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2005 - 2010 2 Provincial Chapters through the Years.

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2 Provincial Chapters through the Years

3 3 Report of the Province Join me now to thank & Praise the Lord for His countless blessings for the past six years.

4 11 th 11 th Feb 2005: Reappointment of Provincial Superior Sr. Stella Maris J u l y S r. E m i l y s u c c e e d e d S r. R e g i n a C h A p r i l S r. S h o w r i l u s u c c e e d e d S r. T r e s a G a d e A u g u s t S r. V i c t o r i a s u c c e e d e d S r. R e g i s 4

5 Provincial Council – Division of Work & Responsibilities All in one, one in all. Medical, Social, Evangelization Sectors, Panel member on Selection of Staff. Incharge of: Archives, Log book, JMJ Contact & News Letter. Vocation Promotion, School and Higher Education Sectors, Secretary to the Provincial Council, Panel member on Selection of Staff. 5 Formation, Spirituality, Leadership & Community, Finance, Arranging Annual Retreats, Registration of Land and Community. Provincial substitute (Const Art. No. 91)


7 A. Principles of Administration B. JMJ Associates C. Formation D. New Mission in Other Countries E. Financial Management General Chapter Recommendations 7

8 International Meetings Finance Meet Netherlands GAB Meet Netherlands – 2007 Indonesia – 2010 JMJ ISAC Hyderabad – 2007 ICFSS Bangalore GC Mid-term Evla., Bali, Indonesia

9 Visitation of Superior General Theme: Light for my Path 9

10 Annual Meeting of Provincial Council with General Council 10

11 Meetings of the Indian Provinces PCCI Sirumalai Mangalagiri Nellore Hyderabad Bangalaore Hyderabad Bangalaore Hyderabad Mangalagiri Bangalaore Hyderabad Mangalagiri Hyderabad Mangalagiri Hyderabad Bangalaore Mangalagiri 11

12 Meeting of Provinces India – Initial / Ongoing Formation Bangalore Bangalore Hyderabad Mangalagiri Mangalagiri 12

13 Programmes Offered by Rotation – 3 Provinces Second Year Juniors Senior Novices Final Profession Silver Jubilee Golden Jubilee Diamond Jubilee 13

14 Apostolate wise Meetings – Provinces of India Quality Education towards fullness of Life August – 2005 Hyderabad Changes in the Education System Higher Education Sept., Tenali Promotion of Communication & Soft Skills – School Edu., Nov Hyderabad Challenges and opportunities in our Mission of Higher Edu., Nov Hyderabad Education 14 Changes in the School Education System Sept.,-2007 Mangalagiri

15 6 th JMJ Health Assembly of India, Mangalagiri th JMJ Health Assembly of India, Hyderabad th JMJ Health Assembly of India, Bangalore st JMJ Sister Doctors Forum, Mangalagiri nd JMJ Sister Doctors Forum, Bangalore Apostolate wise Meetings – Provinces of India 15

16 Social Apostolate wise Meetings – Provinces of India 16

17 Relevance of our Apostolate as effective Channels of Evangelization Hyderabad A call for new ways of Evangelizing today Bangalore Evangelization Apostolate wise Meetings – Provinces of India 17

18 Religious Poverty in the Society of JMJ Mangalagiri Solidarity for the Kingdom of God Mangalagiri Finance Apostolate wise Meetings – Provinces of India 18

19 Province - Sector Meetings Spirituality Community Life Formation / Vocation Education Apostolate Health Care Ministry Evangelization Social Apostolate Finance 19

20 Local Superiors / Local Communities Tamil Nadu AP & Orissa Zonal Wise St. Thomas Mt Marakkanam 2006 Theckalur 2007 Trichy 2008 Ennore 2010 Mangalagiri 2005 Mangalagiri 2006 Thangellamudi 2007 H. Junction 2008 Vijayawada 2010 Superiors with Procurators, Mangalagiri : Sept Superiors with HODs, Mangalagiri : Aug All Superiors Mangalagiri Sept.2005 Mangalagiri Mar Mangalagiri Oct

21 2005:Spirituality from Provincial Chapter 2006: Our Prayer from Constitutions 2007: Spirituality of Finance 2008: Community Life from Constitutions 2009: Personal Renewal – Ongoing Formation - Constitutions Provincial Visitation - Theme 21

22 Community Apostolates & Extension Service 22 Every Community had upgraded and developed with new technology and provided facilities in their existing community apostolates in order to be relevant to the signs of the time.

23 Introduced New Documents and activities in the Communities …

24 Special days & Events celebrated in the Province Province day at St. Josephs Convent, Guntur 15th October 2006 Silver Jubilee of JMJ Home for the Disabled, Trichy 6th January th Death Anniversary of Dr. Mary Glowrey 5 th May 2007 Sesquicentennial Celebration - September 2007 Diamond Jubilee of St. Josephs College of Education 26th August 2006 Jubilees 24

25 Special Events in the Province 25

26 Release of Website & Articles to Magazines Display of Quotes & Publicity about JMJ through Leaflets Mega Quiz Programme Planting of 150 trees at Nature Cure Centre, Kakani Free Mobile Healthcare Parish wise Celebrations Sesquicentennial Celebration - September

27 27

28 Senior Citizens Day

29 Renewal of Spirit and Charism Retreat 29

30 Leadership & Communication Eucharist Batch wise get-together, Community Building Finance The Spirituality for Governance Emotional Intelligence Spirit and Charism Retreat Discernment Psycho Spiritual Integration Passion for Christ & Humanity 1-10 Yrs Final Professed Sisters Formators Superiors & HODs 30

31 2005 – – – – – – 16 Vocation Crisis Survey Courses Attended Ign., Spirt., 2005 Ign., Spirt., 2005 Ret., Dir.,

32 Short Courses attended by Courses on Various Topics Sisters,, 32

33 Long Courses attended by Five Sisters Four Sisters Formation, Spiritual, Pastoral Spiritual, Theology, Journalism Media Pastoral, Communication Four Sisters Nine Sisters Ten Sisters Six Sisters Spiritual, Theology Spiritual, Theology, Overseas Mission Spiritual, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Bible, Overseas Mission Overseas Mission, Spiritual 33

34 Afghanistan: 1 Australia: 3 Bangkok: 1 Europe: 18 Holy Land: 13 Indonesia: 3 Japan: 1 Landon: 5 Nepal: 2 USA: 3 Visits 34

35 35

36 S i s t e r s 36

37 Ph.D M.Sc., Nursing PC. B.Sc., B.Sc Nursing B.Sc Lab Tech Nature Cure Comm.,-cum- Health Pract., GNM B.Pharm 37

38 Active in Apostolate: 13 Social Apostolate 38

39 Evangelizatio n To build up a better world by witnessing the Kingdom of God. (Const. Art. No. 3) 39

40 40

41 Projects Aided During Generalate, Provincialate, Third Parties & Own Income 5.49 Crores 1.44 Crores Lakhs ConstructionsLand Vehicles Major Repairs Furniture & Equipment 2.43 Crores Lakhs 41

42 Collaborating Services Warangal to 2006 Eluru – 2006 to 2008 Eluru – 2007 to 2008 Eluru – 2009… Madurai – 2009… Orissa – 2008… Bhopal Medical Services Educational Services Hyderabad to 2006 Gorakhpur – 2005 to 2007 Pondicherry – 2006 to 2010 Vijayawada – 2009… CHAI & Social Service Org., Trichy … Kakani – 2005 to 2006 Repalle – 2006 to 2009 Gorakhpur – 2006 to 2007 CHAI – 2009… Parish Schools Ennore, St. Thomas Mount, Tiruttani, Marakkanam, Vizag & Sambalpur 42

43 Invitations Tiruttani Tanuku Angalakuduru Pondicherry Balasore Pondicherry Kanji Coimbatore Rourkela Sivagangai Tuticorin Ariyalur Balasore Kondadaba Kilicheri Thirunamalai Tadikalapudi Balasore Chennai Addanki Vizag Muniguda USA Tiruttani 43

44 Relief Efforts Tsunami Relief Work: Vailankanni, Nagapattinam, Trichy, Cuddalore 2005 Cyclone Relief Work: Palivela – 2005 Relief work at Kandamal – 2008 Cyclone Relief Work: Kurnool – 2009 Cyclone Relief Work: Repalle –

45 Missionaries to Abroad Sr. Regina.Z – Atebubu – 1999 – KBK – 2001 Sr. Rosy – KBK – 2001 Sr. Sahaya – Yeji – 2003 – Sambuli – 2009 Sr. Prakash – Yeji – 2006 Sr. Selvi – Yeji – 2008 Sr. Josephine – Yeji – 2008 – Sambuli – 2009 Sr. Elsy – Rome – 2007 Sr. Jacintha.J – Afghanistan – 2007 Sr. Regina Ch – Holland – 2005 Sr. Vijaya – Holland – 2005 Sr. Anthonamma – Ghana – 2010 Sr. Samadanam – Rome – 2005 (Returned to India) Sr. Jacintha.K – Rome – 2006 (Returned to India) Sr. Sophia – Rome – 2007 (Returned to India) 45

46 Sr. Raphael - Best Nurse Award in 2005 Sr. Rosaline Gade - Best Innovative Educationist in Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Education & Gyan Bharathi Shiksha in 2007 Sr. Jacintha Nagothu - Readers Award – UNESCO Club Award in Sr. Rita Neelam - Best & long service in 5 th Bharat Scout & guide – 2006, - Rashtrapati Scout / Guide and Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger Certificates and Awards – 2007 Sr. Jayaratna Bala- 4th Computer Literacy Excellence for Schools th best School Green School Award – Bharat Scout & guide Rashtrapati Scout – Sr. Bala Tresa - Shiksha Rattan Puraskar & Role of Education in Modern India Sr. Manjula Thadigiri - Honoured by CHAI – Valuable contribution in fight against HIV / AIDS Sr. Jayaseela.K - Recognized for excellence in Bio-Medical waste Management by Pollution Control Board – Sr. Victoria - Bharathiya Chikitsak Ratan Award – 2007 Award / Honors for Excellence 46

47 Triumph – Inter Province Competitions St. Josephs High School, Guntur: National Spell Bee Competition st Prize St. Josephs High School, Guntur: Sports Meet – st Prize Amali E.M. School, Vijayawada : Mathematics Quiz Competition – nd Prize Amali E.M. School, Vijayawada: Cultural Meet – nd Prize JMJ EM. School, Kanchili: Science Quest Competition – st Prize 47

48 Finance Sr. Emily, Councillor incharge of Finance. Sr. Sundari Rani succeeded Sr. Rojamma. Sr. Metilda Succeeds Sr. Prasanthi. Mr. Chandra process the accounts. Mr. Kandasamy, Fr. Alex, S.J., Mr. Biju Danieal, financial advisers of the Province. 48

49 Statistical Data – Our Potential 49

50 Deepening of the Charism. Personalized Spirituality. Shallow faith and low morale of Candidates. Decline in Vocations / unsteady in religious commitment. Strained relationship in the communities Dearth of charismatic and prophetic leaders. Lack of transparency and accountability. Ministry - orient with poor witness value. Ambition to update – not available to take up entrusted mission specifically formation. Poor participation in community exercises. 50

51 Responsibility of the individual & community for the Ongoing Formation as per the Constitutions and Norms. Professional approach in Financial Administration. Upliftment of the poor and marginalized in collaboration with NGOs and Government programme. Net-working - Local Church and the Society. Biodiversity and Bio-solidarity in our Mission. 51

52 52

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