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Entertainment Integration and Marketing Proposal For the Republic of Malta September 2007.

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1 Entertainment Integration and Marketing Proposal For the Republic of Malta September 2007

2 Build awareness Increase tourism to Malta Increase $$$ spent in Malta Generate PR opportunities for more demand Create excitement for Malta by association with Star power Benefits for the Republic of Malta

3 Has experience with a variety of brands. Deep experiential history in the highly competitive field and multiple execution strategies. A thorough understanding of the media landscape – across all platforms - and the ability to maximize current campaigns via branded integration. Contacts that are strong, deep and across all levels of the industry. A proven track record. Our fundamental expectation is to create opportunities and execute high profile, creative brand integrations with a meaningful and measurable impact for our clients. Has the history and cross-platform experience to successfully navigate the constantly expanding entertainment/media landscape. We have worked in music, film, television, radio, on-line, off-line, traditional and non-traditional publishing – even comic books. Benefits & Capabilities of Agency

4 Partner Relationships Just a few…

5 Sample Targeted Opportunities In Entertainment Television Oprah- Syndicated Chicago-based daytime talk-show host Oprah Winfrey invites a guest panel to discuss a topic, in front of a studio audience. Travel giveaway-Build awareness Dr. Phil- Syndicated In this spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil gives advice to guests and tackles a variety of topics. Travel giveaway-Build awareness

6 Sample Targeted Opportunities In Entertainment Television Ellen- Syndicated The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a talk show in its fifth season, approaching it's 700th episode. Hosted by star of Ellen and The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres. Travel giveaway-Build awareness Live with Regis and Kelly- Syndicated "Live with Regis and Kelly" has been entertaining people every morning since 2001. Daytime's dynamic duo, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, are here with their energetic morning show "Live With Regis and Kelly". Travel giveaway-Build awareness

7 Sample Targeted Opportunities In Entertainment Television The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet- FOX If your regular morning talk show just isn't starting off your day like it used to, try out The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet for great host chemistry, timely topics that relate to your life, and interesting guests. Travel giveaway-Build awareness ------------------------------------------------ Continue to develop new opportunities in Television productions through education of Producers, writers and other industry influencers.

8 Sample Targeted Opportunities In Entertainment Feature Film Create Awareness and Revenue Generation opportunities through … Location shoots Productions European Business base Placement in Feature Films Implied Celebrity/Influencer endorsement

9 Representation Proposal Research opportunities for placements in film, television and all appropriately targeted entertainment vehicles. Consists of contacting film, television, music productions, etc. to ascertain suitability for brand. Reading and breaking down scripts for placement. Introduce brand to entertainment contacts. Generate target list of influencers responsible for location and/or business affairs. Set up visits with appropriate productions to educate them about Malta and its objectives for placement. Contact and negotiate placement. Initiate interest with production company and work to effectively garner maximum placement for brand. Manage paperwork to protect brand. Submit and oversee fee offers. Oversee promotional/placement items delivery to targeted entertainment productions. Make sure product is delivered on time and the correct person/s to ensure proper placement.

10 Representation Proposal Provide celebrity/influencer outreach. Further brand awareness and implied endorsement by association with entertainment. Strategize PR angles to maximize impact on placements. Provide feedback on placements to agency to coordinate additional exposure through PR contacts. Generate promotional concepts. Provide initial ideas to capitalize on placements and realize an ROI. Provide stills of talent and video footage of confirmed placements. Helps to generate excitement internally. Motivates employees when they can talk about the placements and feel a part of the entertainment process. Protection from product abuse and negative product exposure. We will work with productions to make sure that they understand product sensitivities and appropriate imaging for the brand.

11 Pricing Options Fee for product placement/branded integration, promotional services (as outlined in previous pages): $5,000 per month. Promotional development details: 1.Develop Relationship 2.Initial meeting with studio 3.Draft of Letter Of Intent (LOI) 4.Kickoff meeting with studio 5.Conference calls with studio to discuss LOI and finalize program 6. Development of cost estimate to execute all or partial program, if necessary. Promotional project management: based on size of promotion. Price to be determined on a case by case basis.

12 References Sony PicturesWarner Bros. Katherine TalutisRichard Franceschini Vice President, Brand Integration Vice President/Production Resources 310-244-3751 818-977-6620 Boost Mobile A T & T Patricia Bouzigard Maryann Bydlon Sr, Manager Director, Promotions 949-789-4714 562-899-1236 Mathis & Morris Productions Ray Morris Producer 818-408-1262

13 Put Kimbrough Entertainment Marketing to work for you today! Thank You! Los Angeles Miami 5129 Goodland Ave.555 NE 63rd St. Valley Village, CA 91607 Miami, FL 33138 818-535-0050 305-762-6300

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