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1>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC The Value of the Value Chain Products Michael Pearson Director, SCM Practice Optimum Solutions Gerald OSullivan.

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1 1>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC The Value of the Value Chain Products Michael Pearson Director, SCM Practice Optimum Solutions Gerald OSullivan Director, Value Chain Products Oracle

2 2>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Agenda Introduction Value Chain Products – Oracle Messaging What Makes Up the Value Chain and the Value They Provide New Products Advanced Planning Control Center Service Parts Planning Existing Products Question and Answers Next Steps

3 3>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Corporate Snapshot SERVICE OFFERINGS Business Process / Knowledge Transfer Approach Centers of Excellence: Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, Siebel, Demantra SCM, Value Chain Planning, CRM, HCM, Financials, EPM, Portal, Business Intelligence Industry leading Optimum Method SM Toolkit and Excelerate SM Methodology Rapid Solutions Lifeline SM Production Support Corporate Snapshot Optimum Solutions is a full-service consulting firm, specializing in enterprise system implementation and integration solutions. Atlanta San Francisco Corporate Headquarters Los Angeles Denver Chicago Eastern Region Headquarters Washington D.C. Dallas

4 4>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Leading Oracle Partner Oracle and PeopleSoft have long recognized Optimums industry domain expertise and leadership position in target markets, viewing Optimum practitioners as trusted business advisors and industry thought leaders. PeopleSoft Enterprise We have significant experience with the newest releases of PeopleSoft Enterprise including working with v8.9 since late 2004 and continuing through our numerous implementations to date – a claim few can make. Optimum has conducted numerous national workshops on v8.9 functionality both on behalf of our existing clients and co-sponsored with Oracle Corporation. Oracle E-Business Optimum has consultants experienced with the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite applications since the introduction of release 9.3. We have seen the product evolve and mature from an initial release of core functionality to todays robust ERP solution. As a result, we know how to maximize the benefits of Oracle and deliver exceptional added value to the enterprise. Optimum | Oracle

5 5>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC The Value Chain Products EBS Trade Management Siebel Trade Management Siebel Deductions Siebel Consumer Goods Dynamic Catalog Siebel Inventory and Order Management Siebel Consumer Goods Quote and Order Capture Siebel Sales Volume Planning Siebel Trade Promotions Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld Siebel Van Sales/Delivery Siebel Distribution CRM Base Siebel CG Customer OM Admin Server Advanced Planning Agent Order Promising Production Scheduling PDP Collaborative Web Client Advanced Supply Chain Planning Inventory Optimization Global Order Promising Collaborative Planning Advanced Planning Command Center Service Parts Planning Strategic Network Optimization Demantra Demand Management Demantra Predictive Trade Planning Demand Signal Repository Manufacturing Operations Center

6 6>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Advanced Planning Command Center Make Supply Chain Decisions Based on Real-time Business Insight Business Scenario Planning for Key Decision Makers Seamlessly Move Between Analytics and Planning Leverage Process Automation to Structure Execution of Your Scenarios Oracle® Advanced Planning Command Center provides decision makers with a comprehensive solution that delivers powerful analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, robust scenario modeling and management, and automated business process execution capabilities.

7 7>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Service Parts Planning Forecast, Replenish, and Redistribute your Service Parts More Accurately Forecast Your Service Parts Optimize the replenishment and redistribution of parts across the extended service network Oracle® Service Parts Planning, a key component of Oracle's comprehensive Service Management Solution, can transform your after sales service and support operations from a cost center to a key profit center and a source of strategic advantage.

8 8>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Demand Management Efficient and simple forecast management » Consolidated view » History » Statistical forecast » Overrides » Final forecast » Approvals Forecast accuracy » Detect problem items and locations

9 9>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Forecast Analytics Historical data Bayesian Estimator Forecast Estimators models Multiple causal factors Bayesian combined model Superior Bayesian-Markov Analytics Bayesian mix modeling 15 model library » Auto-regressive moving average (ARMA) » Regression integrated winters » Logistic and logarithmic models » Ridge regression, Markov chain regression » Intermittent regression Unlimited causal factors » Seasonality, weather, market indicators » Base + price + multi-event lift decomposition Promotion effects » Cross-product and cross-location effects » Pre and post event Automatic outlier detection Trend long, short, dampening Missing data interpolation Shape modeling and auto-correction Regime change Fit and forecast validation

10 10>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Advanced Forecasting & Demand Modeling Net lift Baseline Gross lift PastFuture PastFuture DM AFDM Basic causal forecasting Shows the cumulative impact of multiple factors that impact demand Adds advanced statistical analysis Breaks down the impact in to baseline (including trend, season, and causals), direct lift, indirect lift (cannibalization and halo), pre-effect (event anticipation), and post-effect (pantry loading)

11 11>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Source: AMR Benchmark Analytix 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Complete order fill rate % Gross margin% Customer retention Laggard Industry norm Best-in-class Current % performance Performance metric © 2004 AberdeenGroup Demand Driven leaders typically have: 15% less inventory 17% stronger order fulfillment 35% shorter cash-to-cash cycle times S&OP leaders outperform their competitors: Improved order fill rates Increased gross margin Higher customer retention Real Time Sales & Operational Planning

12 12>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Real Time Sales & Operational Planning Start quickly, integrated with ERP » Seeded data streams for data commonly used in the process » Seeded performance metrics » Seeded workflows Seeded templates for collaboration » Seeded consensus planning worksheets » Easily tailored to your business Configurable and extensible » Collaborate at any level Complete out of the box support for a typical best practice sales and operations planning process Daily KPI updates based on sales from prior day Sales, Marketing and Operations with access to current information Alerts on all plan changes or gaps Manage customer accounts using point-of-sale data Detailed planning ensures S&OP plans get executed

13 13>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Predictive Trade Planning Many standards reports and drill- down worksheets Standard worksheets and reports are tailored to individual user needs Field-level security prevents unauthorized viewing Role-based delivery through dashboard

14 14>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Predictive Trade Planning – Volume Tracking Track volume based on shipments, POS, or syndicated data » Daily and weekly » Set alerts as required » Leverage integration profiles for syndicated data Aggregate volume tracking » At retailer level » Cumulative current forecast versus plan » Base and incremental lift decomposition Pastpost event analytics Futureupdated forecast based on current market Detailed volume tracking » Forecast versus plan At retailer Territory Promotion group » Base and incremental decomposition » Tracking at retailer and territory levels

15 15>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Predictive Trade Planning – Post Event Analysis Compare planned versus actual results Color coding highlights better than expected or under performing results Lift decomposition to identifies components of lift including cannibalization Drill down to speed analysis Exception process can route analysis based on user defined rules

16 16>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Promotion Optimization Post-event evaluation Pre-event simulation Evaluate performance after the fact Provide directional guidance for future Optimization Plan future promotions Perform what-if analysis to design better promotions Smart Advisor: Determine the best promotions Key to widespread use of modeling Price Profit What-if scenarios Price Profit What we should do Price Profit How we did last time

17 17>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Promotion Optimization Baseline versus incremental volume » Provides decomposition of incremental volume from advertising, promotions, or sales incentives Granular lift analytics » Incremental volume lift coefficients maintained at lowest level » Localized promotion analysis » Allows shipments/replenishments to be adjusted by ship-to location Cross product and customer effects » Determines cross-product cannibalization impact » Adjusts forecasts for product and customer cannibalization Baseline Incremental Competitive switching Long term growth Pre and Post promotion effect Cross product cannibalization TypicalDemantra AFDM Baseline

18 18>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Questions & Answers

19 19>> © 2007 Optimum Solutions Group, LLC Contact Information Michael Pearson Director, Supply Chain Management Practice ext 8051 Or ext 8051 Quite simply, Optimum is the best ERP implementer in the marketplace. George Abatjoglou CFO, ChartOne, Inc.

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