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This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED United States Strategic Command CMSgt USAF Command First Sergeant Progressive Discipline Brought to you by:

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1 This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED United States Strategic Command CMSgt USAF Command First Sergeant Progressive Discipline Brought to you by:

2 2 PURPOSE To solicit a controlled behavioral response from a troop who failed to meet standards. Get the troop back on track or on the road to the gate. Every Wal-Mart needs cart pushers

3 3 GOLDEN RULE OF DISCIPLINE DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! If its important enough for you to worry about, it is important enough to document If it isnt written down it didnt happen in the eyes of the adjudicating authorities Saves aggravation later when your patience has run out

4 4 UNCLASSIFIED SUPERVISOR AND THE TROOP What is the roll of the supervisor? What are your limitations? Where should your loyalty lie….. - With the troop or the mission?

5 5 THREE STEP PROCESS Prevention – Everything you do as a leader keeps problems from occurring (walk the walk) Correction – Actions to address those who violate standards but are not deserving of formal punishment (clarifying expectations, letting them know you are disappointed, butt chewing, etc.) Punishment – punitive measures against those who repeatedly grievously violate

6 6 COMMUNICATE STANDARDS Starts your first day of supervision Must not soft shoe what you expect Standards for Dummies is best approach Explain consequences for not meeting your expectations Initial feedback, periodic feedbacks, mentoring sessions, etc.

7 7 LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Be what you want your troops to be - Be consistent in your efforts - Dont try to BS your troops, they are more savvy than you think - Understand that they are always watching and will follow your lead

8 8 ENFORCE THE STANDARD Moving into the correction mode Youre not their friend youre their boss…act like it Dont pass the buck by blaming the Chief or Commander for you having to take action Be consistent in your efforts and dont be afraid to pull the trigger

9 9 TOOLS FOR CORRECTION Verbal Counseling Written Counseling / Admonishment / Reprimand UIF Control Roster Article 15, Non-Judicial Punishment Administrative Demotion Administrative Separation

10 10 COUNSELING Lowest level of corrective action Verbal or written AF Form 174 vs Letter of Counseling Have member acknowledge, provide comments Should file in PIF (Desk Drawer doesnt give command authorities big picture) Can always request to be removed from PIF once it is has served its purpose

11 11 Admonishment / Reprimand More severe, official censure Should be written when possible Use service specific format since it may come into play in other administrative or punitive actions Have member acknowledge and allow 3 duty days for member to provide comments File both Admonishment / Reprimand and members comments in official file (PIF)

12 12 UNFAVORABLE INFORMATION FILE (UIF) Serves as depository for derogative information for serious and repeat offenders Used by command to determine future actions Remains active for 1-2 years depending on circumstances Only Commander can place documents in or remove documents from a UIF

13 13 IMPACT OF UIF Member is formally identified as having difficulty maintaining standards Eliminated for competition for awards (Qtrly, Annual, Decorations, etc.) Actions resulting in the UIF affect EPR Serves as flag on all quality force records in MILPDS Follows member as long as it is active

14 14 CONTROL ROSTER Designed to monitor an individuals conduct or performance for a specific period of time (6 months) Listing of those requiring special attention or observation Provides individual one last chance to show improvement and meet standards Makes member aware we mean it

15 15 IMPACT OF CONTROL ROSTER Essentially freezes member Ineligible for reenlistment, promotion, PCS (except must moves), and retraining CJRs and Promotion line numbers cancelled Not to be used as substitute for other appropriate disciplinary action (i.e. Art 15)

16 16 ADMINISTRATIVE DEMOTION Reduces the member in grade due to deficiencies in performance/conduct Initiated by Unit CC Approved by SPCM authority (usually wing CC) for E1-E7 and GCM (NAF CC) for E8-E9 Must have documented history of failure to perform at level expected of current grade

17 17 ADMINISTRATIVE SEPARATION Discharges member when other means to correct behavior have failed Last resort / Final solution Initiate by Unit CC Approved by SPCM or GCM authority depending on reason for discharge Member does have right to challenge or appeal decision

18 18 PUNISHMENTS Non-Judicial punishment, Art 15 (UCMJ) Judicial, Courts-Martial (UCMJ)

19 19 ARTICLE 15 One of the CCs most valuable tools in maintaining good order and discipline Gives CC the flexibility to punish members for offenses that may not be suited for immediate referral to courts- martial Imposed by CC after consultation with members Chain of Command Can only be offered if ready to go to court

20 20 ARTICLE 15 POINTS TO PONDER Does not equate to a court conviction Member may elect court-martial Member can appeal punishment 4 month grace period where CC can set aside, suspend, mitigate or remit punishment Filed in AFPC permanent record

21 21 COURT-MARTIAL Punishment for those committing serious offenses or for those turning down Art 15 Court-martial conviction equates to a federal court conviction Preponderance of evidence standard applies with assumption of innocence at start of the proceedings SJA handles all required procedures

22 22 FINAL POINTS Your involvement in the disciplinary process is critical from prevention to punishment Get smart on the UCMJ and ask for advice when you have a troop who just isnt getting it Dont be afraid to go hard early and often to keep your troops on track Document, Document, Document

23 23 WRAP IT UP Questions?

24 Americas Air Force The Most Respected and Feared Air and Space Force on the Planet WE BRING THE PAIN

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