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AS "PrivatBank" in Europe April 2009. 2 PrivatBank's branches As of 1 February 2009, PrivatBanks network includes 3,284 branches and sub-branches across.

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1 AS "PrivatBank" in Europe April 2009

2 2 PrivatBank's branches As of 1 February 2009, PrivatBanks network includes 3,284 branches and sub-branches across Ukraine Russia Turkey Romania Moldova Hungary Slovakia Poland Belarus Staff Branches and sub- branches * including branches in Portugal and Italy ** 1 branch in Nicosia and 1 sub-branch in Limassol, 1 sub-branch in Paphos, 1 sub-branch in Nicosia, 1 sub-branch in Larnaka *** branches are opened in Portigal and Italy, these branches dont have sub-branches. The wide branch network helps the bank to compete effectively in the less-saturated regional markets, where rates are still above the market average Ficth report October, 2007 We believe that the bank's sound market position, brand, and distribution network will enable it to further develop its franchise and thus support profitability. (Moodys, Credit opinion, January 26, 2009)

3 3 Retail banking business PrivatBank is a retail market leader with share of 16.14% in deposits (as of 01/01/09) (share among 10-top banks) Source: AUB ( as at 01.12.2008 PrivatBank has near 12.8 mln unique records of loan and deposit accounts of individuals. The population of Ukraine is 46.3 mln people. Dynamics of retail deposit portfolio and average deposit size On 05.11.2008 Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund increased reimbursement under individual deposits up to UAH150,000 (19480,52 USD *) *Data calculated at ex.rate 1USD=7,7 (NBU ex.rate as at 31.12.2008) Source: PrivatBank 2002-2007 – audited IFRS consolidated financial statements, Data for 31.12.08 as per consolidated unaudited IFRS figures Deposits from individuals Loans to individuals (share among 10-top banks)

4 4 2. AS "PrivatBank" Latvia

5 5 About the bank … AS "PrivatBank" (former AS "PARITATE BANKA"), which was established in 1992, is one of the oldest Latvian banks and one of the most well-known banks in Latvian business community. In August 2007, the bank changed its name to AS "PrivatBank", having borrowed its parent bank s name. AS "PrivatBank" is a fast-growing and modern bank in the Latvian market Nowadays, PrivatBank is a leader in the Ukrainian banking market, actively expanding in Russia, Georgia, Cyprus, Portugal, and Latvia.

6 6 AS "PrivatBank" today AS "PrivatBank" occupies the 15 th position among 25 Latvian banks in terms of principal financial indicators. AS "PrivatBank" follows its customers and cash flows providing for conducting business between European countries, Ukraine and Russia.

7 7 AS "PrivatBank" mission To serve as a financial bridge between the European Union and Eastern Europe.

8 8 AS "PrivatBank" is represented in the following regions of Latvia: In Riga: Branch "Sakta", Merkela St. 17/19; Branch "VEF", Brivibas St. 214; Branch "DAILE", Brivibas St. 73; Branch "Kengarags", Maskavas St. 250/2; Branch "Krastmala", 11 Novembra Embankment 29 RG "Langa", A. Dombrovska St. 2; RG "Burtnieku", Burtnieku St. 37; RG "Latgale", Daugavpils St. 31. In regions of Latvia: Branch "Jekabpils", Jekabpils, Rigas St. 213; Branch "Valmiera", Valmiera, Rigas St. 28; Branch "Daugavpils", Daugavpils, Rigas St. 40; Branch "Rezekne", Rezekne, Atbrivosanas Avenue 95/3; Branch "Ventspils", Ventspils, Andreja St. 4; Branch "Liepaja", Liepaja, Graudu St. 43; Branch "Jelgava", Jelgava, Liela St. 14; RG "Nakotne", Jekabpils, Nakotnes St. 2; RG "Ludza", Ludza, Raina St. 40а; RG "Cesis", Cesis, Raunas St. 17; RG "Venta", Ventspils, Ugales St. 12/14; RG "Lauma", Liepaja, Kalpaka St. 66.

9 9 AS "PrivatBank" strategy The Bank's strategy is aimed at promoting growth and strengthening market position. Increasing the amount of deposits, credit portfolio for small and medium enterprises, and attracting new Customers both in Latvia and abroad. The Bank plans to maintain business growth rates, especially in retail banking, continuing the growth and improving the branch network. At present, AS PrivatBank has 20 branches throughout Latvia, 2 branches in Portugal and a branch in Italy. Opening of the bank's branches in Spain, Greece, Germany, and Holland is also being planned.

10 10 AS "PrivatBank" main indicators dynamics 200620072008 Capital adequacy9.40%15.10%10.31% Liquidity indicator53.00%64.10%90.39% Average return on equity16.30%8.66%1.60% Average return on assets1.06%0.99%1.26% Net interest margin3.56%5.48%4.17%

11 11 AS "PrivatBank" asset structure dynamics, EUR

12 12 AS "PrivatBank" liabilities structure dynamics, EUR

13 13 Priv. ind. and leg. ent. deposits dynamics at AS "PrivatBank", EUR Legal entities deposits Private individuals deposits AS "PrivatBank" customers deposit account balance dynamics remain stable.

14 14 AS "PrivatBank" liquid asset amount dynamics, thous. EUR

15 15 AS "PrivatBank" liquidity performance dynamics, %

16 16 Balance structure of AS "PrivatBank" correspondent bank accounts by currency as of 31.03.2009, EUR

17 17 AS "PrivatBank" plans in Portugal 1.Active promotion of crediting small and medium enterprises as part of "PrivatBusinessCredit" programme; 2.Continuing to develop mortgage lending programmes "Mortgage in Ukraine" for Ukrainians working in Portugal; 3.Launch of the programme "Mortgage in Portugal"; 4.Promotion of the programme "PrivatBank Deposits"; 5.Development of the programme "Become an agent of PrivatBank.

18 18 Branch in Portugal Director of the Branch, Marika Hayes, will tell you about the products and plans of the Branch in Portugal

19 Marika da Silva Hayes Directora de Sucursal Tel. +351-213595130 Rua dos Anjos 67 -A, 1150-035, Lisboa, Portugal AS "PrivatBank" Sucursal em Portugal Contacts:

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