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By: Derrick Chen, Stephanie Gomez, Keisha Jemmott and Samantha Morris

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1 By: Derrick Chen, Stephanie Gomez, Keisha Jemmott and Samantha Morris
SUPERIOR SUPERMARKET By: Derrick Chen, Stephanie Gomez, Keisha Jemmott and Samantha Morris

2 PROBLEM Lack of strong consumer image Communication Pricing strategy

3 S.W.O.T Analysis

4 STRENGTHS Over 30 years of experience Higher quality of products
Best shopping convenience More stores in operation Exceptional Customer service

5 WEAKNESSES High prices compare to competitor Geographical area
Limited selection offered Store appearance (Cleanliness) Lack of consumer image

6 OPPORTUNITIES Store expansion Change display
Use of market research information Improve pricing strategy “Superior”

7 THREATS Market share loss Loss of current customers
Competitors in prime retail spots

8 Organizational Objectives
Increase annual Profits by 12% Increase market share to 27% within 2 years Increase profit margins by 5% Reduce Operating Costs by 12% Decrease debt-to-assets ratio to under $0.15 Expand Company Operations Recognition


10 Alternative 1 Implementation of an “EVERY DAY LOW PRICING STRATEGY”.

11 PROS Low operating costs Low inventory handling costs GPM increase
Possible market share increase Pricing strategy

12 CONS Image change Pricing Strategy Direct Competition Quality concern
Loss of market share?

13 Alternative 2 Create a favourable store image among consumers

14 PROS Brand awareness Neighbourhood image
Attracting new customers and satisfying current ones

15 CONS Increased Advertising Reject new image

16 Alternative 3 Maintain current pricing strategy and expand services and products

17 PROS Increase convenience Increase Brand Awareness Increase profits
Delivery costs

18 CONS Expensive Store too small

19 Analysis of Alternatives


21 Alternative 3


23 Centralia Population Profile
39.6% make $35,000-$74,999 Largest age group19 and under Core User: Individuals aged 25-54

24 Break Down Young Adults: 16-25 years Students and Young Professionals
Live at home or share living accommodations Professionals: 26-54 years Average Income-$40,000+ Time and convenience concerns

25 Marketing Mix Price Same pricing strategy Promotion Print media
Broadcast media In-Store promotion Place Same store location Service Improve service by adding a bakery and a deli

26 MAP

27 Pro Forma for Superior Supermarkets: Optimistic

28 Implementation plan Year One, Quarter One
Develop Pricing and Marketing strategies and plans.  8 weeks Send Marketing and Strategy plans for approval.  2 weeks Develop Information and Training sessions for Management Staff  4 weeks Conduct Information and Training Sessions Year One, Quarter Two Develop expansion objectives  2 weeks Develop Expansion Budget  4 weeks Locate and negotiate with a Contracting company to do the renovation

29 Development of Advertising Campaigns and In-Store Promotions
Year One, Quarter Three Development of Advertising Campaigns and In-Store Promotions  10 weeks Advertising campaigns subject to approval  2 weeks Final Negotiations with the contracting company Year One, Quarter Four Store Closures, 3 weeks for each store, at alternating times  9 weeks Advertising (print media, radio and television) should coincide with store closures Grand Re-opening of newly renovated stores *Process to be completed in 1 full fiscal year


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