For managers and health practitioners in HACC and health setting –Support workforce recruitment, skills development and enhance career opportunities

23 Dementia Services Evaluation Grant Program


25 In conclusion... Implementation of the NSW Dementia Services Framework is underway at state and local levels. The implementation plan will provide further momentum, direction and guidance for LHDs and ADHC regions with an emphasis on partnerships, collaboration and co-ordination. The work in NSW will build on a national agenda for improving the quality of dementia care.

26 Thank you

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