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OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Presentation by DR. VIOLET (de Sa) PINTO Lecturer, Department of PSM.

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1 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Presentation by DR. VIOLET (de Sa) PINTO Lecturer, Department of PSM


3 Objectives: At the end of the session the student shall have knowledge of : Concept of ergonomics and occupational environment Occupational hazards and related occupational diseases Measures for health protection of workers. Measures for prevention of occupational diseases.

4 Definition Promotion and maintenance of physical, mental and social well-being of the workers Prevention amongst workers departures from health Protection from risks Placing and maintenance

5 Ergonomics Fitting the job to the worker Designing machines, tools, equipment, processes Layout Methods of works and environment Ergon = work Nomos=

6 Occupational Environment Man and physical, chemical and biological agents Man and machines Man and man

7 Occupational Hazards Hazards Physical Chemical Biological Mechanical Psychological &Social

8 Occupational diseases Due to physical agents heat, cold, light, pressure, noise, radiation, mechanical factors, electricity Due to chemical agents Gases, dusts (organic/ inorganic), metals, chemicals, solvents Due to biological agents Brucellosis, leptospirosis, anthrax, tetanus etc. Occupa- tional cancers Of skin, lung, bladder Occupa- tional dermatitis Dermatitis, eczema Psycho- logical origion Hypertension, peptic ulcer

9 Pneumoconiosis Dust particles 0.5 – 3 micron Chemical composition, fineness, concentration, period of exposure, individual susceptibility. Inorganic and organic dusts

10 INORGANIC DUSTS Silicosis Free silica/silicon dioxide Mining, pottery, sandblasting etc. Irritant cough, dyspnoea on exertion, chest pain Snow storm appearance Dust control measures: substitution, enclosure, isolation, hydroblasting, good housekeeping. Regular examinaton Mines act, factories act

11 INORGANIC DUSTS Anthracosis Coal Simple pneumoconiosis, progressive massive fibrosis. Indian mines act, Workmans compensation act Asbestosis Silicates of Mg, Ca, Na. Serpentine /Amphibole Asbestos,cement,firepro of,textiles, roof lining Respiratory insufficiency,Ca bronchus, mesothelioma Safer types, substitution, rigorous dust control measures, periodic examination, continuing research.

12 ORGANIC DUSTS Bagassosis Sugar cane dust, thermoactinomyces sacchari, Cane sugar industry, paper,rayon,cardboard Breadthlessness, cough, haemoptysis, slight fever, Mottling in lung shadow. Dust control, Personal protection, Medical control, Bagasse control-moisture >20%,2% propionic acid.

13 ORGANIC DUSTS Byssinosis Cotton fibre Textile industry Chronic cough, dyspnoea, prog. Chronic bronchitis,emphysema Farmers Lung Mouldy hay, grain dust 30% moist, micropolyspora faeni, > Temperature General and respiratory symptoms, physical signs.

14 Occupational hazards of agricultural workers Zoonotic diseases Accidents Toxic hazards Physical hazards Respiratory diseases

15 ACCIDENTS IN INDUSTRY Causes- physical, physiological, psychological environmental Prevention- SICK ABSENTEEISM Causes- Economic, social, medical, non occupational Prevention- LEAD POISONING Exposure, Clinical picture, Diagnosis, Preventive measures, Management RADIATION HAZARDS Effects of radiation Preventive measures

16 HEALTH PROBLEMS DUE TO INDUSTRALISATION 1.Environment sanitation problems 2.Communicable diseases 3.Food sanitation 4.Mental health 5.Accidents 6.Social problems 7.Morbidity and mortality

17 MEASURES FOR HEALTH PROTECTION OF WORKERS 1.Nutrition 2.Communicable disease control 3.Environmental sanitation Water supply, food, toilet, general plant cleanliness, sufficient space, lighting, ventilation, protection against hazards, housing. 4.Mental health 5.Measures for women and children. 6.Health education 7.Family planning


19 MEDICAL MEASURES 1.Preplacement examination 2.Periodic examination 3.Medical and health care services 4.Notification 5.Supervision of working environment 6.Maintenance and analysis of records 7.Health education & counselling

20 ENGINEERING MEASURES 1.Designs of building 2.Good housekeeping 3.General ventilation 4.Mechanisaton 5. Substitution 6.Dusts 7.Enclosure 8.Isolation 9.Local exhaust ventilation 10.Protective devices 11.Environmental monitoring 12.Statistical monitoring 13.Research

21 LEGISLATION 1. FACTORIES ACT,1948 Scope, health, welfare Employment, Hours of work, Occupational diseases, Hours of work,, Employment in hazardous proc. 2. ESIS ACT, Medical 2.Sickness 3.Maternity 4.Disablement 5.Dependents benefit 6.Extra benefits Extended sickness, Limbs, F.P., Protection against dismissal, Funeral expenses, Rehabilitation expenses, Retirement.

22 E.S.I. CORPORATION Members Representatives of employees organisations, medical profession,parliament Chairman Union minister for labour Vice Chairman Secretary to Government of India,Ministry of Lbour Ceo,Director General ESI Insurance, Medical, Finance Comissioner Medical Benefits Council Chairman DGHS


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